We Recognize the Organizing Chairperson of the 58th FSA Banquet! “Ruthie Brown” and her “Right Hand Man”

Team Brown Chairperson Ruth, and Larry, her “right arm”

There has been nothing but compliments regarding the 58th FSA Hall of Fame Banquet held in Sebring FL on  January 15th, 2018.  The Banquet went off without a hitch!!

Ruth Brown, organizing chairperson, reported to the FSA Board on March 17th, 2017, that the Central District will host Hall of Fame Banquet at Sebring in January, 2018. The Island View Lakefront Restaurant on Sun N Lake Blvd. will seat 150 people and the cost will be $35.00 for either sirloin or fish. A block of rooms has been reserved at Quality Inn for $74.00. Ruth expressed her appreciation for the advice and assistance of Colleen Austin for the help she has given her Committee.

While much work had been done when Ruth gave this report, much more remained TO BE DONE!!  I don’t think Ruth and her Committee have stopped work since!! As is often the case, those most intimately involved, those closest to the success, the Organizing Committee, are under appreciated.  I endeavoured to capture a pic of the Committee on the night of the banquet; however as you may have guessed, they were “too busy”, too fully occupied. I give you their names: Chairperson Ruth Brown; most experienced digital helper, Colleen Austin; “Right Hand Man” to the Committee, Mr. Larry Brown, former just about everything, AND CD State Delegate;  Marti Noble, FSA 2nd VP; Linda Rebholz, FSA Secretary; Judy Holloway and Rosemary Comeau both of the Sebring Board.

Reported by Stan McCormack. 2018 01  20

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Attention All FL Am Shufflers!!! Two Great Events on Monday the 22nd. Join in The Fun!!

On Monday, 2018 01 22 there are two State Amateur Tournaments open to all Amateur Shufflers in the STATE!!  One in Riverwoods, one in Zephyrhills!!  A15A/B

Both Tournaments are Any Doubles. Lunch is available in Riverwoods. Lunch is NOT available in Zephyrhills.  Depending on your desire; depending on your distance, PICK ONE AND PLAN TO ENJOY!!  Just in case you are not familiar with the location of either, A15A/B  go here http://www.fsa-shuffleboard.org/schedules/AmSched2017-18.htm  and click on either Riverwoods or Zephyrhills.  (You will be able to download the directions to your phone.)

To read about last week’s Amateur in Avon Park: https://theshuffler.net/2018/01/17/a14a-avon-park-results-observations-and-results-2018-01-17/   and read the great article by Avon Club President Tom Clayton. I do hope the Club Presidents, or their representatives will turn out on Monday!! AND provide a similar report!!  As our current FSA President is often heard to say: “Let Us Do Together What We Cannot Do Alone .”

Stan McCormack.  2018 01 20.

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WCD District Tournament; 2018 01 19

Female Champion, 2017 TOC Ellie Prevost

Our loyal WCD Webmaster participated in this week’s Tournament.  Ellie and Ron Prevost took my place and took pix with their cell phones. They were also the Tournament Directors! Yes, they are great!

Go here to see the RESULTS!!!  https://wcdshuffle.yolasite.com/tournament-results.php

Once again, Thanks to the Prevosts, and to Stan Bober.

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If You Buy Gas, I suggest you read this article!!

Stan McCormack Speaks: Protecting Yourself at the Pump, The Gas Pump!! I got scammed for  $267.23

I posted the article below on 2017 12 02. On my way to FL; we arrived here on 2017 12 28, I was scammed in the amount of $267.23!!   Spoke with my bank to-day, and while I fully expect a full refund, the matter has to be investigated before they return the money!!  So much for following your own advice???  GUESS WHAT? On the way home from the bank, I purchased Gas. How do you think I paid????  Stan

Many Floridians travel to see friends and family during the holiday season, and the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that about 91 percent of long-distance holiday travel is by personal vehicle. It’s imperative to take precautions against scammers aiming to profit off holiday travel.
Card skimmers are small, electronic devices that capture information from the magnetic strip on credit or debit cards when swiped during a transaction. Over 900 of these skimmers have been found on gas pumps in Florida since March 2015, and individual skimmers have been found to hold as many as 100 credit card numbers. These devices were commonly attached to card readers on the outside of the pump, but some criminals now install skimmers inside the pump and use Bluetooth technology to transmit card and pin information. These devices are undetectable unless the pump is opened for maintenance or inspection.
Here are a few tips that will reduce your risk of encountering skimmers at the pump:
Pay inside with either cash or a credit card.
Use a pre-paid cash card to pay for your gas at the pump.
Do not use a pump that looks as though it has been tampered with.
Use the pumps closest to the front of the station, as scammers usually place skimmers in pumps furthest out of sight.
Monitor your credit and bank accounts regularly for unauthorized activity.
If you identify unauthorized activity on your accounts, contact your bank or credit card company, file a report with local authorities, and consider placing a credit freeze or fraud alert on your accounts.

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HEARD ON THE COURTS by Kenny Offenther!! 2018 01 19


more did you knows

did you know?- being called pros is relatively new in shuffleboard .previously the term experts was used.
On ‎Friday‎, ‎December‎ ‎29‎, ‎2017‎ ‎01‎:‎5did

heard on the courts 6—in fort myers a male player kiddingly -I think– told his opponent after the latter made a great shot that he would be getting a colonoscopy w his cue if there was another great shot!—-

heard on the courts 7— after a well known player was disqualified from a state tournament for being late from the break-on his way out and dejected some kind player commented -“that lunch must have been great!!!”

here is the first did u know—at the beginning of tournament shuffleboard lag shots were used before the beginning of the first game to determine choice of color!

did you know ? 2— originally shuffleboard matches were decided when the winning party reached 50 not 75 points –did u know?

3—there was no money awarded in tournaments for many years— only trophies

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Rosemary and Harold Comeau! President of Sebring Shuffleboard.

We Give You The President of the Sebring Club, and His Ever Working Wife!!

NO, I did NOT take these two pix, BUT, I did take these to follow in the Slide Shows!!  (That is Sebring’s Mayor with Harold and Marti Noble.)

https://photopeach.com/album/enynvp and


NOTE: Here are the earlier Slide Shows:  https://photopeach.com/album/i1sq8c  AND https://photopeach.com/album/j0x8qp and

Stan McCormack. 2018 01 18.


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2018 HOF Induction Pix. Banquet at Sebring.

Dave, Kenny,
Tara and husband.

Dave, Glenna, Linda and David


Dave and Landy, and Jeannie 2018

Dave and Terri


Remember, We do have slide shows:   https://photopeach.com/album/i1sq8c  AND https://photopeach.com/album/j0x8qp AND more to come.

Stan McCormack.  2018 01 18.







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