The record shows that Mae Hall finished with 2224 points, the only woman to have at least 1000 points!

Earl Ball speaks in 2006: The record shows that Mae won the
“Masters” 15 times. I don’t think many people have played 15
“Masters”. Mary Eldridge told me Mae was at the top of her game
for 35 years. The points records were originally put together by Col. Peter
Cleary Bullard in the early 50’s and he tried to go back to 1928. That alone
tells you that many different types of tournaments were probably used to
tabulate the points and probably didn’t just include what we know as State
tournaments. Different numbers of points were awarded depending on the
importance of the tournament. Earl Ball in 2006.
Mae Hall (from Mary Eldridge 2006 12 15) Mae Hall would have been an
exceptional player in any era. She had a remarkable ability to adapt to any
court conditions and to do it quickly. That was one reason for her 2200 plus
points. Other reasons were her fiery determination to win and the fact that
she played about 30 years in the “expert” division and played just about
every scheduled tournament!! It goes without saying that she was also a very
intelligent player. I was very fortunate to have played partners with Mae for
several years. The first doubles tournament I won first-place in was the
National Doubles with Mae. One thing I always appreciated about Mae was that
she was a “good sport” – win or lose. You could never have a better partner
and you could always count on Mae to give it everything she had – which was
considerable. I learned a lot about the game from Mae. The grandstands were
usually full to overflowing with knowledgeable spectators when Mae was
playing and when she finished the stands emptied quickly.
Shuffleboard was “King” in those days and Mae Hall was the “Queen”.
Tournament results and proceedings were in the sports pages every week and
Mae was often on the front page. Players took a lot of pride in winning
championships and it meant something to be the Florida State Singles Champion
or the President’s Trophy Champion or to be the champion of any tournament.
Mary Eldridge.
FROM PEGGY HOUSE: This was done (earning in excess of 2200 points) when you
had to lag for colour before starting the match and play that colour
throughout the match! Ask Mary Eldridge about those days! If you lost the
lag, you had to play that much smarter to win and you earned it! P.S. My
biggest thrill outside of winning the Masters was beating Mae and her partner
Bob Litts in the President’s Mixed Doubles the first year I played Pro with
Charlie Madalone. Peggy House. 2006 12 10.
FROM GLEN PELTIER in 2010: As for me, the best player is not determined by
the number of points associated with his/her name. What is important is the
game; the people; the partners, and the opportunity to teach that keeps me
going. I hope to play another ten years or as long as I stay healthy. I
believe 1500 points would be about right. I want to keep Earl busy!!! Lol
Glen Peltier. 2010-02-0

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    Awesome article!


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    Awesome Woman!!! Thanks Deb.


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