Glenna Reports on Day 2 of the 2021 IP

glenna earle <>To: Stan McCormack, Tue., Sep. 7 at 8:24 p.m. Day 2 is coming to a close at the shuffle courts with the final games being played at the moment. The opening ceremonies were beautiful with lots of lovely team outfits being displayed. The bag piper, Ron LeBlanc of Bridgewater, piped us into the curling arena with Team Canada 🇨🇦 In the lead followed close behind by Team NS, then the other provinces from east to west. I had the honour of carrying our Canadian flag! Will include a few pictures. Think Bill Boyes will have some wonderful photos which he hopefully will include on the CNSA website.
Weather is perfect. I’ve heard the Bluenose is in her berth in Lunenburg so hopefully lots of people will have a chance to take a drive over there. This evening we are on our own so everyone is planning their respective dinner spots, and there are lots of good dining establishments.
We finished up the day with a group gathering in our room at Best Western Plus and then all went to the dining room for a delicious meal with plenty of raucous laughter and great conversation. Our waiter, Jacob, was tremendous! This is what makes these events so exciting and so special. The friendships made this week will be lifelong, as many already are.
Looking forward to Day 3 to see what surprises it will bring. Stay tuned!
Glenna Earle (2021-09-07)

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2 Responses to Glenna Reports on Day 2 of the 2021 IP

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you for the updates, Glenna.
    I wish everyone a wonderful time.

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  2. Gary Pipher says:

    Great reporting Glenna. Its so nice of you to keep us informed . The IP is a very popular tournament in Canada and so good to hear of fun you are having. I guess the CNSA web site must be out of comission since nothing has ever been posted promoting the tournament.
    Oh well I guess we still have Stan McCormack and his blog to keep us updated


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