The Bergs, Peter and Erika, Celebrate 60 Years of Happiness

Bergs Wedding 1961

HAPPY 60th Wedding Anniversary From All Shufflers!!

Did you know that Peter and Ericka Berg went shuffling on their Honey Moon??  I know of no other couple that can claim that!!!  May 21st is their Magic Day!!  As you will see by reading Peter’s remarks, below, they made their way to St Petersburg FL and that was without the benefit of the Inter State System we all take for granted to-day!!

AND, before that, they had shuffled at Tilbury, host to the very first official Shuffleboard Tournament in Ontario!!  Talk about being in tune with Shuffleboard History!! 

Peter speaks: We did travel on our honeymoon all the way to Florida. I-75 was only a dream of President Eisenhower then. We stayed at The Alden in St. Pete. That hotel is still there today. One super hot morning some hotel guests started pushing those funny looking discs back and  force. That caught our attention. We asked if we could join them to play this game, they agreed and the rest is history. We do agree with so many shufflers world wide that the best part is, all the friends we gained through out the world. That would have never happened without this wonderful game of shuffleboard. Looking forward to Midland 2014 to see many of our friends again. Peter and Erika.

Happy Anniversary Peter and Erika > FROM ALL YOU SHUFFLING FRIENDS!! 

Stan McCormack.  2021 05 21

If you know Peter and Erika, you may wish to read this:

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3 Responses to The Bergs, Peter and Erika, Celebrate 60 Years of Happiness

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    HAPPY 😃 ANNIVERSARY Erika & Peter. Enjoy a wonderful day!


  2. Max & Ruth Tate says:

    Happy. Anniversary Erika & Peter


  3. John Heron says:

    Have an amazing anniversary day Erica&Peter


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