Special Guest Geoff Bell At The Awards Banquet!! 2013

In this article we tell you a little about the author of the next MAJOR ARTICLE: Mr. Geoff Bell.

Many of you will remember that Geoff Bell placed 1st in the 2011 30th ISA World Championship in Dieppe NB.  In fact it was in the very same complex, the Arthur J. LeBlanc Centre, that we are now holding the 3rd CNSA IP (Inter Provincial).   After 5 days of tough competition with literally the best shufflers in the world, Geoff came out in 1st place for the Men!!  Geoff Bell  (See story of 2011)

When Geoff was called to the stage this evening, (2013 07 26) the audience stood and applauded!!  Not because of Geoff’s shuffling prowess but rather because everyone was so “darn happy” to see him alive, well, and so full of energy.   Like so many others, Geoff had a serious bout of Cancer.  The reaction to chemo put Geoff back in hospital!  Poison got into his blood stream and the situation worsened to the extent that a coma was induced; he received the last rites and the family was called.  Geoff described it as a “NDE”; a near death experience.


David Earle was on stage with Geoff and shared with us some of Geoff’s highlights in the Shuffleboard World.  Geoff talked about how essential it was to maintain a positive attitude.  He certainly demonstrated the positive attitude this evening.  He told us he is now cancer free and his strength is back which was clearly evident.    click on pic to explode.  Great to see you back Geoff.  We look forward to having you back on the Courts!!!

Stan McCormack.  2013 07 26

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  • Anne LounsburyIf further interested, see more information through our free lesson series on the Florida Shuffleboard Association home page under ‘Lessons’.
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  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Sure do miss seeing you on the courts Geoff. Hope you’re doing well! Glenna

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