We Tell You Just A Little About Yoshiko Suzuki


Hello Stan:  Thank you for mentioning Curling and Shuffleboard.  (See the article below > JAPANESE CURLERS SEEKING ADVICE FROM JAPANESE SHUFFLERS)  

I am really enjoying watching on TV the Winter Olympics in Canada lately every day. Opening ceremony was so beautiful and there are a full of great idea. It makes me so happy.

As you say, Curling and Shuffleboard have a good deal in common.  Many Japanese have a very high interest and a high popularity about Curling by watching on TV at this time.  So it becomes very easy to explain about Shuffleboard to my friends or acquaintances. Unfortunately, both games don’t have much coverage in Japan though.  Tomorrow I will enjoy Figure Skating, young lady in your country and ours on TV. 

Please have fun the Wonderful Olympics!!!

Yoshiko Suzuki.

SHUFFLER’S NOTE: It is a “small world”!  The two figure skaters that Yoshiko is speaking about are Mao Asada of Japan and Canadian Joannie Rochette.  Not only that, Mao Asada’s coach is Canadian Brian Orser who from all reports is highly regarded celebrity in Japan.

Stan and Alf of The Shuffler.  2010-02-25  

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More on Canada’s Interprovincial by Jim and Ellie Crowell.

Jim and Ellie Crowell

Recently Stan asked me how I came to host the next CNSA IP Tournament scheduled for September 6- 10th 2021.
To the best of my recollections it started in Florida when I was talking to Gerrit Dykman about CNSA in general and tournaments in Canada. I learned that CNSA needed a host province for 2021. I thought “Wow” what an opportunity for our 2 year old club to get on the map and promote Shuffleboard in Nova Scotia. My wife Ellie and I started Bluenose Shuffleboard Club from scratch with our own resources so I didn’t know if we could handle it.
At my next Florida tournament, Jim Corbeil came right up to me and asked me to consider hosting. He must have been talking to Gerrit. He promised me all the support and resources I would need. I had to say “YES, we can do that”.  Last spring(2020) when I came home I explained this to our club members. Who in turn make a motion to have our club be the official host. So- Fellow Shufflers – get your vaccine and make plans to attend IP 2021 in Nova Scotia.
In the Gaelic language, the word Nova Scotia means “New Scotland”. So we use the Gaelic  phase “Cead Mile Failte”
      “ A Hundred Thousand Welcomes”

Jim and Ellie Crowell
Bluenose Shuffleboard
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We Give You The Results of FSA A20


        AMATEUR DOUBLES LADIES - Zephyrhills - 3/1/2021

Ladies – Main (9)Teams

  1. Sharon Henderson – Patt Bertram . . . . . . . . . Zephyrhills Florida
  2. Irene Bauer – Linda Dwelley . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Betmar Florida
  3. Marlene Schneider – Ginger Bauman . . . .Zephyrhills/Lakeland Florida
  4. Cathy Claud – Lynne Meeks . . . . . . . . Deer Creek/Lakeland Florida
  5. Gay Herman – Henna Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Betmar Florida
  6. Sue Herman – Cindy Wood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Betmar Florida
  7. Kay Aubrey – Linda Hafey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Betmar Florida
  8. Janet Send – Jan Ebenstein . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Betmar Florida
    Tournament Director(s): Jeanette Harvey

Men – Main (11)Teams

  1. Randy Vigmostad – Keith Heinrichs . . .Deer Creek/Zephyrhills Florida
  2. Paul Hawkins – Dave Stoops . . . . . . .St. Cloud/Zephyrhills Florida
  3. Rae Schneider – Kerry Rice . . . .Zephyrhills/Florida Estates Florida
  4. Jeff Ziev – Paul Assad . . . . . . . . . . . . . Royal Palms New York
  5. Erland Reynolds – Neil Pearcy . . . . . . . . . . . . .Betmar Florida
  6. Dino Picchioni – Harris Evans . . . . . . . . . . Zephyrhills Florida
  7. Kevin Reedy – Marvin L. Grant Royal Palms/St. Petersburg New York/Florida
  8. Wolfgang Heuer – Dick Burns . . . . Zephyr Shores/Zephyrhills Florida
    Tournament Director(s): Jeanette Harvey
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We Tell You Just A Little About Winnie Wells

Winnie Wells, Wonderful Winnie Wells!!!

