Jessie Sobko Tells Her Story.

Stan: I am going to take you back 14 years to an article about a Shuffleboard Couple, a Very Active Shuffleboard Couple who wintered in Arizona and lived in Bobcaygeon Ontario. TALK ABOUT AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE!! I just received this e-mail from Jessie Sobko. There is so much energy and activity contained herein that I just had to post it for all to enjoy!! Jessie is the type of person who will not mind one bit!! For the few who may not know, Jessie and John winter in Tucson, AZ, and live in Bobcaygeon, ON. They both shuffle at our Blackstock Club just north of the town of Port Perry, which is just northeast of the town of Toronto!! If you wish to send Jessie an e-mail, her address is: I do hope her pix works, the pix of her band. We include the Herons because they will be playing in the 25th ISA at Lakeside, OH ~~ the McCormacks because they just celebrated their 50th. Stan McCormack in Avon Park, FL. 2006 03 19 20:36. Hi Stan & Lois; Thanks for the nice pictures & your newsy letter. We are still having lots of in-park tournaments, dime on the corner, & twilight games. Good pictures of you & Mary Beth & John. My John & I are starting to think about home and Blackstock.Recently I have joined the local Cat Mountain Jamboree band. They are a great gang to play with. On average there could be 11 violins, 1 bass player, 2 mandolins, one 12 string guitar, three 4 string guitars, & seven 6 string guitars, a couple of banjos, and one accordion. We play at 3 different places on Tuesday & Thursday nights. John is my caddy & carries my guitar, and wants to be my manager, ha ha. It has been 42 years since I last played. I bought a baritone ukulele last summer, just to see if I could get my fingers to work.6 weeks ago I bought a 4 string Washburn parlor guitar made in the 1920s. The first thing I had to do was cut my fingernails way back & build up some calluses, since the strings cut into the fingers for a while.Next week we have 3 pot luck dinners; on Tuesday night there is a salmon BBQ; Thursday night shuffleboard dinner; and on Friday night a Canada club farewell. On Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. 14 of us are leaving for rocky point ( in Mexico ) which is about a 5 hr drive. We will be staying at the Laos mar hotel, right on the beach & will have our fill of shrimp.I have been rambling on long enough.Hugs from Jessie & John !! Say hi to all the folks for us.

2Bruce Lloyd and William R Starace

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