Marjorie Taylor Has “Left Us”. We lose a Great Woman; a Great Shuffler and a Great Grandmother!!

Posted on 2017-11-14 by stanistheman

WE have lost a Great Woman; we have Lost a Great Shuffler; We have lost a Great Friend!!  Marj Taylor has “passed”.  Perhaps her Granddaughter best expresses our thoughts.  “GmaYesterday was the hardest day of my life. There are no words to express this incredible loss.  You are the heart and soul of our family and you always will be. I am so proud to be your granddaughter and will continue to reach for the stars.  We shared a special bond and for that I will be forever grateful. “Life is life, go with the tide” Can I have this dance for the rest of my life?♫ Forever in my heart, love you forever and always xo 

Pic of Marj above was taken by yours truly on the occasion of her induction into the FSA Hall of Fame,  January of 2003.  When she left us, Monday, Nov. 13, 2017, she was in her 88th year.

How could one not love the Woman? I give you a brief e-mail to me, by Marjorie:  
“Stan, that was perfecto, I agree we went at the right time. Thanks to you for all the great pic’s & write up scripts. It was great to reminisce with our group that had that opportunity to enjoy.  Thanks Again.
I have to thank you many, many times for the FW: ( New Post )  That was an issue that was worldwide & made me a surprised Happy Camper to receive.
Ken Offenther made such a excitable forward announcement, which was wonderful among many friends that were attending that day. Ken said will you, Marjorie, please stand up, & I was, but so everyone could see me, I stood on a chair, then I really got a loud ovation.
Hugs.  Marj. Taylor.  Here are Ken’s remarks: 42 Marjorie Taylor A GREAT ATHLETE IN ONTARIO and here: More about Marj: Click: C of Mer Marj Taylor ;  To read Marjorie’s obituary:   Article put together by Stan McCormack. 2017 11 14. May wish to also go here: on any pic to expand,

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