Reiney District Masters of the CD (Some History)

What is the Reiny District Masters?

In 1981 a gentleman by the name of Reiny Schleier recognized that not all Shufflers of the Central District of Florida were being appropriately recognized for their talent and dedication to the sport. 

The “Pros” (professionals) and the “State Ams” (State Amateurs) were competing at the end of the season and awarded prize money in accordance with their placement.  However; there was a class of shufflers, a component that had been overlooked.  The overlooked component was the “District Amateurs”!! 

Schleier believed that this component was the key component, the most important class of shuffleboard players.  He convinced the Board of the Central District to extend the recognition to District Amateurs, recognition that began in 1981 and has carried on to this day. In honour of Schleier’s significant contribution to Shuffleboard, the end of season tournament for the District Amateurs is named “The Reiny Masters”. 

Stan McCormack. March of 2017.

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