Winnie Wells will turn 99 this weekend!!!! (2020 06 21) Winnie Wells is still an active and competent shuffler!!! 

NOT ONLY does she still shuffle like the “Pro” she is, she still drives, she still cares for her beautiful flowers; and she takes fine care of her yard.

This lady never stops smiling, she loves people and loves life. Kay Cramblit shared with me that when she started shuffling, Winnie  was one of the people that always encouraged her!!  

Go Here for a much better pic of Winnie + some additional information: WONDERFUL WINNIE WELLS | Your Source for Shuffleboard News (theshuffler.net)

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We Tell You Just A Little About Wilma McLung

We will begin with a Wonderful Statement by Wilma’s Granddaughter, Amanda Miller: You will be sorely missed, Granny . I would say I hope you can rest easily, but I have a feeling there’s already a line of people waiting on waffles. So hold down the fort until we all eventually join you. 

Every Sport Has Its Icons!!
Such individual have become synonymous with the Sport: Golf has its Tiger Woods, Shufflers in Florida can choose between Canadian Glen Peltier or American Earl Ball:
Shufflers in Woodbrook Estates
We do so not only because of her performance on the Courts, but more particularly because of her outstanding performance as Club President from 2008-2010.

Woodbrook Estates in Lakeland Florida may possibly be considered a sleepy winter retirement home for many snow birds. However; that is not the case with the young at heart President of the Woodbrook Shuffleboard Club, “Wilma McClung”. Wilma McClung was born and raised on a farm in West Virginia, a farm that she still calls home for the summer months. She was an elementary school teacher for 43 years, and along with her husband, raised four sons and one daughter.

Several years after the passing of her husband, Wilma moved into Woodbrook for the winter months where she had a cousin and close friend, Mariam McCullogh. Wilma has now been a resident of Woodbrook for over 12 years.

Wilma McClung took over the role of Club President as a result of an unfortunate illness of the previously elected president Harry Parrott. Wilma has never once looked back.

Wilma’s role in Woodbrook goes well beyond that of being president of the Shuffleboard Club; she is involved in several other organizations within Woodbrook Estates and completely dedicated to each. 

Throughout the winter months she hosts several “Waffle Breakfast’s” for the shuffleboard players / her friends and neighbours alike, and her Waffles are a specialty. She always says her personal waffle recipe is the secret to the great breakfast, and being raised on a farm gave her the background for her hospitality.

Wilma has also hosted several special events for the Shuffleboard players at her house, such as pizza days / ice cream socials / and the list goes on and on.

Wilma takes great pride in mixing the pancake ingredients for as many as 300 who attend the Pancake breakfast that is run by the Shuffleboard Club on the last Sat of the month throughout the winter.    

Wilma’s most recent example of “doing for others” was her Strawberry Social complete with sandwiches, beverage and strawberry short cake, completely sponsored and hosted by Wilma on Sat Feb 20th at the Woodbrook Club.  In excess of 60 shufflers participated in yet another example of Wilma’s generosity. Each family was presented with a DVD, c/w music and photographs that Wilma had in her collection.  

Wilma’s generosity and dedication to Shuffleboard may not build a collection of points toward the Florida State Hall of Fame, but the members of the Woodbrook Estates Shuffleboard Club regard Wilma as one of the best ambassadors the game of shuffleboard will ever experience.

Gary Pipher.  Incoming President of the Woodbrook Shuffleboard Club.     2010-03-21.

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We Tell You Just A Little About Wilbur Horn

Wilbur Horn



Wilbur Horn is undoubtedly one of the best shufflers in the West Coast District in which  he has been a member since he started playing shuffleboard in the early 80’s. 

Wilbur has a long list of impressive shuffleboard achievements. He won 2 National Doubles; placed in the National Doubles 7 consecutive times with partner Mickey Henson; and won 4 National tournaments in Hendersonville, North Carolina. 

Wilbur won Florida State Non Walking Singles; Florida State Mixed Doubles; Florida State Tournament of Champions, and numerous other State Tournaments.

