The Lakeside nationals concluded July 23, 2021. Bob Jones Reports. OUR THANKS!!!!!

Dr. Bob Jones

The Lakeside nationals concluded July 23.  In true Lakeside fashion,  participants were teenagers, nonagenarians, and every decade in between.  Local Lakesiders and national travelers.   Established hall of famers and newcomers.  
The story of the week was the arrival of carloads of players from the Royal Palms Brooklyn and Chicago locations.  Yes, they came for the experience of playing in a historic club on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie and to enjoy the activities of Ohio’s vacationland, AND they also came to win.  When you examine the results,  look for all the players from Illinois and New York.
In the men’s non-walking singles, Jeff Ziev from Royal Palms Brooklyn earned his USA NSA pin by beating Tim Baker, Bill Hoyer, Earl Ball, Marvin McConnell, and Bob Hovatter!  Michael Hirsch, the 2017 World Singles Champion, also earned his USA NSA pin by winning the men’s walking singles.  Marvin McConnell and Bob Jones, Jr. prevailed in the Men’s doubles, edging 7 time winners Chris Cermak and Bob Sudomir in the finals.
Dianna Allen prevailed in the women’s singles.  Mamie Morton and Wilma Rudolph teamed up to win the women’s doubles.  Having won the National Mixed Doubles in Akron earlier this season, Wilma is the only person to win 2 USA NSA tournaments in Ohio this year.

Full results and pictures on the Ohio website and Facebook page.

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5 Responses to The Lakeside nationals concluded July 23, 2021. Bob Jones Reports. OUR THANKS!!!!!

  1. Tom Winkelspecht says:

    Thank you for the report.

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  2. Earl A Ball says:

    Bob you did an outstanding job of covering today and tomorrow!
    I was going to write a story but now I don’t need to, Great Job.

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  3. seliseq1 says:

    Thanks Dr. Bob, wonderful report👍!! Congratulations to all the winners🎉! How great to hear of all the players from the Royal Palms☺️!! I’m sure they enjoyed the courts, the hospitality and the beauty of Lakeside.

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  4. debsturat says:

    Just impressive all!! Thanks, Dr. Bob, for sharing.

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  5. John Houghtaling says:

    Congrats to all who participated and all who place in the tournament!!!!! Great to see so many from outside the state of Ohio get involved!!!!!…

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