More on the Evolution of Farming.

We Take Up Retirement on our Farm in Little Britain ON.    Farmed for 10 yrs.  

Evolution of Farming in My Time; Another article to demonstrate that it is more of a “revolution” than evolution!!!   READERS: Stan and Lois and Family did farm for a number of years  near the end of our working career.  We, Lois and I, consider ourselves very fortunate to have lived during this period of significant change; to have actually participated in the CHANGE!!! I do hope you enjoy the article.  2 THE EVOLUTION OF FARMING IN MY TIME – Copy

Stan McCormack.  2017 08 08.

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1 Response to More on the Evolution of Farming.

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you very much, so interesting.
    To ones like me who don’t know farming, you are an agricultural historian.
    When reading, I had questions but in the next paragraph you answered them.
    I do miss seeing the square bales but if round is best for the farmers, then good.

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