The Windup Report to Canada’s 2021 Inter-Provincial Tournament by Glenna Earle!!

The wind-up is complete! Courts rolled up! Banquet is over! Medallions around necks! RV’s rolling! Another IP has been put to bed and if you notice all these beautiful purple-shirted winners, you will realize what a fantastic crew of shufflers have emerged from Manitoba! Both men’s and women’s divisions were won by the our friends from Central Canada. The winning margins were minimal, and in one case I believe the lead was just 1/2 point! In the case of third place there were ties in both men’s and ladies groups. So, the famous “SPEED SHUFFLEBOARD” determined the winners. If you have never seen this done, you ought to sometime. Rules may be on the ISA website.  If not, ask Glenn Monroe.
Have only included a few pictures from last night’s banquet. Have dozens so may post a few more after I recover. In the meantime congratulations to all who took part and thanks to all the support staff for everything they did to make this event a reality….. amidst a Pandemic! Safe journey to all those returning to their respective provinces. For those hanging around to enjoy our beautiful province for some sightseeing we wish you safe travels and great weather! It was wonderful that Jim & Ellie arranged to have the Bluenose at her berth for the latter part of the week. I know many of you visited her, giving you a chance to get your own photos, “up close and personal”!
Until we meet again in Winnipeg, MT, au revoir, and keep well! It has been our pleasure to welcome you to Canada’s Ocean Playground!

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4 Responses to The Windup Report to Canada’s 2021 Inter-Provincial Tournament by Glenna Earle!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Well written Glenna. Style and grace elequently put to words.
    We call this emotional writing where the reader feels the emotion and excitment of the writer.
    Prof. Michael


  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Thank you Glenna for an awesome report of the 7th IP. It was a week of renewing friendships and lots of camaraderie. We sure experienced the wonderful hospitality of all our eastern friends.
    We met David & Glenna Earle in 2008 at Australia at an ISA tournament. They are wonderful ambassadors of shuffleboard. We sure appreciate their kindness and treasure their friendship.
    With love Myrna

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  3. stanistheman says:

    Great comment Myrna!! Stan


  4. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you. Very appreciated that after a full day you wrote every day to tell us all about it.

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