Polk Senior Games > 2013.

Polk Senior Games >> Those Who Make It Possible!!

From left to right:  Mack Camaione, Pasquale Troia, Jerry Deren, Howard Vanderbilt, Glenn Monroe, Jim Corbeil, Marlene Corbeil, Paul Sauerwine, Robert Miller.  Click on pic to expand.

You need a Team to adequately meet the needs of the Polk Senior Games, (Shuffleboard Component) and the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club has responded!  Why Not Say Thank You during the 2013 Polk Games!!  The Games take place at Lake Parker Park Shuffleboard Courts, 820 East Robson Street, Lakeland, 33805.  Men’s Singles, Feb 25th; Women’s Singles, Feb 26th; Doubles Feb 27th.  Come out and enjoy.  Lunch available.

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Stan McCormack.  2013 02 10

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1 Response to Polk Senior Games > 2013.

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    How many of them are still involved in shuffleboard?

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