PRESENTATION OF THE PLAQUE: CNSA Speaks; Marchand Family Speak!!

Posted on 2016-07-11 by stanistheman

19 Direct Descendants of Alphonse and Phoebe Marchand attended the Event.

I have displayed a pic of the “Marchands” who attended the Commemorative Event to Celebrate the 1st Sanctioned CNSA Tournament AND to honour Tournament Hosts Alphonse and Phoebe Marchand.  I don’t know about you, BUT I believe this is a fantastic turnout!! A turnout indicative of the respect held by the family for their Grandparents!!! *

Current CNSA President Jim Corbeil did a fine job as MC.  He opened with a brief explanation as to why we were present to-day.  Next, a fine lunch was served, with chief organizer Mary Button, not only hosting the lunch, but also being the TD.  Glen Peltier did an outstanding job in Creating the Legacy of the Marchands!! As the pic below clearly indicates, Glen captured and held the attention of all as he shared with us personal, moving stories from his time at the Marchand Courts.    Glen knew several of the Marchands, OR their parents, a contributing factor in making his remarks successful.

Glen > The Legacy of Alphonse and Phoebe.

Glen > The Legacy of Alphonse and Phoebe.

Responding, and speaking for the Marchand Family, Grandson John Carson presented the view from the family’s perspective.  John shared with us how the family gathered when only one court was built.  Number of courts was increased to 4 as the membership grew.  Carson said his grandfather was “passionate about sports, in general, so if you knew him and how he was passionate about baseball and hockey, there would be no question he’d pick up a passion for a sport like shuffleboard and bring it home.”  Bring it home he did.  When CNSA President of the day, Jack House was anxiously searching for somewhere to hold the 1st CNSA Sanctioned tournament, the Marchands eagerly accepted the challenge.

John Carson, Grandson of the Marchands, presents the Family perspective.

John Carson, Grandson of the Marchands, presents the Family perspective.

M. Carrie Sterling Granddaughter
Jim C. and CEO Tania Sharpe

Next:  Granddaughter Carrie Sterling  read a poem she had written.  President Jim then introduced the Chatham Kent CEO, Tania Sharpe.  Tania responded, thanking those present, and stating that the Library would be proud to display the plaque in the Tilbury Library.  We are going to conclude the coverage of the Commemorative Event by leaving you with a photo of the Plaque. Click once to read.

MARCHAND Alphonse Phoebe and Plaque

Stan McCormack. 2016 07 10.

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