This Is Shuffleboard!! (32nd ISA)

Posted on 2013-10-31 by stanistheman

Reposted on 2021 10 16

My Japanese friends,  Kieko (84) & Sachiyo (68)

What a Wonderful Picture!  What a Wonderful Message! The Message Is: This is Shuffleboard at the International Level!! 

From left to right we have: Kieko Sakuto; Glenna Earle and Sachiyo Takada.  This is Kieko’s 23rd International Tournament!!  Sachiyo has participated a mere 20 times, and Glenna somewhat less!!  This pic, taken by me at the Awards Banquet, continues to astound me.  I continue to have a vision of Kieko, so smartly dressed; so warm, so friendly so attractive.  Forget her age!!  She is only 84!!   I attempted to compliment her but I am not at all sure I was successful in this regard.  The one thing that all 3 have in common is SHUFFLEBOARD, along with of course, their charm!  ((click on pic to fill the screen))  To read more about all 3, enter their name into the search rectangle AND hit search.  Good reading.

Stan McCormack.  2013 11 01.

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