Comprehensive Report by CNSA President Jim Corbeil.

This year has been a different year for everyone. I don’t think there is a shuffleboard club in Canada that has had more than a couple of weeks of shuffleboard playing.
Hopefully 2022 will get us back to a normal or the new normal, where we can once again have our shuffleboard clubs open up. We have all missed our tournaments, not to mention practice and meeting with friends. By the time we get back together we will all have to start playing like we are all beginners.
We are looking forward to the Inter Provincial Tournament this September in Bridgewater Nova Scotia. We have a good number of teams from all across Canada. Nine men’s teams and 10 women. It is nice to see Quebec and British Columbia in with 2 teams. Jim and Ellie Crowell have been working hard trying to get everything in order and are hoping everyone will have a great time in Bridgewater.
The Canadian National Shuffleboard Association will be hosting the 2022 International Shuffleboard Association 39th Team Championship Tournament in Ingersoll Ontario, August 21-26th. With this long layoff of ISA tournaments due to Covid 19 we are expecting a large number of Team entries from all around the world.
This will be my last Report as CNSA President. The new Executive will be voted in at the IP in Bridgewater this fall. I want to thank Past Presidents Stan McCormack, Gary Pipher and Myrna Bilton for all their help and support. Also, I want to thank Glenna and David Earle for their support over the years as well. Thank you to my first term’s Executive, 1st VP Roy Babcock, 2nd VP Glenda Brake, Secretary, Norm Lindsay and Treasurer,
Murray Burnett. Thank you to my second term’s Executive, 1st VP Norm Lindsay, 2nd VP Eileen Hildebrand,
Secretary, Ann Engell and Treasurer, Murray Burnett.
I also want to thank all the Provincial Directors for all their help and input, they are a very important part of the CNSA. Thank you to all the CNSA membership.
Thanks to Lorraine Pollock, Lorraine asked me to be a 3rd VP way back when I had no idea what shuffleboard was about, and even how to play the game. Lorraine had a way of asking that you just could not say no to her.
And a big thank you to my wife Marlene for her support and help over the years. Marlene taught me how to use a computer. She made me look pretty good, one would think I was a computer whiz, but I had a lot of help.
I wish the new Executive all the best and I will be there to assist them in any way I can.
Jim Corbeil, President CNSA

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5 Responses to Comprehensive Report by CNSA President Jim Corbeil.

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Excellent synopsis Jim! You have done a fabulous job throughout your extended leadership of the CNSA. it has been our pleasure to have the opportunity to work together with you and Marlene as you have made your way through some tough decisions. We appreciate all the 2 of you have done, as well as your very capable executives. Thanks to all, and best wishes to the incoming group! Glenna & David


  2. Joanne Gallivan says:

    Thanks for your willingness to take on this job, Jim. We’ll done!

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  3. stanistheman says:

    Here is the comment: “Great pic of a most appealing Island!! Shuffler Joanne Gallivan said this: “I have lived most of my life in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Cape Breton Island (Nova Scotia). Travel and Leisure magazine recently named it the top island destination in North America and third in the world, after Bali and Sicily.” It is just possible that Harold has an attachment to this “wonderful island”!!
    And finally, here is the pic:


  4. John Houghtaling says:

    Great work Jim/Marlene in your homeland and for our great sport!!!!…

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