Golden Acres Report by Member Glen Peltier.

We just closed the Golden Acres shuffleboard club in Blenheim after a very successful season. We played three days a week and our courts were full everyday. We had 72 members sign up. Next year we expect many more will come back plus many more new ones. All the rules were followed.  All wore masks.  We played on every  second court.  No food was served.  Only members allowed in the building.  There was no  one complaining. They were having fun playing their favourite sport at last.. I spoke to many town folk and every one had great respect for the entire club from the president down. The feelings go both ways. The entire club membership have total respect for their town of Blenheim.

Report submitted by Glen Peltier.

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1 Response to Golden Acres Report by Member Glen Peltier.

  1. John Houghtaling says:

    Congrats to all for providing a venue to enjoy our game!!!…

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