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This will be for such things as Wedding Anniversaries AND important anniversaries in general

Sam and Marcia Allen Celebrate 67 Years of Happiness Together on Sunday, June 17th, 2018.

How appropriate the pic above; Sam and Marcia standing in the ISA Hall of Fame in Clearwater, FL, standing at the podium with the plaque of the HOF Founder, Vince Crawford. Sam and Marcia, “Mr. and Mrs. Shuffle” continue to … Continue reading

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The Piphers, Gary and Barb, Celebrate 57 Years of Marriage! We Celebrate What They Have Done For Shuffleboard.

I was trying to think how to begin the CELEBRATORY ARTICLE with regard to Barb and Gary’s Wedding Anniversary. I wanted to convey to the readership the significance of their contribution to Shuffleboard, which is truly a by-product of their … Continue reading

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Corky Bond Leaves Us; May He Rest In Peace. Sent along by Gary Pipher.

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LOIS, my Love of 62 Years, Left us; Left Me, on June 4th, 2018

My Love of 62 Years left us on June 4th, 2018. Lois McCormack had severe and aggressive lung cancer. It took her life while she was in the hospital in Lindsay Ontario; she had declined further complicated treatment, choosing to … Continue reading

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Obituary of Walt Wedel. Sent Along by Ron Nurnberger 2018 06 07

With a journey that spanned times of war and times of peace, times of plenty and times of want, Walter “Walt” Wedel lived a life of purpose while holding his loved ones near. He loved the Lord, which was easy … Continue reading

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Everything Royal is now ‘The Talk of the World” We Have A Shuffler Connection As Well!!!

The USA as of the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan now has a “Closer Connection” to the Monarchy!!  Canada’s connection is now closer as well; the USA by reason of Megan, the Duchess of Sussex; Canada by reason of … Continue reading

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We Celebrate Anniversaries To-day; Bergs and Biltons

Biltons, Rendall and Myrna Celebrate 58 Yrs of Marriage To-day!! Bergs, Peter and Erika Celebrate 57 Yrs of Marriage To-day!! We wish both couples the Very Very Best!!! Stan 2018 05 21.

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