Glen Peltier Looks Back.

Glen Peltier Speaks:

Who was the great Hans Strieb? I was so fortunate to play against and to watch the great one play shuffleboard. He was in a league  of his own. The man still holds the FSA masters record of 19 wins and 2 losses. When Hans came along at age 65, everyone was clearing the board. I never seen Hans clear a disc. He was smooth as silk. I watched as Ken Worden become frustrated as Hans teased him frame after frame. Ken was a good sport as he shook the winners hand.

  My most memorable game I ever played was against Hans. Lee Jordon sponsored the Smokey Mountain Shoot Out in Hendersonville N.C. $3000.00 prize money was at stake.  I played Hans in the quarters. Hans was in his later years and I was at my peak. We went three games. We were tied 67 to 67. Hans had the hammer. On my last shot I tried a high ten. .A little too hard and I barely hit the eight ten line dead center. Hans calmly shot confidently to hold a ten. He shot a bit too hard and nudged my disc into the eight and his disc stopped touching the eight ten line. He smiled like the good sport he was and shook my hand. I was lucky enough to beat Clyde Mills in the semis and Elden Miller in the finals and won the Smokey Mountain Shootout and the $500.00. Hans was at the final days of his playing days. Han’s board play only comes along once in a lifetime. I believe his master record will last forever. Glen Peltier.

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2 Responses to Glen Peltier Looks Back.

  1. debsturat says:

    Sorry I never got to see him play.!!! Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you for sharing. Mr. strieb must have been an excellent player if you think so.

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