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Stan asked me to update everyone as to how the filming of the shuffleboard documentary was progressing. As we all learned when we arrived, no one seemed to have any information, we were going to play a “mock masters” of the 2021 “Masters” as designed by Past FSA President, Dave Kudro.  No matter how the playing turned out we were going to have a reenactment of the trophy presentation to Terri Smith and Myself. It’s unfortunate that we were only able to have a few of the players from the 2021 Masters take part; myself with the men and Terri, Pauline Murphy and Pam Nurnberger of the women. We all met the Production team from MWM Productions. The Director/Producer explained that they didn’t know just how the project would take shape but wanted to get some footage, learn a little about the game and the players. He explained that all projects start without really knowing what shape the project will take but in time all becomes clear. The 2nd day was filming of discs moving up and down the court and how they were shot. Also, sound was recorded of the discs hitting each other at various speeds. No players were filmed.  All of the players were interviewed on video. They will return, probably later this summer, to interview more players and personnel. Next season they intend to film at some of our tournaments to get more footage leading to the 2022 “Masters”.  They will then complete the documentary to sell to a network.

Earl Ball 5-20-2021

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