Wilbur not only shuffles in Florida but is also heavily involved with summer shuffling in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He was Chairman of the committee responsible for having the Roof Over of the Hendersonville courts installed; he accomplished the installation of all the electrical wiring and light fixtures on the courts, and helped to paint and lines the courts.  Additionally, he was responsible for the Hendersonville shuffleboard schedule for 5 years.

At 82 years of age, Wilbur is still an avid shuffler and has not lost his touch to kitchen from any spot on the court!!

Congratulations Wilbur!!  The West Coast District is proud of your accomplishments and induction into the US National Hall of Fame.

Congratulations from all Shufflers on this recognition of your significant contribution to the sport!!

THE SHUFFLER.  2009 02 01. 

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We Tell You Just A Little About Wilbur Estes

This entire file, AS WELL AS, “A Courtin by Wilbur” was read (extremely well read) by the Pastor at Wilbur’s Memorial Service at his Resort in FL on 2009 01 17.  Alf and Stan attended.


As many of you now know, Wilbur Estes passed away on October 31st 2008 in his home state of Maine.  

On October 21st   in a message to me, Wilbur wrote in part:   “Stan.  I am pleased to see that your Australian trip and tourney, were a great success.  I have not been following Shuffleboard closely of late, as I am recovering (slowly) from a couple of “heart episodes”.  My activities are on “hold’, as is my return to Florida.” Wilbur. 

Wilbur was a strong supporter of, and a significant contributor to The Shuffler and to Shuffleboard.  Regular readers will warmly remember not only his advice and observations with regard to the execution of the game, but also his stories about life, his life and his values.  Who can forget his wonderful story “A Courtin By Wilbur” >> click here to re-read: (see the bulletin board)

Wilbur was pleased, proud and very honoured to have been inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2008.   In one of our many exchanges he expressed these remarks with the smiley face at the end of the remark: I am happy that it is not a posthumous award (I am not sure that I would know I had been honored; and do not want to wander aimlessly through eternity, in a dark shroud of resentment J ).  He continued: “I feel that this is probably the apex of my shuffleboard career. I am saddened that I no longer have the stamina to play tournaments (or perhaps, not at all). My waning dedication and enthusiasm is saddening.  However, there is life beyond shuffleboard, and even without an active shuffleboard career, “Life is Good”! 

The very positive attitude of Wilbur was oft expressed in this brief but meaningful phrase which he ended many of his exchanges with me >> Life is Good”!  Indeed if one measures the contribution Wilbur made to his country while serving as a US Marine, his contribution to the sport of Shuffleboard as summarized in his HOF Induction Remarks, along with authoring the most successful MODULAR SHUFFLEBOARD, indeed Wilbur Estes did have a Good Life.  He will be missed by all Shufflers.  

The Hall of Fame Special Award remarks appear below.  They also appear on page 8 of the 2008-2009 PREVIEW.  The remarks were offered by yours truly on the occasion of Wilbur’s Induction at the 2008 FSA Banquet. 

Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER  2008-11-03. 

Hall of Fame Special Award

Wilbur’s nomination is to the “SPECIAL” Category:

Some definitions of SPECIAL: Unusual; superior; held in esteem; distinct.  Indeed Wilbur has been seen as each of these and others during his long career serving the FSA.  Wilbur has in the past and continues to this day to demonstrate the courage to address matters related to Shuffleboard in a forthright manner.  Some may question this direct approach but one aspect of Wilbur’s behavior which is unquestionable is his dedication AND his devotion to the Sport of Shuffleboard.

Wilbur came to the rescue of the FSA so to speak; the Keeper of Records (KOR) of the day had just resigned and Wilbur was asked to take on the task. He had the foresight to recognize that the computer was the key to the success of the maintenance of accurate records needed to support the FSA.  To make this statement in 2007 seems self-evident, even redundant, however; in the early 1990s it was seen as a less than a progressive step by many Shufflers.  Wilbur, with the help of his wife Pearle, demonstrated the strength of his conviction and spent untold hours in making the change from a manual time consuming paper oriented task to a system, although modified & substantially improved, continues to this day. The significance of the change to the computer cannot be overestimated.  Wilbur took on the KOR duties and demonstrated the vision to make the FSA a more efficient and more effective organization. One other contribution by Wilbur: When Wilbur became The KOR the KOR had no “Voice” and no “Vote” on the FSA Board.  He believed that this was an injustice and spoke eloquently to allow the KOR to have both a voice and a vote.  During his tenure of office as KOR Wilbur defined the duties of the position, something which had not been done up to this time.  Wilbur’s term of office may not have been long, but he certainly had a positive impact on the office that continues to this day!


