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Sochi 1: “Great Russian Food!!” A Great Start To A Great Great Trip!!

Russian Roulette Bread, Chocolates, Dates, Raisins and Poppy Seeds!!   Our Russian Trip:   In the 1st Promotional Video used to advertise the trip, North American organizer Jim Allen ended every segment with the phrase: “Great Russian Food”!! ** While some … Continue reading

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Sochi 2: The Olympics Are About To Begin At Sochi on the Black Sea!! WE WERE THERE!!

With the same latitude as Nice on the French Riviera,  Sochi enjoys a surprisingly pleasant climate throughout the year. More than 100 ethnic groups call Sochi home.  (Similar Costumes as for our Awards Banquet!!)  Sochi’s main point of entry is the Sochi … Continue reading

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Sochi 3: A Prelude to the Olympics!!! Read to See How Badly Your Fellow Shufflers Suffered under Russian Tyranny!!

From 2011 05 24 to 2011 05 31 forty North American Shufflers suffered in this hotel >> twelve German Shufflers suffered equally for a slightly shorter period.  Each morning as we rose, we were compelled to look out over the … Continue reading

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Sochi 3A: Shufflers Have Lived the Olympic Experience!! We Visited in May of 2011. We will NEVER FORGET!!

Our trip to Sochi Russia was MAGNIFICIENT!!  Those of us who experienced it, WILL NEVER FORGET!!  Take a careful look at the TABLE above.  Notice the chairs, c/w covers. Although not shown in the photo, a pianist was playing and … Continue reading

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Sochi 4: Various Items To Indicate Our Level of Suffering!!

Each night there was a dance right in our hotel, from about 20:00 to 23:00 sharp!! As you can tell by the moves of the dancers, this was not for seniors?? Lol.  That just happens to be Phil Hill (and … Continue reading

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Sochi 5: Everything Else Was Leading Up To This!!! I mean it!!!

I believe this single photograph, above, captures the richness and the wonder of our Windup Banquet in Sochi following one full week of exploring the future site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and capping that week with 2 full days … Continue reading

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Sochi 6: Sochi Was Such A Huge Success!! by Shirley Bryan. Now Comes the Truth!!

This article is by Shirley Bryan, on your extreme left.  I believe Shirley has captured the essence of International Shuffleboard in her last 2 paragraphs in italics.  As we are now talking about the Olympics, (2014) I believe this statement by … Continue reading

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Given that we are beginning the run up to the grandest ISA event ever, and given that we expect to have a delegation from Russia, and given that the OLYMPICS are approaching, I thought it appropriate to look back to … Continue reading

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Sochi 8: It Tears My Heart Out To Have To Tell You Just How Bad Things are in Sochi!! See what you think of Dinner??

Donna Wood Speaks:  The magical evening began as we gathered together at the front entrance of our magnificent hotel. A spontaneous “O’Canada” was sung during the process of taking photos. We moved on to the gala event in great anticipation … Continue reading

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Sochi V: You Really Did Not Need This Geography/History Lesson!!!

See Sochi at Three O-Clock!!  It is right on the Black Sea, not far from Georgia.  As a part of our Touring, we took a short boat cruise into the Black Sea and caution was observed as not long before, … Continue reading

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