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This will be for such things as Wedding Anniversaries AND important anniversaries in general

Lary Faris Has Left Us, May He Rest in Peace. Information Provided by The Phifer Family and Earl Ball.

SHUFFLEBOARD HAS LOST AN ICON!! In the afternoon of April 25th, 2017, we lost an Icon; Lary Faris passed on to the great Shuffleboard Court in the sky! Many of you that have been around for some time remember reading the … Continue reading

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Max and Ruth Tate Celebrate 55 Years of Happiness!!! 2017 04 21.

Max and Ruth Tate will celebrate 55 years of Marriage on 2017 04 20.  Congratulations from ALL SHUFFLERS!! Stan McCormack.  2017 04 20.  (Click on “Family Pic” to expand.)

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The Allens, Jim and Beth, will celebrate 19 years of Marriage on 2017 04 18.

  Jim  and Beth will Celebrate 19 years of marriage on April 18th, 2017.  jim-surprises-beth-with-a-diamond-to-celebrate-10-years-of-bliss We are not aware of any (immediate) dedicated travel in support of their 18th!!!  We do know that both will be travelling to Brazil to … Continue reading

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Charlie Crank Has Left Us; May He Rest In Peace.

Our Condolences to Rosemary Otmar and the Family of Charlie Crank.  Charlie passed away on April 2nd, shortly after being admitted to hospital.  He will be missed by all of his Shuffleboard Friends.  Charlie and Rosemary met on the Courts, … Continue reading

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Clarence Lavern (Vern) Zillyett, Arizona Shuffler leaves us. May he rest in peace.

Vern Zillyett of Montesano passed away Monday, March 27, 2017, in Mesa Ariz., following a short illness. Vern was born to Clarence Otto and Delia Ellen (Baker) Zillyett April 26, 1939, in Elma, Wash. He was the first-born of four … Continue reading

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Remembering Ralph Day of Avon Park. A Tribute to his Legagy. 2017 02 25.

Re: Pic 1 … Nearly 80 friends of Ralph came to pay their respects and filled our meeting hall. Hamp Hardy delivered the Invocation and Don Rood, Dick Davis, Max Tate, Larry Brown and Glenn Monroe reminisced about their friendships … Continue reading

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President Tom Clayton of Avon Park has announced a “Day of Remembrance” for Ralph Day at 11:00, Saturday, Feb 25th.

Avon Park President Tom Clayton speaks: We will be hosting a Remembrance for Ralph on Saturday, February 25th., at 11:00am. at the APSAC Clubhouse, 109 E. Main St., Avon Park, FL 33825.  We invite and welcome all of our friends and … Continue reading

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