Glenna Gives Us a True Wild West Story!! (Great Reporting Glenna!)

And You Thought You Knew the Corbeils????
Next year, Jim just MAY compete in the Stampede??????

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Glenna Speaks: Today was a very busy day once again. Went to play just one game at the Snodgrass Centre, then had another beautiful lunch. Back to the hotel where we were picked up by 3 school buses which took us the Bar U Ranch.
Some people may not know that Jim Corbeil and his wife Marlene lived on this ranch for quite a number of years. At least one of their children was born there. Jim became head hand soon after the previous hired man gunned down his wife’s boyfriend. Sound like the Wild West?? Jim gratefully moved up to head man!
Jim & Marlene pointed out the house where they lived but it was off limits for us to go through. Guess someone lives in it.
Now the Cdn Federal Govt has taken over the whole ranch and it’s upkeep.

We enjoyed visiting all the out buildings and…

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  1. John Houghtaling says:

    WOW, interesting story!!!..

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