61 Years for the Biltons!!! Happy Anniversary from Friends the World Over!!

Happy Couple!!

Sixty One Years Ago to-day, May 21st, 1960, at the Belwood United Church, Belwood, Ontario, Myrna and Rendall Bilton were married. 

Myrna Speaks: “Our marriage journey has been measured by living, by laughter, and tears, by good times, contentment, and dreams that come true…..and also by hard times that love has brought us through. We are blessed with good health, family and friends…….that we are so thankful for.” 2016 05 21 07:45.  

Rendall and Myrna raised 4 daughters on their dairy farm in Belwood.  They now have 12 grandchildren, 9 boys and 3 girls; two grandsons are married and Myrna and Rendall are patiently waiting to become great grandparents!
Most followers of Shuffleboard will be familiar with the adventures of the Biltons since their career in Shuffleboard “went viral” as they now say!! Myrna said this in Australia following their auspicious International Debut:   “I was introduced to shuffleboard in 1978 when my parents bought their Florida home. Every holiday I would join my Dad on the courts. We retired to our Florida home in Dec 1999 and have played in our park, Bayshore League.  When we saw the ISA Tournament in Midland ON in 2007 we knew we wanted to play for Canada.”  They have never looked back, both taking active roles in playing as well as the Administration of Shuffleboard.

All Shufflers wish Rendall and Myrna the very best on this their sixty first Wedding Anniversary.  We also wish to thank them for ongoing contribution they make to Shuffleboard for each of us.  They truly are AMBASSADORS OF SHUFFLEBOARD!!   

Stan McCormack.  2021 05 21.  Happy Anniversary Rendall and Myrna. 

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11 Responses to 61 Years for the Biltons!!! Happy Anniversary from Friends the World Over!!

  1. Max & Ruth Tate says:

    Happy Anniversary Myrna & Rendall


  2. L. Martel says:



  3. Glenna & David says:

    HAPPY 😃 61st ANNIVERSARY to our very dear friends the Biltons. Have a wonderful day, and many happy returns. Love the Earles


  4. donnablom45 says:

    Happy 61st Anniversary Sent from my Galaxy


  5. Michael Zellner says:

    Congrats to both of you. Miss our times together around the world.


  6. Joan McCurdy says:

    Happy Anniversary and best wishes.


  7. Glenda Brake says:

    Happy Anniversary, Myrna and Rendall! You must have gotten married when you were just kids!!!!


  8. Earl A Ball says:

    Happy Anniversary! Myrna, you must be a saint!


  9. Marj & Ian Australia says:

    Happy Anniversary Myrna & Rendall, We will always cherish the wonderful times we have had together at ISA events.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Myrna Bilton says:

    Thank you dear friends.
    We truly are blessed and treasure our many friends from around the world.
    Love Rendall & Myrna


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