Kathy Brennan Said This!!!!

We need shufflers…. Many of us who have been around have seen many of our devoted shufflers age, become sick and eventually pass away. We, as a community of shufflers, need to find ways to bring new players into the game.
My question is , how?
Let’s let the FSA do it…. Let’s let the district do it…. Let’s let the clubs do it…. No let all of us do it.
If you see an new face hanging around the game, help him, encourage him, play with him (you might not win but the experience for him will never be forgotten)
Never cancel an amateur tournament due to lack of players….let them play… maybe they won’t get any points but they might get hooked on our game
At the club level…free lessons, free Friday nite shuffle for all ages, maybe a amateur league .. Do not get discouraged if the numbers are low, tell them to bring a friend. Put fliers out, put it in the webpage, and keep on going
At the district level….help your clubs advertise
Gain new parks, may sure they know what the district does and where they can go to shuffle
State … Encourage shufflers …encourage tournaments …encourage the district .. encourage the clubs ( holding any tournament, state or district , is a big job for the club an an expense)
We Need Shufflers……So let’s get busy finding them!

Kathy said the above after reading this: https://theshuffler.net/2017/12/30/earl-ball-said-this-and-you-reacted-and-that-is-good/

Well Said Kathy!!!! Stan. I still have the piece of COAL you gave me when we first met.

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