Glenna held a memorial service on January 17th, in the Park in Lakeland where the two had lived for the past 3 years. Approximately 50 turned out to celebrate the life of Wilbur Estes; among the 50 were 14 Shufflers from across the District. 

The Piphers, in co-operation with The Shuffler, had printed of various photos of Wilbur, framed them and displayed same at the service.  Top photo is of Glenna and Lois;  2nd photo is of a much younger Wilbur as a US Marine, and finally the  photo of some of the assembled guests.   

The pastor’s remarks included the reading of the announcement of Wilbur’s passing as posted on The Shuffler, including the FSA Induction remarks, gracious remarks from Terry Rainwater and Fred Wilkens.  Fred and Elizabeth were in attendance.  Central District President Glenn Munroe was invited to the podium and recounted his memories of Wilbur in support of Glenna.

At the end of the service Glenna thanked everyone and expressed her tribute to Wilbur noting that their time together had been blissful, and they had hoped to have at least one more winter together.  The Church Women then offered Cake, Coffee and Tea to all guests.  

Stan and Alf of The Shuffler. (Both attended) 2009 01 17.        

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We Tell You Just A Little About Wayne Hugen.

Date:     Oct 26, 2015

To:        Sandi Quinn President, National Shuffleboard Association (NSA)      

               2713 International Blvd. #56

              Weslaco, TX 78596

From:  Rob Robinson

              1st Vice President, NSA

              111 S. Greenfield Road, Space 304

Mesa, AZ 85206

Re:        NSA Hall of Fame Nomination – Special Category

It is my utmost privilege and honor to recommend Wayne Hugen to the National Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame in the Special Category.  I have known Wayne for several years and have admired how much time he has devoted to the promotion of shuffleboard nationwide in spite of enduring a serious illness. His passion for the game is unparalleled. 

Wayne currently serves as the President of the Iowa Shuffleboard Association.  He has held that position the past four years.

Wayne was introduced to shuffleboard in the 1998 Iowa Senior Games in which he received a silver medal.  Since then he has competed in all the National Senior Games, including games in Florida, Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, California, Texas, Ohio and Minnesota.

Wayne received an award at each of these events.

Wayne is very instrumental in promoting shuffleboard, instructing new players, and performing as tournament director as well as charting tournaments in most of the Iowa shuffleboard events.  Because of his expertise he was asked to assist a nearby state in the operation of the Shuffleboard event for the Minnesota Senior Games.

For the past several years Wayne has spent his winters in the Mesa area.  He has been a valued member of his resort’s shuffleboard club, as well as the district.  He is always ready to do whatever he can to ensure a sound shuffleboard program.

In view of the above, I strongly and without reservation recommend that Wayne Hugen be elected to the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame in the Special Category.

Richard “Rob” Robinson

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We Tell You Just A Little About Wayne & Pat Engell

Wayne and Pat Engell, We Will remember Their Courage and Friendship. Pic by Stan in 2005, Niteroi, Brazil.

In this posting I will attempt to share with you JUST HOW MUCH SHUFFLEBOARD MEANS TO THE ENGELL FAMILY.

Without spoiling my story I have to share with you that “THE REAL HEROS OF THE 24TH ISA IN RIO” are now deceased.  HOWEVER; their son Evan and daughter in law Ann were so impressed, so moved by the impact Shuffleboard had on “Mom and Dad”, that they have opted to participate in the 36th ISA in Brazil!!!  It is my hope that you, the reader, will begin to comprehend why they feel this way by the time I complete the article!  I begin by giving you a pdf file: Wayne Engell – Shuffleboard Article    and draw your attention to the pic at the top, a pic of Pat and Wayne Engell in Niteroi Brazil in 2005.

