Day 2 of the 36th ISA IN BRAZIL.

Check the Wording on Sandi Quinn’s Shirt!! Creative Support From Sandi Much Appreciated.

Check the Wording on Sandi Quinn’s Shirt!! Creative Support From Sandi Much Appreciated..

Monday Report:  2005 09 19, 24th ISA

The day we have been anxiously awaiting has arrived!!  The 24th ISA begins to-day!! 

Max Tate, Captain of the Canadian Men’s Team.

Dr. Luiz Pimentel, Captain of Brasil’s Men’s Team

Ivone Zellner was the Captain of the Ladies Brazil Team

Walt and Ann Wedel. Walt Captained the USA Men’s Team.

To give you an indication of the impact of the event, many players were up at 05:00, and one couple told me they were up at 02:30???

  Is that energy with anticipation or what???  Max Tate, team captain for Canada had laid down the law for the Canadian Men!  Be on the 1st bus, it leaves at 07:30!!  I am sure that Walt Wedell, Joe Casias and the Captains for the Women’s Team had given similar encouraging remarks to their respective players. 

As soon as both bus loads had arrived, Michael set to work in organizing the “walk-in” of the players for each team.  As he planned to announce names as we entered the auditorium it was important that we maintained our assigned position.  The Opening Ceremonies began at 09:30 and lasted about an hour.  Participants marched in to the music of the Niteroi Police Band and while this made Michael’s task of announcing the names more difficult, we all enjoyed the fine music.   Each nation paraded around the auditorium, waving or saluting or otherwise acknowledging the dignitaries on stage.  Each nation returned to their point of origin and waited until all had taken up their original location.  At that time, the flag bearer for the particular country took 2 steps forward, moved their flag to the 45 degree position and stood with pride as the national anthem of their country was played. 

A younger President Michael PROCLAIMS Let The Games Begin!!

Michael then introduced our invited guests assembled on the stage.  Municipal representatives, representatives from the various tourism departments, as well as the manager of the Club where we were holding our event.  All offered brief remarks and later they had an opportunity to “test the courts”!!  And finally, to officially open the event, two of the dignitaries, assisted by President Messier of the ISA, and the official mascot for the Brazilian Shuffleboard assn., Michael Zellner’s son, Gabriel Some History. Pushes Opening Disc in 2005 each propelled one disc  toward the foot of the Court!!  Michael proclaimed the games officially OPEN!! The proclamation was greeted with a good deal of fanfare.  The very first official games began at 11:00 sharp. 

While we will not post specific results at this time, we will remind you that a match consists of One Sixteen Frame Game, 8 frames on one colour, 8 on the opposite.  Two shots for speed at the beginning of the match and 4 shots for setup at your choice.  The 4 shots are repeated at the completion of 8 frames, i.e. coincident with the change in colour. No speed shots are allowed when you change colour.  One interesting change has been the method of colour determination, i.e. who has the choice of colour to begin play.  One of the players is selected to toss the dice; if he/she turns up yellow, they begin play on yellow.  Conversely, if the player tossing the dice turns up black, they begin on black.  Another aspect, slightly different that previous ISAs is that the player shooting yellow makes the determination as to whether or not a disc is counting, and signals same to the opposite end. Of course, if the disc is “too close to call”, the player at the opposite end of the Court is so advised and may choose to come and examine the disc. 

No, we have not forgotten the player shooting black, he/she marks the score on the chalkboard. 

I KNOW, YOU ALL WANT TO KNOW HOW THE DAY ENDED!!!  The final game, the 2nd game as there were only 2 played on Day 01, ended at about 17:30 and at that time there was a rush for the Bar!!!  Suffice to say that the Canadian Men had a desire to reinforce their courage, to redouble their resolve to do better on Tuesday, Day 2!!  The USA Men, in contrast seemed to be in more of a celebratory mood!!  The United Nations Team had that very civil and disciplined manner about them so indicative of public servants the world over!!! 

The Women’s Event My Friends is Much Much Closer.  I do not believe any of the 3 teams will go to bed this evening with any sense of just how their event may turn out. 

In fact folks, this is just a preview!!  Two games does not a tournament make!!  Stay Tuned to THE SHUFFLER.  Stan in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  2005 09 19.  

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  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Fabulous memories of times gone by. As the youngest President in the ISA I tried to add excitement and energy to our International tournament. And that I did with the help of my Brazilian counterparts. The only thing I regret is that at so many of our international players were seniors and most have passed on and every one of them has left a void in my heart.

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