Glenna Earle Reports on the Opening Day of the 2021 Inter-Provincial Tournament being held in Nova Scotia!!! Glenna Earle always does an excellent job with her Reports!!!!

Hi Stan.
What a great start to our 2021 Inter- Provincial tournament. Although we all wore our masks to protect each other, Day 1 was a huge success!
Jim & Ellie Crowell have done a brilliant job of preparing the scene for our shuffle tournament. Even though they have just formed their shuffle club 3 yrs ago, they have  a spectacular group of players and volunteers to make the  first NS tournament one to remember.

Jim and Ellie Crowell

The playing area is bright, clean, well organized with superior attention paid to separating everyone safely 6 ft apart. Courts are in great shape and the whole afternoon was packed with players trying out the playing surfaces. As roll-out courts always seem to be, they have their interesting idiosyncratic behaviours. It is fun trying to figure out where to shoot in order to correct for imperfections in the floor beneath.
Registration was easy and well organized. Following practice we were treated to an amazing meal for the Meet and Greet part of the day. Food was all home-made and even included some local tasty morsels of Lunenburg pudding and Lunenburg sausage. Lots of tasty goodies which were placed on our plates by the flock of willing and competent volunteers. The bar was open for business and many took advantage. Draws for prizes kept us entertained while waiting for the food line to begin. We heard some welcoming comments from the host Jim Crowell, and our President, Jim Corbeil, as well as some comments from the ISA President Myrna Bilton. There were actually 4 players there today from the very first IP held in Coldwater, ON in 2009.
If the first day is any indication of what is to come for this week, we are going to have a wonderful event! Stay tuned. Will attempt to keep you up to date.

Glenna Earle (2021 09 06)

Stan speaks: Glenna had many great pix attached to her report. UNFORTUNATELY I cannot post on my blog. We are working on a solution for you. Glenna referenced the very first Inter-Provincial held in Coldwater, ON in the year 2009. I am now going to insert an article from that time.


It is entirely appropriate to provide some brief history of how The 1st Canadian Inter Provincial (IP) Came To Be!
The idea was conceived while Max Tate was President. Birth occurred at the 15th month of Stan’s Presidency. During this period of incubation, the CNSA Board developed tentative plans designed to bring shufflers from across Canada together in one location. We hoped to foster better understanding among players. We believed then and we believe now that if we take a positive approach, that if everyone has the OBJECTIVE OF GROWING THE SPORT, if everyone can do their best to listen to the other point of view, and to work toward compromise, we remain confident that progress will be made.
Based on the number of positive reports received following the 1st IP, we are confident we are on the right track. It is true that we were not able to have New Brunswick, Manitoba nor British Columbia participate. I can assure you that it was not for lack of trying, either by the Board or by those working in the respective province. In 2011 we will do better!!
As your current President I wish to thank all Directors who conscientiously and faithfully provided the answers to my many E Mail questions over the past year. Without your input, this event would not have gone forward.
I wish to give a special thanks to Gary Pipher and the entire Coldwater host Club. Gary capably handled all of the many details that come with hosting such an event. Accommodations, Boat Cruise, Entertainment, Food Arrangements, Preparation and maintenance of the Courts, Arranging for our Guest MPP Speaker and of course the details associated with the BBQ, the formal opening, the banquet and no doubt some items that I have overlooked.
I have mailed to every Director an invitation from Ruth Rutley,
President of the Alberta Canadian Shuffleboard Assn., to host the
2nd IP in 2011 at Innisfail, AB. It will of course be up to the CNSA
President and Directors of the Day to make this a reality. As I discussed during my windup remarks at the closing of the 1st IP, it
seems both reasonable and desirable to hold the CNSA Annual
General Meeting in conjunction with an Inter Provincial Event!
Thank You: Your CNSA President, Stan McCormack 2009-09-08.

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5 Responses to Glenna Earle Reports on the Opening Day of the 2021 Inter-Provincial Tournament being held in Nova Scotia!!! Glenna Earle always does an excellent job with her Reports!!!!

  1. Gary Pipher says:

    So nice to read Glenna Earl’s great reporting on the IP through the Thank God for Stan McCormack and his trusty old computer.
    I would loved to have taken part in the IP but it was not to be. Good shuffling to all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • stanistheman says:

      Thank You Gary!! With the benefit of hindsight, I think I possibly could have driven down. Too late for that now. Looks like they are going to have YET ANOTHER fine event.


  2. Joanne Gallivan says:

    Wishing everyone, great play, great fun and great camaraderie! Thanks for the update, Glenna.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. John Houghtaling says:

    Certainly Shuffle Board in Canada is headed in the right direction!!! Well done to all!!!…


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