More Competitors of Note at the 32nd ISA.

Landy Adkins on Stage!!

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As you may have gathered by now, as you read about individual Shufflers I have highlighted, I am attempting to select a male and a female form each of the competing nations, and provide you with some of their key shuffleboard milestones! You do appreciate that I am not endorsing the individuals, but rather, hopefully stimulating interest in the event!!!
Selection of a US Female was most difficult!! Looking at the list of participants at the St Petes 32nd ISA, we see the names of Andrews, Allen and Adkins at the top of the US Women’s List!! I now list their FSA accumulated points in order: 294; 177; and 370. And just in case you think all the American women come from Florida, next on the US list are Wilma Rudolf with 1,116 TX points AND Sandi Quinn with 517 TX points!! Please do not be dismissive vis-a-vis TX Points!! I certainly am not!! Wilma placed a most respectable 10th at the Dieppe world singles of 2011, and Sandi is always a threat!!
I am going to highlight Landy Adkins!! Landy in her very first ISA event, 2006 in Lakeside, OH, had a Perfect Record; that is she won each of her 11 games!! I share with you, that on the occasion of the presentation to Landy in Lakeside, OH, Landy singled out Kieko Sakuta of Japan as her toughest opponent of the entire competition!! I share this with you as Kieko is once again competing in St Petes, AND YES LANDY, you just may be facing her!!!!
Here are Landy’s exact words at that time: “It was our last frame; I stuck on my 2nd last disc, and she put me in the kitchen ~~ scoring a high 7; on my last shot I bounced off her 7, fortunately scoring my 7, and won the game by only 2 points.” Landy’s remarks were greeted with applause.
Landy also competed in 2007 in Midland, ON in the 26th ISA Team Event as well as in Seattle in 2012 where she captained the US Team. She has played in 8 straight FSA Masters and is a member of the FSA Hall of Fame. Pic at the top is of her induction into the FSA HOF.
We can expect top notch performance from Landy, from all US Women, and for that matter from every female competitor!!
Shufflers All: Why not plan to pay a visit to the St Petersburg Club during the Event!! Shuffling takes place from October 21st through to and including October 25th, 2013. Here is the address for your GPS: 559 Mirror Lake Drive North, St Petersburg, Florida.
Stan McCormack 2013 08 30

For this portion of On Stage, the Brazilian Competitors, I thought I would present in some detail some interesting facts about each player!  The Brazilians have been competing since 1997, their first at Hendersonville NC.  Many of us know them quite well, however; if you are like me, it is both interesting and enjoyable to review their bios!!  I  will begin with their serving President, Dr. Luiz Pimentel.  Do Enjoy!!!  Stan


Luiz Pimentel is a 67-year-old retired military officer and plastic surgeon, living in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He started playing shuffleboard
as the first understudy of Michael Zellner in 1996 and together they founded the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association on November 1st, 1996. Since then he has played in numerous ISA Tournaments around the world. Luiz constructed
the first shuffleboard court in NiteroiRio de Janeiro next to his home, where the players from there get together and train 2 times per week.  Some of his pupils are Pedro Caldas, Hernani Barcellos, Imbo Borges, Bernar Borges and Delson Caldas.
And now each of these trainees has indeed become trainers themselves and the lifecycle continues.  As ABS Vice-President, Luiz was instrumental in planning and hosting the Brazilian Inaugural Tournament in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro in 2002, and then again for the World Shuffleboard Championship in 2005. Luiz Pimentel, since 2011, has been the 2nd President of the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association and
in 2012 was proudly inducted into the ISA Hall of the Fame.  Luiz is a trainer, a player and most of all a friend to everyone in the shuffleboard community. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with on the court.

Amanda Caldas

Amanda Caldas is a 20-year-old student of veterinary medicine, living in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. She was introduced to shuffleboard through her father, Pedro Caldas, an understudy of Luiz Pimentel. After travelling with the Brazilian team to the World Championship in Germany in 2010, Amanda gained more interest in the game and started playing in some of the Brazilian National tournaments. Now in 2013, she will compete in her first ISA World Championship as a member of the 2013 Brazilian Delegation headed to St. Petersburg, Florida, for the 32nd ISA World Championship and proudly she will be the only woman representing Brazil. Amanda says she is both excited and scared at the same time and will do her best to not let her trainers down.


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