I am going to post a series of articles on our (Stan and Lois) China Tour of 2012.

Begin by watching a WONDERFUL VIDEO!!!

great wall
Lois and Stan at the foot of THE GREAT WALL.
Vivian & Earl (2)
Vivian and Earl Ball
Norman  Roy & Doreen 2 (2)
Doreen and Roy Norman

Earl Ball and Vivian went to China in 2009!!  Earl said this: HI STAN from EARL in China

Roy and Doreen Norman visited China in 2007 and said this:  Roy and Doreen Said This

Stan and Lois visited China in 2012 and if you would like to read what we reported, follow along. The trip was 15 days. Accordingly I will post about 15 articles. SHUFFLEBOARD EVENTS WILL HAVE PRIORITY IN POSTING.

The title of this article invited you to watch a “magnificent video” .  The link has been sent along by Mary Mueller: When the link opens, look for an arrow on your left. Click on it.  https://player.vimeo.com/video/107995891 This video is by a drone and gives you a perspective unlike anything you have seen before!!  TALK ABOUT AN “INTRO” >> Thanks Earl and Roy!!  And special thanks to Mary Mueller.

Stan McCormack. 2021 05 10

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2 Responses to I am going to post a series of articles on our (Stan and Lois) China Tour of 2012.

  1. myrna says:

    Dear Stan, I am really looking forward to this series , the video was magnificent. Thank you so much. I’ll thank Mary the next time we are in touch. I know this must sound strange but have you heard any news from Roy. I am ashamed that I haven’t kept in closer touch with him. I hope this note finds you keeping well and safe. Hugs

    Sent from my iPad



    • stanistheman says:

      Thank You Myrna. Like You, I too have not been able to contact Roy. I remember you telling me you were able to speak with him some considerable time ago. All is well here in Bobcaygeon. Stan


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