Hey Shufflers!!!! We Shuffled In Sochi Russia!!!

Stan Writing in 2011 in advance of our trip to Russia > to Sochi Russia. All Shufflers going to Russia were asked to introduce themselves. This was our introduction. Stan and Lois McCormack It was not my intention to prepare a summary of Stan and Lois’ efforts with regard to the Sport of Shuffleboard. However; as many of you know, Stan likes to write!! lolLike many others, we were introduced to Shuffleboard while wintering in FL 15 years ago. Like so many others, we began by shuffling in the park and moved on to District Level Shuffling. It was in FL that we learned to our total surprise that we had Shuffleboard in Canada > in Ontario > and in fact within a short commute of our residence. We joined the Blackstock Club and became actively involved. Stan later became the President and Lois the Organizer of Special Events. In 2005 with the support of the Blackstock Club, we hosted what became the most successful Shuffleboard Event in Canada, and later it was this event, this format that was adopted by the FL Central District and called the Hall of Fame Classic. The event continues there to this day and its popularity continues!! We have referenced the Spring Fling in other articles distributed. Succinctly put, the Blackstock Spring Fling went like this: The event was 2 Days; >> on the evening before we held a Deluxe BBQ c/w entertainment at our daughter’s country home in Lindsay. On Day 1 the 64 Competitors gathered in the Township Auditorium adjacent to the Township Arena where we shuffled. It was in this Auditorium that we lunched, made presentations, and enjoyed Finger Food and “Punch” on the afternoon of the final (2nd day). It was in this Auditorium that Roy Norman led us in the Blackstock Prayer during our Opening Ceremonies in the presence of Mayor Pearce, mayor of the Township of Scugog. To give you but one benchmark of the success, we had a sign-up sheet at the end of Day 2, and it was oversubscribed!! I don’t need to tell you that Lois was the Chief Hostess who never had a chance to sit down!! Another high mark in our career was the significant growth in attendance at our CNSA Annual Meetings. We held them in conjunction with a National Tournament; we offered a Banquet; and with the support of the CNSA Board, we launched the CNSA Digital Hall of Fame and invited every CNSA Past President, and others who were to be inducted into the HOF. Mayor Pearce was back to speak and as you observed in the Norman’s Story, she presented the Normans with a Certificate of Appreciation for their Peace Efforts. The Man with the technical smarts to launch the Digital Hall of Fame was your Sochi bound traveler, Alf Primeau. Since then, both the FL Central District and the FSA State Organization have adopted the concept of a Digital Hall of Fame. The success of the combination of the Banquet, the AGM and the HOF Inductions has continued to this day and in fact grown. This year’s will be held in Coldwater ON about the time we land in Russia. Another positive for the CNSA BOARD while Lois and I served as President and Treasurer, was the launch of the Very First IP (Inter-Provincial Tournament!) The Board elected to hold the IP event every 2nd year and the second event will take place in Innisfail, AB this August. As well as the obvious benefit of bringing Canadian Shufflers together to compete; an even greater benefit is the opportunity to come together, to share ideas, to understand the opportunities and difficulties of the other. The original concept envisioned holding the National Meeting coincident with the IP. Although it did not happen this year, one thing an Organization has is time. I cannot leave the topic of promotion untouched; it is imperative in our sport!! Each of the ideas above was enhanced by the promotion each received on the website The Shuffler. For 8 years The Shuffler operated by Stan McCormack and Alf Primeau was the dominant source of Shuffleboard Information. It was the one location where shufflers knew they would find the News that was significant to Shufflers and to Shuffleboard. You may note that I have not commented on either Lois’s ability as a Shuffler or my own for that matter. As the article indicates, like so many other Shufflers, we value our relationships more than our points!! Notwithstanding, and for the record, I can tell you that we are both Canadian Experts, both American FL Pros. We should also tell you that we winter at Woodbrook Estates in Lakeland, FL, and summer in Calabogie, ON which is about a one hour drive north-west from Ottawa, our nation’s Capital. Stan and Lois >> Looking Forward To Sochi With Each of You! Stan writing in Calabogie, ON 2011 05 15. In the pic we have Gus Bondi standing beside Lois and I. Stan

Jack Rathwell, Lois & Stan with Hair on his Face??? IN ARIZONA.

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