Outgoing OSA President Expresses His Thanks!! 2018 06 14.

On behalf of the OSA, I want to thank the Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club for hosting the OSA Doubles Tournament that took place June 12th – 14th,2018. The club members did a tremendous job – the lunch committee kept our tummies filled with homemade soup and pies, and the guys kept the courts ready for play.
Many thanks to Marlene Corbeil for being the Tournament Director and her helper, husband Jim.
Thanks to all the people who attended, to make the Centre Wellington Shuffleboard Club Tournament a success.
Congratulations to George Admiral, Maureen Bryan,  Maureen Bryan OSA HOF 2018 and Hubert Van Eerd, for their induction into the OSA Hall of Fame. George is for the OSA Player Award for achieving 35 points. Maureen and Hubert are for the OSA Special Award for their contribution to shuffleboard.
Sincere thanks to the OSA Board and a special thanks to Secretary Maureen Bryan for working with me these last 6 years as OSA President. Thanks to all the OSA members for your support and camaraderie.
Congratulations to Carl Rogerson for taking the position of OSA President and Evan Engell for 1st Vice President. I wish them all the best and I give them my support and help in any way I can.
I look forward to seeing everyone at Goderich on Jun 26th – 28th, 2018 for the next OSA sanctioned tournament.
Rendall Bilton
OSA Past President

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OSA OPEN Tournament Results from Centre Wellington. Pix by Ron Torrance

Experts 48 players.  No Pix for Consolation Event.  Stan 2018 06 15.

1st Maureen Bryan & Bill Oostdyk
2nd Charles Bryan & Shirley Bryan
3rd Rip VanGinkel & William LeMay
4th Heather Morgan & Dan Morgan

1st Donna Blom & John Jefferson
2nd Muriel Burnett & Murray Burnett
3rd Dotty Koert & HermanLansink
4th Evan Engell & Ann Engell
TD Marlene Corbeil. Photos Courtesy of Ron Torrance






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OSA Amateur Tournament Results from Centre Wellington. Pix by Ron Torrance

First Main Betty and Gary Keating

2nd M. Ray and Brenda Bernier

Third Place Laura and Nev Campbell

Fourth Bernice and Norm Lindsay



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Glen Peltier Is Back!! His Knees Are Better; He is Raring To Go!! Accept His Offer! You Will Be Glad You Did.


Tomorrow, June 15th will be the 2nd Lesson!!  Jump On The Band Wagon!!

I give you an endorsement, a very positive endorsement, by one of Florida’s Best Shufflers: THE GOLDEN BEAR LIGHTS THEM UP!
Earl Ball Speaks: Glen Peltier put on a seminar at the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club on Saturday morning. I wasn’t able to be there because I was at the Central District meeting but I heard about it all Saturday afternoon. The target audience was amateurs, particularly new amateurs that we might draw into competition. The mission was accomplished as many players from area Parks showed up. There were even players from as far away as St Pete. Players that were there were excited to tell me what they learned and that they got to meet Glen in person; a thrill for anyone! There were some Pros there and our 1000 point Female Master was practicing what she had learned. Isn’t that something, we can all learn from each other and Glen is very good about sharing.
Great Job Glen, you were a hit!
Glen Peltier Speaks: I am announcing that on June 8th, 2018, a Friday, at one o-clock and each Friday at one o-clock for 10 weeks, I will be giving lessons at the Thames Horizon Club in Chatham ON for two hours.
All clubs in South western Ontario and anyone wanting to try the game is welcome. The Blenheim and Chatham clubs work closely together and I expect many from Blenheim and Morpeth to participate. The classes are free; you do not have to join the club. Cues will be provided.
Each time I have been to Blenheim and Chatham, all courts were filled to capacity. The players seem to enjoy playing on different courts. I will be giving you a rundown every couple weeks as the turnout.
Glen Peltier. 2018 05 26
Stan Speaks: IF you would like to experience the Club Chatham Article ; get a glimpse of Shuffleboard, just turn out and enjoy!!! As a side note, Glen was the very first President of the very beautiful Chatham Club. The atmosphere, the Club and the Shufflers just may TURN YOU ON TO SHUFFLEBOARD!!! Stan McCormack. RE-POSTED ON 2018 06 14.

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The Piphers, Gary and Barb, Celebrate 57 Years of Marriage! We Celebrate What They Have Done For Shuffleboard.

