The Future of Shuffleboard by Earl Ball

Hi Stan,
A short story.

I visited the Royal Palms Club in Chicago the last couple of days and I’m here to tell you that shuffleboard will thrive in the future, albeit different than we now know it. The players have learned rapidly and they are very good. If you haven’t visited the Club in New York City or Chicago you are really missing something and I encourage you to take the time and go see the future, you’ll be amazed; I was.


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4 Responses to The Future of Shuffleboard by Earl Ball

  1. Ken Wardley says:

    what makes thos club so different?
    we would like to know they instilled this type of enthusiastic response from people ?
    what are doing different?


  2. Ken Wardley says:

    what is the future Earl?


  3. Glen Peltier says:

    Yes Earl. I believe shuffleboard has so many avenues such as the Royal Palms It was a new idea that through hard work it worked and has a great future. As does league shuffleboard, fun shuffleboard and shuffleboard on cruise ships. The fsa gives us several different classes of shuffleboard at different levels. We have a choice We can find what we want and enjoy the game. I have enjoyed the pro level and enjoyed the travelling and all the people i have met and yet i always recognized all the other avenues that others enjoyed. I think of all the players and the game this way. WE ALL EAT AT THE SAME TABLE. Glen Peltier.


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