Reliving History!! Stan Writing About 2002 in 2004!! ALL IN BRAZIL!!

Stan Putting Together the Brazil Inaugural of 2002

Brazil has extended an invitation to member nations of the ISA to host the next ISA Event.  THE SHUFFLER thought it would be appropriate to “dust off” an article we posted shortly after the Brazil Inaugural of 2002.  We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the participation of the Brazilians in the event in Mesa, AND to give them our vote as THE MOST IMPROVED SHUFFLERS AT THE EVENT!!  Stan 2004 03 18. 

In March of 2002 a contingent of American and Canadian Shufflers participated in the “Brazil Inaugural”!  To say that all had a “great time” would be an understatement!!  Our hosts, the Brazilian Shufflers, could not have made us feel any more welcome!!  To experience other cultures is normally desirable; to experience the culture of Brazil was something we shall not forget!!   The cuisine, beginning with a buffet breakfast of infinite variety, could only be described as delectable, served every day in our hotel with the option of eating in or on a sun-drenched patio!! 

We were transported to the site of “daily play” and compete we did.  Daily play was interrupted to enjoy lunch, served by our hosts, again in comfortable surroundings complete with patio along with the option of a “cool one” for those so inclined!! Back to daily play after lunch. Michael & Luiz (Michael Zellner, President, & Dr Luiz Pimentel, Vice President) normally had dinner planned in conjunction with an event!  This added to the fond memories for us all!!  At this point I would like to acknowledge the excellent organization of this entire trip.  It began in America with John Barnett, Sam Allen, and no doubt others; it carried on in Brazil!  Michael and Luiz, also assisted by others, had obviously given a great deal of thought to our comfort and enjoyment!!  All of us who participated say: Thank-you!! 

Back to THE MEMORIES!  Our “Tour Day” around the many highlights of Rio was great–that in itself is the subject of “another story”!!  The wind-up awards banquet best typified the spirit of good will of our week!   We had music; we had dancing girls; we had shufflers dancing with the dancing girls; WE HAD FUN! All of these activities were professionally woven into our evening which by the way included another fine dinner!!  Who said that you have to go to Paris to have a world class dinner???  Shufflers; I believe that it is this type of activity, the social intercourse between and among nations, which makes our Sport the wonderful and rewarding activity that it has become.

Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER. 2004 03 18. 

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4 Responses to Reliving History!! Stan Writing About 2002 in 2004!! ALL IN BRAZIL!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Thanks fo the Memories. We had a planning wonderful team and thoroughly enjoyed hosting the ISA in our country. Every detail was pre thought out from arrival to departure. Big thank you to the late great Rocky Briggs our Tournament Director who arrived a week in advance to help with court layout and setup.
    Those were the days, my friend. Those were the days.

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    • stanistheman says:

      I agree Michael. THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!!
      Thank You for your key role in this event >> and SHUFFLEBOARD IN BRAZIL IN GENERAL. Stan


      • Michael Zellner says:

        Stan we had roughly $200 of the money received from all participants after all our event bills were paid. And we had 8 roll out courts fabricated and now with the Brazilian Shufflers.
        That means we gave the international travelers many of whom are no longer with us the absolute best bang for their buck. We didnt host a tournament to make money we did it to make lasting friendships.


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