The Quinns take us back to the National Junior Singles at Lakeside Ohio >>


Stan and Sandi 15 years ago!!!!

My mission was to interview the same kids I talked to in 2004 as they prepared to play in the ‘06 National Jr. Singles at Lakeside, OH. Only five out of eleven were here this year. They were anxious to talk to me again, along with many others. First, let me say, the excitement and energy these kids display the morning of the tournament is phenomenal. Even though some of them showed up sleepy-eyed, they were more than ready to play! Twelve girls and twenty four boys waited anxiously for the Tournament Director, Betty Downing, to announce that the draw was ready. Here’s what the junior shufflers had to say this year:
CHLOE HAMLIN, now 12, is determined to take 1st main this year. She achieved 4th main in 2004 and 2nd main in 2005. She practices a lot with Dad Bob, and says she is giving him much better competition this year. She also plays basketball and loves her tap and jazz dance classes which she has been attending for 10 yrs.
MICHAEL HIRSCH, now 13, still loves shuffleboard and may be moving near Lakeside soon. He has amassed 10-11 trophies in the few years he has played at Lakeside. He tries to practice 3 to 5 hrs. a week, which sometimes is hard to do as he works 20 to 30 hrs. a week at the courts and also helps his Dad who is Head Chef at the Lakeside Hotel. He says Bob Sudomir and Earl Ball have been coaching him this summer and he has learned a lot from these two great shufflers. Michael is very personable, friendly and outgoing and says he loves meeting new people.
ANTHONY REMICONE, now 13, achieved 2nd main in 2004 and 2005 and is going for 1st this year. He practices as much as he can and has taken some lessons from Rich Phifer. He says that in the last two yrs. he has become much more aware of the strategy of the game, and tries to stay calm and have fun in competition play.
BRANDON CULP, now 14, is still coming to Lakeside for 2 wks. every year. He has played in 10 tournaments and has 3 trophies. He thinks strategy is most important in tournament competition. His Mom and Grandma taught him how to play the game, but his cousins have taught him strategy. He really enjoys competition and strives to always keep a good attitude while competing. He looks forward to playing with adults next year.
STEVEN REDD, now 16, is no longer able to compete in the Jr. division. I wanted to hear his opinion of the transition from the Jr. division to the Adult division. He says the competition in the Adult division is much more intense and one needs to work on endurance and stamina. In Jr. division singles tournaments you play one 8 frame game and that’s it. He loves playing in the Adult division because the 12 frame, 2 out of three offers much more playing time. He feels that technique and execution is most important in tournament play. He practices as much as he can, does not get discouraged and his motto is, “Never Say Never’. He will play with his brother, Bob, in the National Dbls. this year, and really enjoyed his first National Sngls. this yr. even though he came up against some tough competition the first and second rounds.
The new kids I met this year and interviewed are:
TIM GRIMES, age 14, from Streamwood, IL. Tim has been playing at Lakeside for 10 yrs. and going for his first trophy. He has been coming to Lakeside for 2-3 wks. every summer with his parents since birth. His dad, Phil, taught him to play. He likes competition and loves to play because it‘s a good way to meet new people.
AUSTIN APPLE, age 10, from Dublin, IL has been playing for a few yrs. now. He comes to Lakeside 2-3 wks. every year with his family. His dad taught him to play and he practices with his brother, CADE, age 7, who is also competing this yr. Both say the game is fun, exciting and they like competition.
ANTHONY STEVENS, age 12, from Canton, OH is a second yr. tournament player and is going for his first trophy. He and his family have spent one wk. every summer at Lakeside for the last 2-3 yrs. He practices everyday and was taught how to play by his stepbrothers, Steven & Bob Redd. He likes shuffleboard because it is not a contact sport.
ANDREW PHIFER, age 17, from Ashburn, VA is another who spoke to me of the transition from Jr. to Adult tournament play. He says that in the Adult division the competition is much tougher, he likes that there is more playing involved, but it’s hard to win. He won his first match in the National Sngls. this yr., and then lost his second to Paul Miller. He learns more playing with adults, and learned some technical skills from Paul. He was taught to play by his Dad, Jim, while spending one wk. at Lakeside every year. He is happy that they will be spending the whole summers here now. He plans to keep shuffling and develop his skills. He enjoys the game very much and is impressed by the fact that ‘anyone’ can play this game. His grandmother, Kathleen Phifer, has been his mentor. She had played shuffleboard since the age of 17 or 18 and passed away 2 yrs. ago. RILEY HUBBARD, age 10, from San Diego, CA has been spending 3-4 wks. every summer at Lakeside with his grandparents, Dick & Rachel Hubbard, for the last 6 yrs. He has been shuffling since age 5, and is now taking lessons from Rich Phifer. He has been playing in tournaments for a few yrs. and has achieved a 3rd & 4th in consolation. He hopes for 1st this yr. He likes meeting new people on the courts and plans to play for many, many years.
ALEXANDRA HAJOHN, age 15, from Columbus, OH has been playing at Lakeside one wk. a yr. for 6-7 yrs. She was taught by her friends and her Grandma Olga She plays mostly for fun with her grandma and friends and has many fond memories of such. This will be her first yr. to play in a tournament and would like to play in a few more just for the fun of it. As a maturing young lady, she says she has more important things on her mind and uses shuffleboard to ‘de-stress’.
MOLLY VINCENT, age 10, from Columbus, OH has been competing in tournaments since age 5. She has achieved 1st main twice and has 13-14 trophies. She has been spending the whole summer, every summer at Lakeside since birth. She says she only practices a lot before tournaments.
She loves the competition of tournament play and thinks strategy is most important. She looks forward to playing in the Adult division when she is 16.
NICK, OWEN, & WILL DAUGHERTY, ages 15, 13, & 8, from Westerville, OH are all second yr. tournament players. NICK achieved 2nd con. two yrs. ago, and OWEN achieved 4th main last yr. This is the second yr. for these brothers and their family to spend one wk. at Lakeside in the summer. They are self-taught and practice with each other every day. NICK & WILL think strategy is most important for tournament play, however, OWEN thinks technique is, and plans to perfect his technique in the next 3 yrs. for adult play. WILL says he really likes competition and looks forward to playing in the Adult division.
What fun it was talking to these enthusiastic kids! Check out the ‘Tournament Results’ page to see how they did this year. Shuffleboard Clubs everywhere across the nation really need to find some way, and work hard to get children involved. This is the only way we will keep the sport growing into the future. The Treaty City Shuffleboard Club of Greenville, OH has groups of teens from surrounding communities come to their courts several mornings a week during the spring, summer and fall. This is wonderful, and we all need to commend Doris Holsapple for doing this, and let her know we appreciate her dedication to promoting this sport we love.
The summer Jr. Tournaments at Lakeside have come and gone for another year. Hopefully, we will see even more kids next year and in the years to come. These tournaments take a lot of time and effort of many adult volunteers and I would like to mention them: Tourn. Director, Betty Downing and her
husband, Buzz; Lakeside Shuffleboard Club Pres., Rich Phifer and his wife, Marilyn; the Courts Staff, David Detrick, Man.,Krystel Burger, Matthew Stevens, Michael Hirsch & Cheyenne Dine; and the many adult shufflers who gave of their time to be scorekeepers and referees. Many thanks to all of you!!!
God Bless, Happy Shuffling and remember, TEACH A CHILD TO
SANDI QUINN at Lakeside, OH Summer of 2006.

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