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Sam and Marcia Celebrate 68 Years of Happiness Together on June 17th

How appropriate the pic above; Sam and Marcia Allen standing in the ISA Hall of Fame in Clearwater, FL; standing at the podium with the plaque of the HOF Founder, Vince Crawford. Sam and Marcia, “Mr. and Mrs. Shuffle” continue … Continue reading

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David and Glenna Earle of Nova Scotia on Canada’s East Coast.

We Share With You Just a Little about David and Glenna Earle: (2016 Article)  David and Glenna began shuffling about 15 years ago and were fortunate enough to live in a park where an excellent instructing Pro, Marshall Leigh, took … Continue reading

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One of Shuffleboard’s Many “Moments to Remember”

The photo above was taken during the 2011 Dieppe ISA Singles Event in Dieppe, New Brunswick. Lois was making a “quick trip” to the lounge of the hotel to pick up a coffee. Her Japanese Kimono caught the attention of … Continue reading

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A “Look Back” to the FSA Masters of 2005!!

2005 WOMEN’S MASTERS EVENT EQUALS THE MEN’S IN INTENSITY!! ROBERTA AND DIANA BATTLE IT OUT!! Roberta Day on the left, finished 2nd. Dianna Morrison on the right finished in 1st!! To see how close they were, read this article I … Continue reading

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ISA President Bilton Offers Her Remarks.

Stan McCormack CNSA Special Award ISA President Myrna Bilton Speaks: STAN; It gives me great pleasure to be part of this memorable day Stan, as you are presented with a Special Award from the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association. I bring … Continue reading

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The CNSA Recognizes Stan’s Contribution!!

Overwhelmed may be the very best choice of words!!! The photo above was taken on 2019 05 17 in Adelaide Place, Lindsay, ON.  The Red Jackets symbolize the CNSA HOF; each person sporting the jacket enjoys that title, that distinction, … Continue reading

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Earl Rebounds From ANOTHER Operation!!

MY ONGOING PHYSICAL SITUATION IS SURE A STRANGE STORY!! EARL BALL SPEAKS:  My right arm and hand have been a problem for many years; it got so bad by 2013 that I found myself in such pain that I thought … Continue reading

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