Stan Speaking in 2005:  THE REAL HEROS OF THE 24TH ISA IN RIO!!
All participants of the 24th ISA demonstrated varying degrees of skill, of enthusiasm, and finesse in the execution of their games. However; one player demonstrated all of the above plus an immense amount of personal courage. Wayne Engel was released from hospital just a day before leaving for Rio. Wayne has lost one kidney to cancer and now that cancer has moved to his lungs. His trip to the hospital was to have removed seven liters of fluid from the area of his lungs. Wayne’s desire to participate one more time in an ISA Event outweighed any concern he may have had with regard to serious medical repercussions. He made the decision to go to Rio!! Wife Pat shared the view with me that she understood his great desire to participate and respected the decision he had made, albeit with a good deal of apprehension and anxiety. Any of us who were close to Wayne at the tournament noticed the difficulty he experienced in breathing; any who watched more closely will realize that he gave his best while playing the game and that effort paid off in 8 wins of the 10 games Wayne played. I would call that nothing less than astounding!! It took determination, courage and “guts”! We had a conversation on the flight back to Houston from Rio. It was evident that breathing was not easy for Wayne, but as during the competition, not a complaint did he utter. Team Captain Max Tate offered this remark: “Wayne was an inspiration to the entire team! His wins were vital to our success in this 24th ISA Event.” Congratulations Wayne from all Shufflers, and special thanks to Pat for her role in all of this. We wish you both the very best.  Stan of The Shuffler 2005 09 27.

I will now add additional moving articles; these will be in pdf format: Each adds to the UNDERSTANDING OF THE STORY.  Letter From Evan Engell, son of Pat and Wayne.

I now give you a report from Wayne’s wife, Pat Engell, a 2006 Report:  THE SHUFFLER SALUTES WAYNE ENGELL

And now a report from Barb Norton of the FL WCD (West Coast District). As will become evident, Pat and Wayne were strong/supportive members of the WCD: Deceased 3 Wayne (and Pat) Engel 2007 11 10.



Hi Stan reading the article that you posted from Pat Engell (August 04th) brought tears to my eyes.

“Remembering Wayne as the robust do everything guy that he was makes me feel so bad that he is so sick and unable to do what he loves best. Shuffling was certainly Wayne’s life while living in Florida, what a leader he made to the Clearwater Club. Everyone respected him and his ability on the courts. Wayne was true to himself and the sport no “BS”, just plain Wayne. We traveled to a lot of tournaments together as Wayne and Jim enjoyed playing partners until the day that Wayne confided in Jim that he was no longer able to keep up the pace of Tournament play. We still miss his good humour and friendship. We call Wayne and Pat now and again and he always presents a cheerful voice and sense of humour on the phone even though we know he is not well. God bless you Wayne and Pat.  Barb” (Norton ~ 2006 08 07)

SHUFFLERS NOTE: Not only was “shuffling Wayne’s life while living in Florida”, it was his life while in Ontario, his life while in Hendersonville, and in 2005 in Brazil, and as he now tells his nurse, the life he wishes to continue to live.  To give other shufflers an appreciation of the respect shown to Wayne and Pat, we thought it would be useful to post an article describing the the occasion of their departure from Florida.

CLEARWATER~~THE ENGELL’S LEAVE!  by barb Norton!! (Janurary of 2005)

January 7/05 just 7 days and counting until Wayne and Pat Engell leave sunny Florida for the Cold White North. On January 2nd word got around that Wayne Engell was resigning his position as President of the Clearwater Club of the West Coast District and he had sold his home in Florida and was returning to Canada.  As I thought about Wayne and all the hard work and good he has contributed to Shuffleboard here in Florida and Hendersonville, North Carolina I decided that he would go out with a bang, not a whimper. So I made a phone call to the one person who I knew would help me get the ball rolling.

