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Russ Jacobsen; A Most Significant Contributor to Shuffleboard!!

Russ Jacobsen:**  He helped organize the Rio Grande Valley Shuffleboard Association and wrote the constitution and By-Laws. He was also Chairman of the committee charged with the task of writing the rules of play in Texas. Those rules as amended … Continue reading

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Improve Your Shuffleboard Skills!! Every Sat. Morning from 2017 01 21 to 2017 04 01.

Saturday morning novice/instuctional/promotional get together at the Clearwater Club Frank Niziolek Speaks: Carl Rogerson is running a Saturday morning novice/instuctional/ promotional get together at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club. First time players are welcome, and there will be equipment and instructors … Continue reading

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Shuffleboard “101”, No 11. WINNING STRATEGIES

  WINNING STRATEGIES You quickly realize after playing a few games that there is a lot to learn in order to seriously compete with an experienced opponent. Often, there is more than one good strategy for a given situation, so … Continue reading

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SHUFFLEBOARD “101”; No 10, Simply Fun Shuffleboard

 WHEN DO YOU “COVER” ON THE BOARD? WHEN DO YOU “COVER” OFF THE BOARD?  “Cover” is used with the sense “to protect”. The fundamental question is WHEN to COVER A GOOD DISC??   Cover your Good Disc when you are Ahead.  … Continue reading

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SHUFFLEBOARD “101″ No 9: Simply Fun Shuffleboard.

  NOW LET US EXAMINE SITUATION WHEN YOU HAVE THE HAMMER! “The Hammer Shot Is Crucial” Win It AND You Win The Game!!It is too often an OPPORTUNITY MISSED!!!! If the choice on your last shot is to go after … Continue reading

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SHUFFLEBOARD “101” No 8: Simply Fun Shuffleboard.

General Advice When You Do Not Have The Hammer! NOTE: I have titled this Session General Advice! The specific advice given in A7 applies. Once you get a disc scoring, GUARD IT AND DOUBLE GUARD IT! Leave your opponent with … Continue reading

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Shuffleboard “101” No 7: Simply Fun Shuffleboard!!

  BOTH THE TAMPA AND THE ST PETE ARE GUARD SHOTS! BECOME PROFFICIENT AT PLACING THEM!!  OK: We have determined (and remembered) the Drift of the Court! >> See No. 5. We know that we are going to shoot from … Continue reading

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