To-day is the Anniversary of The Shuffler!! Check Our History!!

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Many of our current readers, but not all, will remember It was a website operated by Alf Primeau.  Stan McCormack was the lead writer > but we had many talented individuals who regularly contributed.  Below is a kind of time line of the  Stan writing on 2022 07 19.


ON AUGUST 30th, 2004 WE wroteIn July of 2003 Ruby Withington won a prize for becoming the 10,000th person to log on!! If you check our counter at the bottom of the Home Page, it now reads ~~ depending on when you read this, about 40,000. Alf and I are of course pleased that the response has exceeded our wildest expectations ~~ pleased that Shufflers continue to return to the Site to obtain information, to view photographs of fellow shufflers, to read suggestions on how to improve their game, to read editorial opinion, to determine where the next major shuffling event will take place and to determine how to get there, and of course to view the results of these same competitions!! 

While I have singled out Stan and Alf, we want to acknowledge the significant and ongoing contributions of Earl Ball, Sandi Quinn, Michael Zellner, and the Allen Family, Sam and Jim. All have provided insightful, interesting and timely reports on the sport they enjoy so much. Sandi’s summer reports from Ohio and North Carolina have added a new dimension and style to “Reporting Results”!! We know that we speak for our readers when we express the hope that Sandi will continue to report as the Quinns move on to Arizona, and finally to Texas for the winter!! Earl has given our readers information in the “how to aspect” of the game, as well as providing that much needed State Pro insight point of view. We look forward to Earl’s continuing input on a wide range of topics.

Michael continues to provide informative and useful information for those planning the trip to the ISA Event of 2005! Michael’s role will expand as we draw closer to that major international event!! Sam and Jim (Allen) have both been willing to provide input and it has been appreciated. There is room for others to submit articles, for others to become regular “reporters”! 

THE SHUFFLER PRIDES ITSELF ON BEING THE WEBSITE WITH “NEWS AND VIEWS OF INTEREST TO ALL SHUFFLERS”! Each of us works very hard to come as close as we can to making that statement truthful. In the end however; we can only achieve that objective with your co-operation. That is correct; we need input; we need accurate and timely input in order to share it with our readers~~ the Shuffling Public!! Many times it is difficult to obtain such information. Quite frankly, that “blows my mind”!! We at THE SHUFFLER have demonstrated willingness and an ability to prepare and present material to our public in a professional and pleasing manner. We work many hours each week in research and preparation of the articles we pass on to you. Given this, you will understand the disappointment and frustration we experience when some, just some, of our elected Shuffleboard officials demonstrate either an unwillingness or an inability to keep you the shuffler well informed. Folks, how many times have you and I heard these same officials complain about the lack of press coverage that shuffling receives?? May I respectfully suggest to them that the Internet is the press of the 21st Century.

The Future is Now!! Let’s all work together to promote the Sport of Shuffling.

Stan of THE SHUFFLER. 2004 08 30.


STAN AND ALF WRITE IN JUNE OF 2007: Have things changed since we posted the above article; we believe that they have in that we now do have more shufflers willing to both provide information AND TO submit an article on their own behalf. No; the shift has not been dramatic, but marginal improvement is better than no improvement!! 

ON THE INTERNATIONAL SCENE: Brazil is now a regular participant at ISA Events and Germany joined the ISA in 2006. Both will be at the ISA Event in Midland, ON beginning August 12, 2007. Our coverage of the ISA Events has been one of the significant areas of growth and we look forward to continuing that portion of our coverage.

One new development which we are working on is the Negative Image Advertising of the Sport. Terry Rainwater has taken the lead on this project with the support of Wilbur Estes. Terry’s superior writing skills have already produced results. However; it is far too soon to gloat over any success. The damage has been done and it will take judgment, good planning and determination to rebound from the adverse effect on the Sport of Shuffleboard by these and similar type adds.

