Jackie and Darden >> Where are they NOW/??

Nelms Jackie & Darden

Writer of note, Earl Ball once described Jackie and Darden Nelms as “One of America’s Great Love Stories,” likening them to President Regan and Nancy!! Earl recalls the incident when Darden presented Jackie a bouquet of flowers at the opening of a tournament~~and went on to express his love for her~~all as a part of the opening ceremony!! THE SHUFFLER has even been informed that they still hold hands and share personal notes with each other~~a practice that many more of us could adopt. We thought it appropriate to share this photo of the two of them. The photo was taken at the FSA Hall of Fame Banquet.

Jackie and Darden received the FSA Special Award for the very good work they did with regard to THE PREVIEW.  I did hear from Darden and Jackie in 2010 > they had this  to say: “Jackie and I are well and happily and totally involved in our Sons and Daughters families. Our grandchildren are growing like bean stalks and are like little sponges, soaking up knowledge at school. We continue to hold hands and are ever thankful of our health and our 50 years of togetherness. I am not sure what I would have done without Jackie all of these years. We hope things are well with you.”  Darden and Jackie

Stan of THE SHUFFLER. 2014 11 14.

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