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We Give You Motivational Info. on the 6th CANADIAN INTER-PROVINCIAL. Time to Apply Shufflers!!

On the left is the Nova Scotia BLUENOSERS!!  On the right the Alberta Wild Rose Team!!  Bothe pix above were taken in 2009, the Bluenosers are standing at the front of the Coldwater Shuffling Facility; the Albertans waiting to board  … Continue reading

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Davis Memorial; Open To All!! Friday, Nov 23.

Dick Davis and The Avon Park Senior Activities Center are proud to announce The Annual George & Clara Davis Memorial Shuffleboard Tournament will be held on Friday, November 23, 2018. The tournament will be held at our facility located at … Continue reading

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Do You Remember Gloria McLaughlin?? Of Course You Do!! 2018 11 14.

Above we have Gloria McLaughlin in 2011, on the left, and on the right we have her in 2018 with her friend Tom. Gloria McLaughlin said this in May of 2011!!  Before I reveal what she said in 2011, I … Continue reading

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100th Anniversary of the End of WWI. We Honour Those Who Lost Their Lives. We Honour Those Who Served!!

Veterans Day and Remembrance Day Approach.  WE REMEMBER.  How Do We Remember?  The Tradition of the Poppy. On November 11, we have the opportunity to remember the efforts of these special Servicemen, of all nations, who gave their life . … Continue reading

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Read Terry’s Letter of 2007!! He Eloquently Supports Shuffleboard!! Each of us should ALSO!!

TERRY RAINWATER HAS AGREED TO THE POSTING OF THIS LETTER: SHUFFLER’S NOTE: We believe this to be a strong and effective letter. We have indicated to Terry that we are willing to work with him in advancing the cause of … Continue reading

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Ian’s Lanz Bulldog Tractor Makes My Field Marshall Tractor look like it may be from the 22nd Century!!

Ian Reiher, Australian Shuffleboard President Speaks:  Hi Stan, Your story of the old Field Marshall tractor and its starting mechanism reminded me of my early introduction to tractors. During the summer (Australia – December, January and February) school holidays of … Continue reading

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Did Your Working Experience Prepare You For Retirement?? Tell Your Story!! Gary Pipher Shares His Story.

Gary Pipher Speaks: I have included a couple more pix for you. As you might have known our company was responsible for supplying the exploration equipment and many times the expertise to run large projects around the globe. One interesting … Continue reading

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