Do Enjoy This Poem.

HERE IS A GREAT POEM!! Here’s to Shuffleboard By Byron Caton, New Jersey Here’s to the game of shuffleboard The king of all sports. It’s played in the sunshine On cement courts. It’s played by the women And also the men. Every shot counts From beginning to end. The players are rough And mean, some not. When at the end of the season A win means a lot. The habits of the players Are interesting indeed. As they maneuver their blocks To get in the lead. At the top of the list is Jay Snoddy of Lake-land. He is a very good player And is the top man. His delivery is odd, But he only misses a few. And he lines up his shot By smelling his cue. Rex Farewell is next; He never misses a shot. His partner is the cause Of him losing a lot. Johnny Comfort is done But he surely was a clown. He always made it interesting Whenever he was around. Webb Smith is gone now But he’s an all-time great. I hope he had his cue When he met Peter at the gate. Other players are tops And to just name a few: There is Gordon, Bob Litts, And a guy named Lew. There is Haley and Bailie, Lefty Krupp and Hal Burke, Mary Eldridge, Betty Stone, Steve Appel and Art Perk. Bill Folberth is my choice For the best in the land. He will always treat you fair And always a gentleman. In closing this little verse, Congratulations to them all. But there’ll never be a champion Like the unbelievable Mae Hall.

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6 Responses to Do Enjoy This Poem.

  1. Joan McCurdy. says:

    Very nice, thank you.

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  2. Glenn Monroe says:

    Sadly, few will recognize those names anymore. Thanks for posting.

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  3. Virginia Chandler says:

    Loved this 👍thanks!

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  4. Glen Peltier says:

    I feel so lucky that i knew so many and to of played against a few. They were all great. It was their life. I believe the biggest miracle all of was Nidy building so many courts through out so many states. Imagine building over one hundred courts at St. Pete.

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  5. John Houghtaling says:

    A true blast from the past!!! Entertaining read!!!

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  6. Earl A Ball says:

    I can’t believe Mary Eldridge is the only one I know! I did see Mae Hall once but didn’t realize it until the person I was with told me after we were past her.

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