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Remember 911?? This Year, 2017, is the 16th Anniversary!!

2001 09 11 BECAME “911” The Day of Destruction!  This is the 16th Anniversary!! Many Canadian Shufflers were taking part in a tournament in Renfrew, ON on September 10th and 11th of 2001.  To my knowledge it was the first … Continue reading

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Remember the Malcolms; Gwen and Malcolm?? Of Betmar and Blackstock!! Here they are at 98 and 90!!

SHUFFLEBOARD CITIZEN OF MERIT was a series Alf Primeau and I ran in the early 2000s.  To-day Sunday (2017 08 06) I decided to see if I could find any current info. vis-à-vis  the Malcolms; Lawrence was one of our Citizens of … Continue reading

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Please Tell Our Readers Something About the Facility in Which You Shuffle; AND OR the Shufflers!!

The Shuffleboard Facility in Brockville ON is, I believe, unique!!  We shuffled there yesterday, 2017 08 02, and thoroughly enjoyed it!!   Check my link below to understand the basis for my comment. Have You Shuffled in Brockville Ontario Stan McCormack, … Continue reading

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One Year Ago We Celebrated the Lives of Alfonse and Phoebe Marchand, Hosts of Canada’s First Sanctioned Tournament!

One year ago at the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club in Chatham, ON, the CNSA celebrated the life of Alfonse and Phoebe Marchand, hosts of Canada’s Very First sanctioned tournament!! Go to these links to review this MOST SIGNIFICANT EVENT: Continue reading

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Opening Remarks of the 23rd ISA by ISA President Joe Messier. March of 2004.

INTERNATIONAL SHUFFLEBOARD ASSOCIATION: WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SHUFFLEBOARD: Joe Messier Speaks: It has been my pleasure to act as your President since the resignation of President Richard Buchanan in July.  With the cancellation of the 2003 International in Halifax, … Continue reading

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As we have “nothing” from the CNSA National of 2017, We Give You the Event of 2007!!

HIGHLITES FROM THE CNSA DOUBLES AT COLDWATER!  IN 2007!!   At the top is a pic of President Max Tate presenting Peter Berg and Ed McGrath the prize money for finishing 1st in the CHAMPIONSHIP event.  The CNSA Doubles ended … Continue reading

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Jim Bailey! We Highlight Just Some Of His Shuffleboard Accomplishments!!

We don’t hear from Jim Bailey lately?  Jim was one of Florida’s Very Best Shufflers. I thought it appropriate to remind us of JUST SOME of Jim’s accomplishments. Earl Ball said this in 2007; little did he know that Jim … Continue reading

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