Wilbur Estes, “The Guy Who Wrote The Book”, the book being Modular Shuffleboard, has been a regular contributor for a good deal of our ON LINE experience. Wilbur’s dedicated column has been a resounding success in excess of a year.

Stan and Alf of THE SHUFFLER   2007 06 23. 


We have a new motto: YOUR DOOR TO THE WORLD OF SHUFFLEBOARD given to us by Sebastian Runge, 1st VP of the German Shuffleboard Assn. >> Thank You Sebastian!!

ALSO: A BIG THANKS TO CHUCK MOULTON AND JIM HUNDLEY who regularly send along tournament results. Please keep them coming!!! 

THE SHUFFLER was inducted into the Central District (FSA) Hall of Fame for their promotion of the sport >> our thanks to the Central District Board, their President Larry Brown and the entire membership of the District.

Our nomination to the ISA HOF was approved at the ISA Board Meeting in Midland in 2007 and the induction will take place in Australia this September. This award recognizes our contribution to shuffleboard at the International level and we wish to thank all those involved in advancing and approving the award. We must not let the warm feelings generated by the awards diminish our responsibility to report and promote as we see the need. 

We thought it would be appropriate to post our very first article sent to Alf by Stan on the occasion of the 2002 ISA event in Clearwater, FL.  

FROM OUR ARCHIVES of  2002 11 16

It was during the 2002 ISA Event in Clearwater, FL that THE SHUFFLER came on the scene ~~ so to speak. I filed a series of daily reports from Clearwater as “Reporter Stan”!! Here is the actual article filed on Nov 16th, 2002. 

“Sports fans”, it is all over!! We have a Champion male Team and a Champion Female Team!! And this time both are from the same country AND THAT COUNTRY IS CANADA!!! 

I know that all participants and all viewers join with me in congratulating the Canadian teams on their fine performance during this exciting tournament. They played hard and they played fairly!! 

The American Men and Women finished a very strong second. We salute them. The Japanese and the Brazilians were worthy competitors each and every time they were on the court. 

In Sport, and especially in shuffleboard, as important as your “placing”, are the friends you made during the tournament. This tournament was a great success. We thank all those who helped, especially those involved from the Clearwater Club, and very definitely their President, Basil Kerrill. 

We are pleased to report that one player played the entire tournament without a loss, quite a feat!! That player was “Earl the Pearl” (Earl Ball) of the American team. Congratulations Earl.  

Stan McCormack Your Onsite Reporter, Clearwater, FL. 2002 11 16

That is enough for this milestone >> Next one will be 250,000!!   Good Shuffling and special thanks to everyone who has ever sent along a News Item!! We appreciate it!! 



That is correct folks, we will reach the 250,000 mark before June 21, and that means that in the past 12 months we have had more than 50,000 hits.

We lost Wilbur Estes, The Guy Who Wrote the Book, but The Shuffler was pleased to be able to make a significant contribution to his eulogy which was very well attended by a cross section of Shufflers.

The induction of The Shuffler into the ISA Hall of Fame took place in Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia. Stan accepted the award on behalf of Alf and The Shuffler. And >> for the 1st time in the 27 Year History of the ISA, the Japanese Women finished in 1st Place!! Great, Just Great for the sport!! Congratulations to the Japanese Women!!

Not only did our readership increase but so did the number of shufflers submitting newsworthy items. Glenna Earle did a magnificent job in her reporting of the FSA Masters Event held in Zephyrhills, FL; Wilma Rudolph of TX sent along items along with many others. We thank each contributor; we post 99% of all articles received and make only minor adjustments to improve the message we believe the writer intends!!

Keep those articles and pix coming!! Help grow the sport we each enjoy so much!! If you have an idea or a question, send it along.

Stan and Alf of The Shuffler. 2009 05 14.

The ceased operations on 2010 05 31.

The BLOG, was launched in June of 2012. 

Stan McCormack.  2014 19 15.

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