Pam Hill and I talked it over and decided that a party was in order. Not much time to get it together, but we would try. Shirley and Marx Kristek were just moments back from a cruise, suitcases still just inside the door, but said yes to our plea for help. The phone lines were very busy on the West Coast for the next few days. A date was set for Friday January 7th, Pot Luck Supper as we did not have time to prepare for a lot of people, Karoke would be provided by Phil Hill, Jim Norton would be the Master of Ceremonies and Glen Peltier had some good Discs he would bring along. Looked like we were set. Still not knowing how many would actually show up we arrived at the club at 4 o clock on Friday and started arranging and setting tables. We thought 72 place settings would be ample~~then we decided to throw together another 12 just in case. Well, the friends of Wayne started to arrive bearing food, hot and cold, AND by 6 o clock we had 105 people at the club and the scramble was on for seating!! Extra tables were set up, chairs found, tables set and we breathed a sigh of relief and hoped that no one else would come through the door as the clubhouse was full. A money tree and card was set up and it is true, money can grow on trees,(see the pix) as the evening progressed so did the bounty of the tree. The Food tables were laden with hot and cold dishes and the aroma was tantalizing. Jim Norton opened the evening by asking Dave Tomsett for the invocation. Dinner was announced and Wayne and Pat Engell led the way. After a scrumptious dinner the desert table was enjoyed. Geoff Bell, secretary of the Clearwater Board of Directors and 1st vice of the West Coast District announced that the Clearwater board had approved a special award inducting Wayne into the Clearwater Hall of Fame. Jim Norton asked if anyone had some memories to share about Wayne. Many came forward and the fun began. Memories of Clearwater and Hendersonville were shared. Jim reflected back to when he and Wayne won the National State Doubles at Trailer Estates in 2002~~a true highlight in both their shuffling careers. Alcide LeBlanc did his impression of Elvis Presley and Fern Lachance read a poem on the attributes of Wayne. Pat Engell laughed and shook her head and said that’s not the Wayne she knows. Ken Schultz highlighted a trip with wayne to Sebring where on the return trip the car broke down outside a cemetary which brought on the state troopers. Many laughs were shared over that episode. Virginia Fuqua reminisced about Waynes contribution to Hendersonville and how he was missed after having to leave. An invitation was extended to all to travel to Hendersonville to enjoy the Shuffling and friendship of the members. Bud Maloney told a story true or not true, about a hunting expedition in the wilds of Canada and if you believed Bud, then the three dollar bill does exist!!  Thanks to all who participated in the fun times remembered, and levied at Wayne. Phil Hill entertained us royally with not only his singing ability but his sense of humour. Glen led the way with his mastery of the Karoke by singing the Auctioneer. Dancing followed and a great time was had by all. Wayne and Pat, after selling their home in Florida, purchased an RV and plan to travel a bit and enjoy each day as it comes. Wishes for safe travels and happiness go out to Wayne and Pat from all their many friends. ARTICLE BY BARB NORTON. NOTE FROM THE SHUFFLER: Wayne and Pat; A very warm and enjoyable sendoff. It is quite apparent from Barb’s article that you were well respected and much enjoyed.  All Shufflers wish you well!! Stan & Alf 2005 01 08.

Stan Speaks on 2017 04 11:  All files and pix from my Archives. I sincerely hope I have been able to convey the spirit, the happiness, the joy of Shuffleboard, and in particular the joy and happiness Shuffleboard brought to the Engell Family, and The Shuffleboard Family the world over.  Please take the opportunity to say Hello to Evan and Ann Engell while shuffling in Niteroi, Brazil this July.  YES, they will be there!!  And no doubt they will be remembering their “Mom and Dad”!

If you have not committed to attending the 36th ISA World Championship, you still can!!  Go here: https://theshuffler.net/2017/04/10/wolf-says-breaking-news-an-opportunity-you-do-not-want-to-miss/   Stan McCormack writing in Calabogie, ON, on 2017 04 11

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We Tell You Just A Little About Walt Furze (AND the NL/LA Team)

The pic is of the Newfoundland/Labrador Shuffleboard Team in Canada’s Inter Provincial Tournament of 2013!  The two “Newfoundlanders” on the left are Walt and Ruth doing what they love to do >> Play Shuffleboard!!  No, the Furzes are not from Newfoundland >> BUT there is a “connection” > to understand, click here and scroll down to BIOS Nfld. Team.  Good informatiion on everyone in the pic > WHEN/IF YOU CLICK ON THE LINK within this article:   https://theshuffler.net/2013/06/13/ip-team-player-list-for-newfoundland-and-labrador/

I can only imagine, the disappointment felt by Walt by not being able to once again VOLUNTEER!!  A Big Shout Out to all the Volunteers!!  I saw several from Woodbrook.  And of course, I am so glad Walt and Ruth got to see the show!!! 

Ruth and Walt:  So good to hear from the two of you.  Please send along an update each time “You Feel Like It”!!   

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