Shuffleboard Centerpiece Brings in A Mix of Players.

Source: Shuffleboard Centerpiece Brings in A Mix of Players.

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Goderich ON: A Super Small Town to Visit, will host an OSA Tournament; Details Below

Goderich Farmers Have Pride

I will begin by sharing with you just a little about the great countryside in “Ontario’s West Coast!”

When one travels in this part of Ontario you are informed that you are in “Ontario’s West Coast”. Geographically, indeed you are in Ontario’s West Coast!! Specifically you cannot go further west without either going north or entering the waters of Lake Huron. Metaphorically Lake Huron is Ontario’s Pacific Ocean!

This area is blessed with green pastures; blessed with famers that not only keep their fences clear, but also maintain their properties to the “nth degree”. It is rural Ontario at its very best!! We saw fields of sheep; cattle grazing and of course at this time of year, the hay fields are green, ready for a second cut, and the grains are beginning to turn their golden colours.  Another attractive feature, no commercial signs were evident along the road!! A wise decision by whoever; adds to the natural setting AND of course makes driving safer!!   

We have told you that Goderich itself has been declared Canada’s Prettiest Town. Believe me, from my perspective, the label is fully justified!! From the “Court House Town Square” to the wonderful beach of Lake Huron with its Board Walk, full of Flowers, shrubbery, trees, and best of all, people!!

Amateur June 27, 28. Open June 28, 29.
Location: Memorial Arena, 180 McDonald St., Goderich ON N7A 1N7
Lunch Available
Camper Parking: 6 spaces available on site.
Contact: Al Weeks – – 519-524-1632
or Jim Howard – – 519-524-5038

Stan McCormack.  2017 06 25.

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Passavant senior shares her shuffleboard skills. Ruth Parker. 2017 06 25

Ruth’s Family Donated the Court in her Honor!!

Ruth Parker, 94, competed in the National Senior Games Association biennial tournament in Birmingham this year and won two silver medals.

Ruth Parker returned to her apartment at the Passavant Community last week with two silver medals to add to her ever-growing collection of awards.

Parker had just finished competing in the National Senior Games Association biennial tournament where more than 10,000 seniors competed in sports ranging from basketball and track to golf and shuffleboard.

“I’ll tell you what, I really like to shuffle,” she said.

Originally from the Pittsburgh area, Parker first hit the shuffleboard courts in 1996, when she and her husband Art were living in Florida.

“It was just something I wanted to do,” she said. “Next thing I knew I signed up for the tournament.”

She and Art moved to the Passavant Community in Zelienople three years ago where she continued to spread her passion for shuffleboards and senior sports, both in Zelienople and everywhere the NSGA tournaments have taken her.

“I’ve been to California, Houston, Cleveland, Minnesota and Birmingham,” she said. “It shows that people can do it.”

The foundational message of NSGA is that seniors can stay active and do more than even they thought possible despite their age.

“I’m 94 years old,” Parker said. “I don’t know it yet, but I am.”

Parker has used her passion for shuffleboard for more than just winning medals, though she has many: four gold and two silver. She has strengthened relationships with her family as well as the community at Passavant.

“The first time we went, I went to California,” she said. “I asked my daughter to go with me, and we ended up renting a house down there and the whole family came.”   Parker won her first gold medal at that tournament and has been taking her family to the tournaments across the country ever since.  “It’s a family thing,” she said.

At the last tournament in Birmingham, her four daughters all came with her to watch her play.

“The next two years it’s in Albuquerque,” she said, “and I already told my family I’m not going to that one.”

Her family is planning the trip anyway, she said.

Additionally, Parker is a big reason why Passavant has a shuffleboard court. It recently was installed in the community’s new park.

“My children, unbeknownst to me, they donated the court,” Parker said.

Before she had access, she practiced shuffleboard in the halls of her apartment. Now, she helps the community arrange tournaments, drafting scoring sheets and lending her decades of knowledge.

“This is a great place to live,” she said.

When Parker is not practicing or playing in tournaments, she spends time with her husband and her children, many of whom still live in the Pittsburgh area. Art lives in the nursing home right across from her apartment.

We have been following Ruth since 2015; Go here:    AND

Stan McCormack.  2017 06 25.


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Shuffleboard Party in Bradenton!! Looks like Fun! 1 Year Ago!!

Ron and Pam Nurnberger. I have a hunch this pic was not taken to-day?? lol

Ron Nurnberger, immediate Past President of FL’s Southwest Coast District has sent along this interesting video.   Ron states this is the one year anniversary of shuffleboard party in Bradenton!

Why not check it out??

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2017 06 24.



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Star Power Blesses the Mingles Singles on FL’s West Coast.

Betty Russell;  Earl Ball and Linda Dwelley at Ranch Mobile, Clearwater/Largo

Stan Bober and Earl Ball

The Other Stan, Stan Bober Writes: Stan,  our Mingles Singles was blessed with Earl Ball and he brought two good looking women from his home park.  We all had fun even though we were sweltering in the 90+ degree heat and super high humidity. Earl & I left a lasting memory for your blog.

To read the results go here:

Posted by Stan McCormack; 2017 06 23.

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Report #2 by Jeff Luneau of Henderdonville, NC Single Mingles

For our second Single Mingles of this season the results are as follows:

1st was Warren King with 4 wins out of 5 games.  Of course, if you know Warren; he is no stranger to winning and he can be found pushing disks down the court in Texas during the winter months.

2nd Carol Lumsden  who is a resident of Hendersonville, NC. (sorry Carol, no pic)

3rd Jan Thyssen who lives and plays Shuffleboard in Fort Myers during the winter months

4th Doris Hanke another frequent winner who residents in  the Hawthorne Community in Leesburg, FL

Jeff Luneau; 2017 06 23

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A Link to the TV Clip From the 33rd ISA in Midland, ON

The 36th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is not far away!  It begins on July 23rd, 2017, in Niteroi Brazil. 

I thought it would be interesting to look back at the 33rd World Championship held in Midland, ON.  CNSA President Gary Pipher arranged to have TV coverage.  The TV Clip is still available ON LINE.  Go here and follow the link.  I just checked the video and it plays well!!

Stan McCormack.  2017 06 23.

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