I was trying to think how to begin the CELEBRATORY ARTICLE with regard to Barb and Gary’s Wedding Anniversary. I wanted to convey to the readership the significance of their contribution to Shuffleboard, which is truly a by-product of their togetherness. (Click on any pic to expand.) Please read this article written by Yours Truly in 2004. P 13 THE TRAVELLING PIPHERS FROM COLDWATER Their actions, launching a Shuffleboard Club, has resulted in Coldwater ON being labelled “The Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario”. WELCOME sign pic was taken on 2018 06 12.  Pic of Gary and Barb was taken on June 10th, 2013 while celebrating  their  47th Anniversary.  The Shuffleboard Club and the Curling Club were on a shared/combined Cruise. From left to right: Gary, Barb, Ross, and Grace; ALL PIPHERS. Next we have  local MPP and his wife Garfield Dunlop.

Gary and Barb moved on from their success in Coldwater to wider fields. They hosted two ISA Events; Gary became the CNSA President, all with the support of Barb.  Barb’s significant contribution to the CNSA was recognized by her Induction into the CNSA Hall of Fame by Lois McCormack.



Lois Speaks: It gives me great pleasure to Nominate Barb Pipher, my friend, to the CNSA Special Awards Category of the CNSA Hall of Fame.
Barb and Gary have been supporters of CNSA Shuffleboard for many years. I first met Barb at a tournament in Chatham Ontario in the mid-1990s. I remember her infectious smile to this day; it radiated warmth; it sent a warm welcome to all who greeted her.
Barb and Gary became very interested in this sport, so much so that they decided with the help of Ross and Grace, to start looking into launching shuffleboard in this very facility. After extensive planning and much travel, extra work and building sufficient outside interest, the deal was sealed, and out came the paint cans, the discs and the cues. And, at every step along the route, Barb seemed to be everywhere at just the right time! Be it making coffee, making sure there was a cookie or two waiting, or arranging lunch from the local restaurant, we could count on Barb.
Barb has been Treasurer of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club and worked tirelessly helping with the CNSA tournaments, and the past few years, assisting the tournament director at these functions. Barb and Gary travel to and support all the CNSA and OSA Summer tournaments. When they are wintering in Florida, Canadian shuffleboard is always front and center, new ideas on how and what to do for the upcoming CNSA events. Barb has been actively involved in organizing and helping with this CNSA tournament once again.
This year Barb has been a constant sounding board and supporter of Gary in the planning and organization of the upcoming ISA tournament to be held in Midland in August. Behind every Good Man there is a Good Woman >> Ladies and Gentlemen >>
It gives me great pleasure, great satisfaction, to present Barb Pipher, my friend, as an Inductee to the CNSA Special Awards Category of the CNSA Hall of Fame

Presentation on May 27th, 2014 by Lois McCormack.

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The Summer Rotational Championship; ND by Allen Dronsfield. 2018 06 14

Championship information from the north. A very warm and muggy day at Hawthorne this morning. The bright side, we beat the rain. If my numbers are correct we had 11 amateurs one of which was a bye and 25 pro’s with a bye. Amateur’s at one end and the pro’s the other except court 14 which was all pro’s. We had some new players show up today and Big Mike Boskovitch came out of mothballs also. I was lucky enough with help from Dave Dean to win 5 of 5, but so did our amateur lady Geraldine Branback from Parkwood Oaks. Dave and his partner Danny Richards had us on the ropes when my partner Pat King threw 3 scoring disc out there. Two were for 7’s and one for an 8. The score was 43 – 31 their favor and Dave Dean has the hammer. Knowing that if he removes one of our scores and sticks for the score they win it. Dave went for the 8, cleared it and rolled onto the dreaded center line. We get 14 points which put us at 45. Dave made the shot he thought he needed to make thinking they had 45, and technically he did take the right shot but the safer shot would have been going down and removing at least one of the 7’s and sticking for a 7, yep they would win.
Back to Geraldine Branback, an amateur I had not seen yet, but Geraldine won all five of her games playing very well and scoring 266, I got lucky with the 5th win and 311 points.
Next week we go back to Leesburg, Registration closes at 8:15, don’t be late..
Results are as follows;

1st. Al Dronsfield ————————–    —————– Tavares Pro 5 wins 311 points
2nd. Geraldine Branback ————————– Parkwood Oaks Am. 5 wins 266 points
3rd. Richard Ingram ————————-    ———————— Leesburg Am. 4 wins
4th. Mike Boskovich ——————————————— Parkwood Oaks Pro 4 wins
5th. Richard Burchardt —————————————— Parkwood Oaks Pro 4 wins

Reported by Allen Dronsfield 6/14/18

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Stu Cassell Says: “Funny, when I was younger I fantasied about beautiful women, now it’s shuffleboard!”

