We are now going to give you an example of Earl’s HUMILITY!! 

That’s Right!! His HUMILITY!!! 

This story begins in 2008 in Canada!!

Is There Anyone Who Has Not Beat Earl??

When Earl Ball arrived in Woodstock, Ontario in 2008, he was taken by surprise when greeted by Bill Pollock with a Sticker on his forehead, which read: “I BEAT EARL”  Bill explained his concept to Earl, and Earl’s response was“Get Her Done”.  “I Hope You Did Not Spend A Lot of Money on Stickers!!”

If you know of anyone who has done more to promote shuffleboard than “this guy”, I would be pleased to hear from you!! 
Our International audience may not know that Earl shuffles out of Central Florida where he lives year round and plays out of The Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, AND, the Betmar Shuffleboard Club where he lives.  Both are in central Florida.  The pic at the left, is of Earl arriving in Canada in 2008 to compete at Woodstock, ON.  Earl was greeted by Bill Pollock, c/w “Sticker” on his forehead.  (Click on the pic below to see the sticker!)

Several years ago Bill Pollock, also of Central Florida, was taken by Earl’s unusual  style of play, coupled occasionally with an equally unusual style of dress, and finally by his string of wins within our District.

Bill came to the conclusion that Shuffleboard could benefit if we exploited the aura that had developed regarding “Earl The Pearl”. Bill came up with the idea of having stickers made which read “I BEAT EARL” >> the idea being that each time Earl was beaten, we would celebrate in the best of good will.

In 2008, the “I BEAT EARL” promotion continued its International march, first in Holland and later in Germany.  The pic is of Lois (McCormack) and Walt (Wedel) Walt  pointing proudly to his I BEAT EARL STICKER.  This pic was taken at the opening of the Shuffleboard Demonstration in Amsterdam on April 28th, 2008.  Keeping with the spirit of the concept, the next pic is of Beth Allen presenting the Dutch Champion with his personal I BEAT EARL Sticker..
We move on to Langensebold Germany where on Friday, April 25th in a hotly contested match, the team of Sebastian Runge and Dieter Hussmann defeated Gus Bondi and Earl Ball.  I sent along a photo of the win to Sebastian and I will now post verbatim his e-mail to me of 2008 05 01:
“Hello dear Stan; thanks a lot for this memorable photo.  It has been a great privilege to play Gus and Earl.  Due to the unusual polycourts and the generosity of our guests they give us a break. Dieter and I couldn’t pass up this golden opportunity…It won’t happen again, guys! Nevertheless I’ve proudly fixed the “I beat Earl”-sticker to my Cue… Hope to see all of you soon. Sebastian”
Stan McCormack Speaks: There is no doubt that this idea by Bill (Pollock) contributed to the enjoyment of all present at the various presentations.  Never did I see on Earl’s face anything but a smile. We thank Bill for the idea; we thank Earl for his co-operation!!  If you have an IDEA which you believe may promote SHUFFLEBOARD, for goodness sake, please send it along and I will see that it gets to the appropriate person or body!!!!!  I share this story with you at this particular time BECAUSE it is another example, another reason WHY, we, all SHUFFLERS, should join in the CELEBRATION of Earl Ball receiving his GREEN JACKET in recognition of NOT ONLY his 1,000 points, BUT ALSO the significant contribution he has made in promoting the  SPORT.  As of time of writing this article, 2017 11 05, Earl needs 3 points to reach the 1,000 point level?? He can do it on this Tournament!!  Will He do it on this Tournament >>  PO6 A or B??????  Monday and Tuesday, 2017 11 06 & 07.

WE expect that Earl and Henry Strong will team up on Monday!! Click on pic to expand.  Stan McCormack, 2017 11 05.

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1 Response to We are now going to give you an example of Earl’s HUMILITY!! 

  1. Tom Moeller says:

    Earl Ball is a big promoter even today finding amateurs to play tournaments.Thank you Earl for all you do.


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