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We Give You Bill Clever.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: THE CLEVER FILES! by Bill Clever and Stan McCormack. Stan speaking: My first match at Lakeland for the opening of the Central District Season (Oct. of 2005) was a Draw Doubles ~ and my 1st opponents were Dave … Continue reading

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We Give You Bill and Penny Boyes > Your Webmaster and Wife

When did my own personal shuffleboard story start? According to club records, my wife Penny and I started shuffling at the Coronado Shuffleboard Club in New Smyrna Beach, (on Florida’s east coast just S. of Daytona), in the Fall of … Continue reading

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I’ve already written this article, a few days ago, but now I can’t find it to share with all of you! I have no idea how I’m going to remember all the nice words I said about players or all … Continue reading

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We Give You The McMillans!! Bill and Vivian.

BEATING THE ODDS!!  Bill McMillan’s Story; As told by Earl Ball!!  Bill McMillan chuckles as Earl announces that “Bill’s doctor has told him on a number of occasions that he won’t be with us much longer!!”  In reality, the doctor … Continue reading

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Wilbur Estes 05 11 16 Series. The Philosophy of Winning. Article 10. Posted 2020 09 21.

THE PHILOSOPHY OF WINNING Until its complexities are identified and understood, Shuffleboard, like Chess and other complex games, appears simple and without challenge or excitement. Uninformed spectators say, “I can’t see any point in it, one person scores a disc, … Continue reading

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We Give You Joycee Piper, a Strong and Dedicated Supporter of Shuffleboard!! (article written in 2015)

Joycee Piper (below)  is a member of The Clearwater Shuffleboard Club and has been very generous to the club in the past few years. Frank Niziolek, West Coast State Delegate Speaks: Joyce Piper celebrated her 90th birthday on June 30, … Continue reading

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All of us that follow comments section are familiar with the name Deb Stuart. I believe she reads every article and comments on almost everyone, soaking up every bit of information she can and now she’s a National Champion! … Continue reading

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We Give You Bill and Velma Prest!!!! (2006 Article)

Bill and Velma Prest Just Never Seem to Stop!! Their summer home is in small town ON, Warsaw, north east of Toronto. Winter home is Lakeland, FL. Both are members of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club; both District Amateurs; and both … Continue reading

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We Give You the Bryans, Maureen and Bill!!!

Maureen Bryan        OSA HOF                            Elora, Ontario               June 2018 It is an honour for me to nominate Maureen Bryan into the Ontario Shuffleboard Association, Hall of Fame in the Special Awards Category…..she is most deserving of this award. Maureen would often … Continue reading

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Should We Call Jay Fitzpatrick “Mr. Shuffleboard”????

A very unusual thing happened in the National Shuffleboard Championships in Hendersonville this week.  Jay Fitzpatrick was a winner in all 3 events.  Of course, he had assistance of his partners in two of the events.  In the Men`s Doubles … Continue reading

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