See Stu’s Last Para!!

First, let me say that we lived in Florida just under 3 years. While we played shuffleboard for most of that time, our experiences were confined to the Avon Park and Sebring shuffleboard clubs. So, by no means am I an expert on Florida shuffleboard.

That being said, I’ve now played shuffleboard longer than that here in St. Louis. Here are the primary differences I have noted between how they play shuffleboard in Florida compared to how we play shuffleboard in St. Louis, both for practice and in tournaments.

In Florida, we had very specific warm-up exercises we did to determine drift and speed of the courts. Here in St. Louis, we don’t. We usually do one practice lag, one real lag, and then two practice shots. I can remember taking practice shots with my partner in doubles using their stick to simulate a block on each side, then shooting at a disk in the 10, and 4 more disks on each side of each 7.

In Florida everyone I played against began their games by setting up a block. In the Midwest, no one but me does that, and I don’t do it all the time. It depends on the court and who I’m playing against. No, here they go for the point and hope that their opponent misses removing it and then they put the block up if that happens.

When I first moved back to St. Louis only a few players removed an opponents disk from line. Now most of them realize if they don’t take that disk off, the other player will try to convert it into a double.

Both in Florida and here there are players known for being “kitchen players” and others that never try to put you in the kitchen.

We played 12 frame games in Florida, and in some tournaments whoever reached 75 points won. Here we usually play 8 frame games. Being the type of player that takes a few frames to learn the court, I almost always do better in the last 4 frames than the first 4 frames. In fact, most of my wins are come from behind victories. I wish we did play 12 frame games all the time, I think I’d win more often. Our club does occasionally play 12 games, something I suggested we do just to get used to the longer games we may face in tournaments

In Florida, the norm is to clear the board once you get a significant lead, and continue to keep it clear for the rest of the game. In some of the tournaments I played in at Avon Park, when faced with a really good opponent, that happened to me as early as the 3rd frame of the game. While it ups the chances of winning, it really isn’t much fun if you’re the one behind.

I have shared some of these differences with my friends in the St. Louis Shuffleboard Club. A few of the more competitive players will start clearing the board in the 6th frame of an 8 frame game. Most do not. Some of our really good players will ease up on the weaker players once they have a comfortable lead. A few show no mercy ever.

I must confess, in one game where I played against a raw beginner I just wanted to see how high I could score in the 8 frame game. My opponent was not removing my disks so for me, the game was just “target practice.” I focused on scoring and did not remove my opponents disks either. I ended up with over 160 points, which I think is a club record. I’ve never done that again, and I’m usually one of the guys that shaves a little off my game if I dominating to the point where it’s embarrassing to my opponent. There are a few of us that will even go so far as to knock an opponents disk out of the kitchen for them. I see no point in crushing them. In fact, some of us just consider our inter squad games as practice for the tournaments. Glen VanMatre, is a good example. He’s in the middle of the stat sheet for inter squad wins in our club, but he has won more Gold and Silver medals in tournaments than anyone else in the club.

As good as some of our players are, I often wonder how we would stack up against Florida players. We only play twice a week in those 8 frame games so I suspect we’d beat most of the amateurs, but I’m not so sure how we’d do against the pros. What I wish could happen is a “Shuffleboard Player Exchange Program.” It would be like a “Student Exchange Program” – we’d arrange to have 8 or 10 of us visit a club in Florida and stay with “hosts” from that club, and then reciprocate and open our homes to a similar sized group who would come to St. Louis to compete against us in friendly matches. Then during non playing time we’d show our guests around St. Louis. How cool would that be?

My other “fantasy” is to someday become a snow bird and each Winter go back to Florida and tune-up my game by playing 4 or 5 times a week against some of the best players in the country. Funny, when I was younger I fantasied about beautiful women, now it’s shuffleboard!

Stan Speaks: I have some appreciation as to what motivated Stu to prepare the above article: Here is one I wrote (2004) while wintering in Arizona:   Arizona Florida Comparison up 2017 08 03

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