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SHUFFLERS!! We Announce the Tournament Director of the 36th ISA in Brazil!!

Go here to determine who will be the Tournament Director for the 36th ISA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!  ALSO, click here: Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 03 23  

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John Brown to be Inducted Into the ISA Hall of Fame in Lakeside, OH this Summer!!

The cowboy hat John Brown wears atop his head any time he’s at the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club or Trailer Estates Park and Recreation isn’t just his signature look. With its wide brim and pins stuck across the crown, Brown’s hat … Continue reading

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Great Article!! Great News!! The European Shufflers concluded the 1st European Shuffleboard Championship.

Hello Shufflers:    The European Shufflers concluded the 1st European Shuffleboard Championship.  It was a successful event and everyone enjoyed the competition and meeting with friends from across the continent. Thank you to our guests and to all the helping hands … Continue reading

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International Shuffleboard is Alive and Well by Jim Allen. 2017 02 19

Jim Allen Speaks:  Just chatting with Beth today about the status of International Shuffleboard, and we find it exciting for a number of reasons.  First of all, in the next couple of weeks there are 2 events that involve 6 countries. … Continue reading

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Breaking News!! Myrna Bilton Presented her “T-Shirt”!!

Muriel Burnett Speaks:  Stan; here is a follow up to your previous article on the Myrna Bilton Tee-Shirt. At Riverwoods Park this morning, Joyce Smith, Vice-President of the FSA Southern District, and ISA Secretary, presented this tee shirt to Myrna … Continue reading

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If you are like me, you have been to several ISA Tournaments!!  If you are like me, you enjoyed each and everyone of them!!  Having said that, for me, if a Shuffler can enjoy the fellowship which comes with an … Continue reading

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The next ISA takes place Brazil beginning July 23rd, 2017.

Stan Speaks: Things are kind of quiet between Christmas and New Years!!  AND, when things get “kind of quiet”, I start looking around for ideas!!  I came across a series of articles I had posted in the Lindsay Post, the daily … Continue reading

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