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Golden Acres Report by Member Glen Peltier.

We just closed the Golden Acres shuffleboard club in Blenheim after a very successful season. We played three days a week and our courts were full everyday. We had 72 members sign up. Next year we expect many more will come … Continue reading

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Shuffleboard – COVID-19 – and our Sponsors I’d like to introduce myself – I’m Jim Kelly, this is the beginning of my third season participating in Florida Shuffleboard and the start of my second season participating in Tournaments.  (I’m like … Continue reading

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Posted on 2015-01-12 by stanistheman IT WAS A GALA AFFAIR! SOME HISTORY by BOB PEARSON. In the early days, back in the last century, the point system was a product of the St. Petersburg Evening Independent. To find out where one stood on … Continue reading

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Did you know? Many of us remember the fine sentimental movie from 1985 “Cocoon”. It starred Don Ameche among others. What you may not know is that scenes from that film were filmed at the St Petersburg shuffleboard courts. Ken … Continue reading

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Look Back 4 years to read this fine article by Earl Ball.

Posted on 2017-09-21 by stanistheman Charlotte Steadman/Ron Ferry Win Mingles Singles Championships For the 1st time we had Pro and Amateur Championships won the same way. Charlotte Steadman, Lakeland Shuffle Club, won on the last shot of the day by shooting her Opponents … Continue reading

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Posted on 2013-08-19 by stanistheman

This article will be about “The Tiger Woods of Shuffleboard”.  In relative terms, Stan Williamson like Tiger Woods, attracts a great deal of attention, and like Tiger, the attention is there whether or not he is winning or losing?? To … Continue reading

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The U.S Department of Homeland Security has recently announced that the ongoing restriction on non-essential travel at the U.S./Canada land border will be extended until at least October 21st. The CSA has been engaging with U.S. government officials and agencies to … Continue reading

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We “Recognize Jim and Marlene” and Welcome Norm Lindsay!!

The Canadian National Shuffleboard Association held a successful tournament last week that was held at Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.Many thanks to Jim & Ellie Crowell and the Bridgewater Shuffleboard Club for hosting an awesome tournament. At the AGBM we said our … Continue reading

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Breaking News by Harold Thorne!!!

This week we had our National Mixed Doubles Championship tournament in Hendersonville with players from 16 States.  Most of them arrived by car, but there was an unusual arrival.  Two shufflers, Tyne Seybold  and Mark Auchtung arrived at the Hendersonville … Continue reading

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Sent by Harold WITH THANKS!!!!

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