Gerald Balson Left Us 12 Years Ago.

Gerald Balson

Gerald Balson passed away 12 years ago.  He was a significant part of the “rationale” that influenced me to get interested in Shuffleboard!!  I never knew him until we met in our first FL Park, Camp Inn, on Hwy 27 north of Avon Park.  He lived only about 10 km east of where I grew up in Canada although neither of us knew that until our many conversations, as we shuffled at Camp Inn.  As you will see, his memory lives on.  Stan writing on 2021 08 01.

Just got sad news that Gerald Balson passed away after being transferred to Bowmanville Hospital. When they went to ensure that his life support machines were properly connected, he had slipped away! Will give more update as to funeral home and visiting later.           Niece;   Nancy Bryans

Stan speaks: Gerald’s passion for life was most in evidence when he was shuffling; he thoroughly enjoyed the game and  he was an active competitor on the Florida Central District Circuit as well as being among the best in his home club of Blackstock, Ontario.

Gerald did not limit his activities to shuffleboard. From a young man he had enjoyed music, enjoyed dancing, and was even known to enjoy some “good ole” homemade wine!! Gerald frequently brought a supply of his wine to our Windup Banquet in Blackstock and was not against offering a glass to those who dropped in to visit with him at Camp Inn, FL. This generosity of spirit, no pun intended, was typical.

In the late 1930s Gerald and his brothers sang on Radio Station CFRB (Toronto) when it was the radio station with the largest listening audience in Canada!! At about the same time he attended dances in the village of Columbus, ON and very early on in our relationship, he informed me that my Mother was one of his dancing partners!! When the war began, Gerald’s competency at driving large construction equipment was put to good effect. He became an instructor and when he was transferred to Holland, he became a driver for the Officer Commanding!!

Notwithstanding his 90+ years, Gerald was quietly proud of the fact that he took no medication. All Shufflers who knew Gerald will miss him.

Stan McCormack of The Shuffler. 2009-08-04. (AND AGAIN ON 2021 08 01)

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