Day 4 Report on the 2021 CNSA IP (inter-provincial) by Glenna Earl. Thank You Glenna.

Day 4 So today the rain began as Hurricane Larry passes us by on it’s way to NL.
Competition was fierce today as everyone is realizing where they stand and how many more games they must win to be top of the heap. I was not a big help to my team today as I lost 2 games. The bubble burst!!! which was inevitable! But I have played some very great players. Whoever manages to read the court first, and figures out how best to take advantage of the multi drifts is sure to be the winner. Fun games, and wonderful competitors. Many of the newer players are improving every day. It is a pleasure to see their smiles and laughing faces when they make a great shot or win their match. 
Bill has posted pictures of the games won by each team so you can check them out on the CNSA website.
Tomorrow will tell the tale! Will keep you posted.

Glenna Earle in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. 2021 09 09.

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2 Responses to Day 4 Report on the 2021 CNSA IP (inter-provincial) by Glenna Earl. Thank You Glenna.

  1. Deb says:

    Loved to read. Thanks for posting!!

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