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This article will be about “The Tiger Woods of Shuffleboard”.  In relative terms, Stan Williamson like Tiger Woods, attracts a great deal of attention, and like Tiger, the attention is there whether or not he is winning or losing?? To understand more completely, read what I wrote (immediately below) in 2006.  Stan was just “coming off a perfect record” at the 25th ISA held in Lakeside, OH when this article was written. To his credit, he shared his feelings with the newspaper.    On February 23rd of 2003, Earl Ball said this about Stan: “After playing against him for a short time, you realize you can either have a good time or lie down and cry, he’s that good.”  Stan recently was the recipient of the 100th Anniversary MVP Award.

Stan McC. in 2006: THE SHUFFLER thanks the Mountain Eagle Newspaper of Stamford for the ideas expressed in this article on “Shuffleboard’s Tiger”!!  The newspaper reports* that “Stan’s mere presence at a match intimidates the other competitors,” but for Stan, “Shuffleboard is all about the great people you meet on the Courts”!!  By now you will have realized that we are talking about Stan Williamson of the Northern District of Florida.  The article centers on Stan’s feat of a Perfect, No Loss Record, achieved by Stan at the 25th International Meet at Lakeside, Ohio. Stan goes on to explain how competitors often become friends for life; the type of person who will drop over to see how you are making out in a match >> or just call you up at your residence.

Stan began shuffling in 1988 and has been on the circuit ever since.  The article quotes fellow shuffler Earl Ball referring to Stan as one of the games premier shot makers and play maker, adding that although Stan is a formidable opponent, he usually wins over his competition with his personality >> while beating them.  In 16 years, Stan has won 13 or 14 Masters Titles in the Northern District.  Twice he has tied for the Master’s title in the state of FL!! Also in the article Stan points out that he needs 40 points to gain entrance into the FSA Hall of Fame >> and goes on to point out that he will be working hard toward that achievement. NOTE: Since 2006, time of writing above, Stan’s total accumulated points have risen to 486!!  He was inducted into the FSA HOF in 2008 having earned the requisite 200 points + an additional 37 for good measure.  


The remarks to follow are taken from remarks offered at the time of Stan’s Induction into the FSA HOF, player category:
Stan Williamson is the 1st male from the Northern District to be inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Association “Hall of fame”. To become a ‘Hall of Fame” player you must have fine partners and Stan wishes to thank all of those partners, especially, Earl Ball, his friend and partner in many of those tournaments. One of the games great players; Stan is the game’s greatest shot maker and premier entertainer. He has played in three State “Masters” and was co-champion twice and is a two time National Champion. Stan has won no less than 10 Northern District “Masters” Championships and holds the all-time record for points scored in a season at 65. He is also one of only 10 players to ever win all of his matches in an International Championship Tournament. He had accumulated 237 points at the time of his induction.

*I have selected only portions of the article which I believe will be of interest to Shufflers.  THE SHUFFLER would like to compliment Stan for ensuring local coverage in the media >> each of us should do a similar thing at every reasonable opportunity.

Stan McCormack 2013 08 19.

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