Some Advice from Sandi Quinn. 2021 08 30

SOME IMPORTANT REMINDERS FOR THE NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS:1. If you have a partner for Dbls. or M/Dbls. SHOW UP!2. Hold your cue upright & stand back when your opponent is shooting, (do not stand in the way of your opponent or equipment).3. You must be seated when the opposite end is shooting . . if you must stand it must be directly BEHIND your bench. (This excludes practice rounds.)4. DO NOT leave your court without the permission of the TD or your opponent. (This excludes calling discs on another court.)5. Your phone must be OFF unless ok’d by the TD to leave it on.6. WATCH THE SCORE no matter which end you are playing7. NO food or open drinks on the courts.8. NO rehashing games/matches between games/matches . . 5 MIN. BETWEEN GAMES, 10 MIN. BETWEEN MATCHES, 20 MIN. FOR LUNCH.9. DO NOT leave after the first day until you are CERTAIN whether you are playing the next day or not! (Look at the chart or ask the TD BEFORE leaving.)10. If you are the LAST ones of the day to play on a court pick up the discs and make sure they are waxed, staggering the colors.THANK YOU, Sandi

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2 Responses to Some Advice from Sandi Quinn. 2021 08 30

  1. debsturat says:

    Thank you!!!


  2. Michael says:

    Always admired Sandi’s firm attitude and stickler for the rules. You get to the point and say it quite clearly. Reminds me of a few Generals I knew in my Air Force days. smile

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