Glenna Reports on Another Exciting Day of the 2021 “IP” Inter-Provincial being held in Nova Scotia!!

We have finished another very exciting day of play at the 2021 Shuffle tournament. Everything went smoothly and 4 matches were played today. Think Bill Boyes has posted some pics of the scores up to this point on the CNSA website, as well as an article about the dedicated and hard-working volunteers. They are amazing folks!
Luckily I have won all my games to this point but Team Canada has not been quite so lucky. Regardless, we are enjoying the games and have had the good fortune to play some wonderful ladies from across the country. Although my team has not won too many games they are extremely graceful losers and are still smiling in spite of their bad luck. I’m so very proud of them! They are getting better each day. 

Enjoyed a lovely evening sitting outside at our hotel with a number of other shufflers enjoying the beautiful NS weather, and discussing the highlights of the day. David and I shared a satisfying & nutritious dinner at the Best Western restaurant with friends Peter & Eileen Hildebrand from Manitoba. As I have said before these friendships are long lasting and we treasure them greatly. We first met the Hildebrands at the IP in Moose Jaw and have been friends ever since.
Have to play 4 games tomorrow so if I have any strength left, will give you a brief synopsis. Thanks for following us.

Glenna Earle

To access the CNSA Website, go here:

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