Bluffton Any Doubles, June 14, 2021, in memory of Steve Slaughterbeck. Sent along by Bob Jones WITH THANKS.

Steve was instrumental in leading the Bluffton Club to host 3 state tournaments every season.  The enthusiasm of the members and the quality of the courts are the legacy of Steve’s leadership. I will always remember Steve for his smile and welcoming laughter.   And when it was time to compete in a tournament, Steve competed with everything he had.  Bob Jones.
First time partners, Wilma Rudolph and Bill Hoyer teamed up for victory, beating all the worthy competitors in their way.  This was Wilma’s third straight win this season!
Lakeside Any Doubles, June 17, 2021
Thank you Lakeside Shuffleboard Club for hosting a new tournament this season.  And thank you Lakeside Chautauqua for waving the Lakeside entrance fee for shufflers.   Earlier in the week, Bluffton’s Cheryl and Robert Conkle finished second at the tournament at their home club.  They travelled to Lakeside to keep their momentum going, winning the title by beating Tim Baker and Red Rudolph in the finals.
Lakeside will host the Norma Faris Ohio Pre-Teen and Junior Any Doubles June 22 and June 24.  Then on Saturday, June 26, Canton will host a singles tournament.

Full results and pictures on the Ohio website and Facebook page.

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