We Look Back: Myrna Bilton is Recognized!!! (In 2014 this time!!)

Posted on 2014-06-01 by stanistheman


I sincerely want to thank President George O’Reilly and the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club for hosting the CNSA Tournament that was held May 27th – 29th 2014. They have hosted this event for several years and they still welcome us with warm smiles and hugs. They spoil us with their delicious homemade soup, sandwiches and sweeties. For many of us that took our campers we appreciate the opportunity to camp behind their building.

Thanks to Barb Pipher for organizing another great Banquet.

I was honoured to be part of the CNSA HOF presentations. Congratulations to Marjory Taylor, Mary Button and Barb Pipher. These ladies are most deserving of this prestigious award.

Thank you to Lorraine Pollock for being the Tournament Director. She always displays fairness with her dedication to shuffleboard.

I have enjoyed my two years as the CNSA President. It has been very rewarding for me. I have been honoured to represent Canada at the ISA level. I feel very humble and grateful to have had this experience. A special thanks to my husband Rendall, Gary Pipher, the CNSA executive, Stan McCormack, Lorraine Pollock Michael Zellner, Jim and Beth Allen and the list goes on for their support.

I appreciate the support of all our members that attended the AGM in making decisions for the game of shuffleboard that we all love to play. I thank the CNSA board, directors and province reps for their support and sending their reports.

Congratulations to CNSA President Henry Strong and the newly elected CNSA Board.

“We do not stop playing shuffleboard because we are old!! We grow old because we stop playing shuffleboard!!”

Thank you Dear Shuffleboard Friends for your Love and Support

Myrna Bilton:  CNSA Past President.  2014 06 01

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