Steve McKown Speaks in 2008.

Steve McKown

Steve McKown Speaks:  Stan,
Just came across this from 10 years ago from the “Shuffler”. Yes, I still believe this and no, nothing has changed. LOL
P.S. I am now only 80 and don’t believe I have played a tournament since then. Keep up the good work with the Shuffler.

OPINION BY STEVE McKOWN!! (From August 2008)
OK, OK I just can’t hold it any longer. I have been watching the Olympics on TV for about 5 days now and this just keeps coming to mind! They have all those sports that we all love to play and watch. (NOT!)
Who plays beach volleyball?
Who plays water polo?
Who runs the steeple chase?
And on and on?
I don’t know anybody do you?
Which brings me to my point. There are thousands more people play and love our sport of shuffleboard. Why is shuffleboard not an Olympic sport? I’ll tell you why……

Who wants to watch boring old people knock 7 discs off the board so they can “maybe” score on the eighth disc. How boring!
I’m 70 years old and love shuffleboard. I live in Indiana in the summer and Ruskin, Florida in the winter. I have won the Ohio Amateur singles 3 consecutive years. I have won the National Amateur at Winter haven, Florida. I have won a second in the National Pro Open in Bradenton, Florida. I have won MANY other less prestigious titles that I won’t brag about. I have only played in a few tournaments and I just can’t make myself even go to any of those tournaments to play, let alone want to watch! How many people have ever seen or heard of me? None? Guess why? It’s Boring!
“OUR” sport needs to change! This is not the first time I have submitted a letter to the “Shuffler” and may not be the last, but we need change! I know, I know the “Old Pros” like it that way, it’s their life.
No more 75 point endurance tests of boredom!
No more clear the board forever!
No more writing a book before each match!
No more reading the book before each shot!
No more letting who wins the lag win the match!
Lets change the rules!
We all know how to do it but we just won’t! There are many ways to do that.
Comments and discussion welcome.
Submitted by Steve McKown: 2008-08-21

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2 Responses to Steve McKown Speaks in 2008.

  1. debsturat says:

    Just an add to your thoughts: : You make some good comments. And some things have changed in the past 10 years!. Royal Palms introduced the game to the younger set 7/8 years ago– and then this last year produced a weekly YouTube program of the competition in 8 frame matches. Others followed the Royal Palms, so now there are many indoor shuffleboard arenas for the young and old! In the ISA in Australia 2019, a 15 year old took the gold in the womens and a young man won the mens. Try winning the Can/Am in Florida St. Pete against the younger (Am of the Can/AM) set who show up from around the country. You have a point re boring….but watching golf for me can put me into a dream state — because I don’t know or play the game. Perhaps as the Royal Palms of this world continue to show the game, with excellent explanations of the play-by-play, more and more will watch and learn to play. You are obviously a skilled player and I am sure your participation is missed!! Come back and keep pushing for the change!!!

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  2. stanistheman says:

    Excellent Comment Deb!!! Stan


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