News On Sue Minnich


Sue Minnich, Hall of Fame player in Florida with over 260 points, took a nasty fall and broke her hip last week. She was operated on the same day and is doing OK but requests no visitors at this time. Prayers and cards can be sent to 620 57th avenue W Lot G8, Bradenton, FL 34207.

Sue’s husband, Dave Minnich, is also a Hall of Fame player in Florida and a former President of the Florida State Shuffleboard Association. Anyone who has spent time playing tournaments in Florida has likely run into the Minnich’s and knows what lovely people they are. Our thoughts are with them and we hope for a speedy and full recovery.



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Canton, Ohio State Any Doubles

image (1)

Above are the results of the second tournament of the Ohio state shuffleboard season. Congrats to the winners, especially Tim Baker who was an amateur before this state season started.

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David and Glenna Earle of Nova Scotia on Canada’s East Coast.

We Share With You Just a Little about David and Glenna Earle: (2016 Article) 
David and Glenna began shuffling about 15 years ago and were fortunate enough to live in a park where an excellent instructing Pro, Marshall Leigh, took both under his wing. David was hooked in a very short time but Glenna dabbled in many other activities and was slower to get started.
Glenna won the coveted GOLDEN CUE, emblematic of 1st place in the 32nd ISA World Singles. Pic is of Jim Allen presenting the Golden Cue. She had previously won the Golden Cue in Moncton, NB by reason of placing 1st in the 30th ISA World Singles Championship.
Glenna has been VP of Forest Lake Estates for 4 years and passed this position on to another person this past season. Glenna has been working together with David to carry out his duties as club Pres. and VP with the District. She has been conducting some beginner’s classes at ZSC and helped organize other instructional sessions at the club.
Glenna and David were the tournament directors for the National Canada 55+ Games in Sydney, Nova Scotia in 2012 and for the Nova Scotia Canada 55+ Games in 2013, Truro, Nova Scotia. David also served as TD (Tournament Director) for the Norwich (England) UK Inaugural!!
David has his name on the FSA Singles, Doubles and Masters trophies. David is a member of the Central District Hall of Fame as both Player and President. He was awarded the “MVP” Pin during the 100-year Anniversary Celebration. David and Glenna participated in their first International Tournament in Australia in September of 2008. David earned the “Perfect Record”, 10 wins no losses, in the 29th ISA held in Germany in 2010.

David and Glenna have been successful in resurrecting shuffleboard in NS. Those who follow shuffleboard will know that the NS Club, the Saltwater Club, is active and healthy!! Go here to gain an appreciation of the enjoyment the membership derives from the work of David and Glenna:
Both were involved with organizing a NS contingent for the First Canadian Inter-Provincial Tournament in Ontario in Aug. 2009 and have been actively involved in Canada’s Inter Provincial Events since. Both the Men and Women Teams returned home from Ontario sporting Gold Medals!! They were competing in the inaugural Interprovincial Shuffleboard tournament in Coldwater, Ontario. Pic at left.

On the occasion of the First IP (Inter Provincial) David and Glenna had an opportunity to display one of their other TRUE LOVES, that being Music. On our Cruise both were a vital part of the group of entertainers which captured our attention, our admiration, as they sang and demonstrated their talent.

Stan McCormack writing on 2016 10 06.

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Bluffton, Ohio State Any Doubles Results


Above are the results of the first tournament of the Ohio state season. Congrats to the winners!

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One of Shuffleboard’s Many “Moments to Remember”

A Moment to Remember

The photo above was taken during the 2011 Dieppe ISA Singles Event in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

Lois was making a “quick trip” to the lounge of the hotel to pick up a coffee. Her Japanese Kimono caught the attention of Kieko and then Reiko!! It was not long before the entire Japanese contingent had gathered to compliment her on her Kimono which had been a gift from her youngest son Wayne and daughter in law, Michele.
Yoshiko brought Lois this photo to Seattle in August of 2012 and presented it to Lois. Lois had been anticipating the photo and was extremely happy to receive yet another momento of the many happy memories of Shuffleboard. Thanks Japanese Shufflers!!

Stan 2012 08 16.

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A “Look Back” to the FSA Masters of 2005!!

Roberta Day on the left, finished 2nd. Dianna Morrison on the right finished in 1st!! To see how close they were, read this article I wrote in 2005!!

Just in case you were beginning to think that all the stress and anxiety was in the Men’s Division ~~ think again!! The field in the Women’s Division was balanced and there were NO EASY WINS!! On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 as Morrison and Day took to the Court to begin their match, everyone knew this was the match to watch; this was the match that could make the difference!! If Day can maintain her strong performance; if she can come out ON TOP in this 3 game match; she will have an excellent chance of going all the way. However; the converse is true, a loss against the every capable, the ever powerful player Morrison, will place Diana in an enviable position to begin the final day of this event!! Let me give you just a sample of the recording I made while watching their match: “Remember, Diana has the hammer and she has the winning disc on the board; OH, a terrific shot by Roberta, took out Roberta’s 8, an 8 that was partially covered, an 8 that was the “winning disc”. Roberta had 58, she has a 7 in play which makes her 65, Diana has a 7 on board and If she can score with her hammer, she can win this game!! (My remarks as Diana pauses) She is contemplating, she is ~~~~ thinking, she is ~~~~~ focusing, and she is about to shoot, she shoots, remember she needs the 8 to win!! Her disc ends up so close to the idiot line that the referee is required to examine it closely, IT IS GOOD, Diana wins the game, and the win places Diana Morrison in 1st place at the end of play on Day 3 of the FSA Masters.”

Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2005 04 06.
Dianna went on to Win The Women’s 2005 FSA MASTERS! 

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ISA President Bilton Offers Her Remarks.

Stan McCormack CNSA Special Award

ISA President Myrna Bilton Speaks: STAN; It gives me great pleasure to be part of this memorable day Stan, as you are presented with a Special Award from the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.

I bring you “Congratulations and Warm Greetings” on behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association.
Our International friends know Canada for its cold winters, hockey, maple syrup and Stan McCormack.

Your email address….”Stan is the Man”……says it all.

The list goes on and on for the amazing job you have accomplished with shuffleboard.
Your hours of dedication to shuffleboard is outstanding. You have been a wonderful ambassador for shuffleboard.

On a personal note Stan….A sincere Thank you for your help and support that you have given Rendall and myself in our shuffleboard roles. Throughout this journey of life we meet many people along the way. Each person has a purpose in our life.

It is heart warming to us and we feel very much blessed that you and Lois have been part of our life’s journey.
Thanks for the Memories
We love you
Myrna & Rendall

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