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This will be for such things as Wedding Anniversaries AND important anniversaries in general

Five Score 10 Birthdays!! We Celebrate!!! Please Tell Us If You Know Someone Who Has Reached this Milestone!!!

We will share with you just a little about two Shufflers who are celebrating the Anniversary of their birth on Wednesday, 2018 03 21, which as we all know is the first day of Spring!!  What a Great Day to … Continue reading

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Stan and Lois Celebrated St Patrick’s Day with the Monroes, Glenn and Donna!!

There are not many shufflers in this World who have not seen Glenn Monroe. Glenn is the FL State Tournament Director and as such you may find him almost anywhere there is a sanctioned State Shuffleboard Event. That is not … Continue reading

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ISA Immediate Past President Michael Zellner and Ivone Celebrate 14 Years

Michael and Ivone Zellner are celebrating 14 Years of Marriage To-day!!  We Wish Them Well!!!  Click on link : Your ISA President gets Married 2004 Stan McCormack. 2018 03 12

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Stan and Lois Celebrate 62 Years Together!! March 3rd.

  Lois and Stan sign the Register on . March 3rd, 1956. 25 years later we have 4 sons and 1 daughter!!! AND, after another 25 years, we have 7 wonderful Grandchildren!!  (Click once on any pic to expand, especially … Continue reading

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SWCD Honored Willie and Emma Searcy during Opening Ceremonies

At the regular SWCD tournament Thursday, ,2018 03 01, Willie & Emma Searcy were honored during the opening ceremonies. Longtime players at Palmetto, they have been coming to Florida for over 20 years from South Carolina. You could find them … Continue reading

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The Corbeils, Jim and Marlene Corbeil Lose a Daughter. May She Rest In Peace.

Myrna Bilton Speaks:  We are saddened to hear that Jim and Marlene Corbeil’s daughter has passed away. A family is a circle of love, not broken by a loss, but made stronger by the memories. May God give them strength … Continue reading

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Ruth Addison Has Left Us; May She Rest in Peace.

Gary Pipher of Coldwater Shares With Us:  Coldwater Shuffleboard are saddened by the passing today of their Grand Lady of Shuffleboard , better known to everyone as “Gramma”. Ruth Addison passed away today in her 103rd year and leaves behind … Continue reading

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