Doug Mowat Leaves Us. (2021 05 11) May He Rest In Peace.

Doug & Marg Mowat

Ken Wardley has sent along this message: “

I am very sad to advise that Doug Mowat passed to day. I do not have any further details but thought you could advise others.
As i receive any further information I will be sure to pass along.

Ken Wardley.

From my archives: On 2014 04 13 Ken reported this:

“On a side note Doug Mowat has not been well, they discovered a blood clot in his right leg, this all happened since they arrived home from Az.  Marg (the workhorse] that she is has asked to be relieved of her Secretary’s position for the club.   I have accepted her request with regret and are now in the process of coming up with someone new.”

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  1. Bill B says:

    Reblogged this on CNSA Shuffleboard Canada.


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