Shuffleboard – COVID-19 – and our Sponsors

I’d like to introduce myself – I’m Jim Kelly, this is the beginning of my third season participating in Florida Shuffleboard and the start of my second season participating in Tournaments.  (I’m like many of you, in that Shuffleboard has almost, – Ok probably has become an obsession if you ask my wife and Keith Morton)

Last season when I started participating in Tournaments, I was like the majority of you I’d go to tournaments, participate and if I placed take my winnings and run for the motorcycle or car and head back to the the RV Park.

Part way through my first year of Tournaments at Avon Park, Tom Clayton (the president) would invite the Tournament Sponsors to come and introduce themselves as the Sponsors of the Tournaments (he has done this for years).  At Avon Park we have a really strong backing of the community businesses. ( next time you’re there, look at our sponsor banners and support their businesses as you have the need for their services)

So, when I placed in Tournaments I would either call them or drive to their place of business and thank them in person for sponsoring our tournaments.   Now this year with COVID-19 it has been real challenging for all businesses yet the businesses in Avon Park are continuing to support the sport we love to play.  I’d like to share a few of my interactions with some businesses as I went to thank them for being our sponsors.

The first one I went to this year was Bill Owens Auto Sales in Avon Park; when I walked in and went to their offices Bill and his son looked up and asked me what I was to there to try to sell them.  (they thought I was another salesman beating the streets trying to make a sale in this very challenging time).  I explained who I was, that I placed in the Shuffle board Tournament that they had just sponsored at Avon Park.    There response was “We have never had anyone come and thank us in person, the only person who had thanked us before is the guy who holds his hand out to collect the sponsorship money”.  As we talked, they were just TICKLED PINK that someone took the time and that it meant that much to me to come and see them in person.

The next sponsor was 64 West Collision Repair.  I stopped in and the owner wasn’t there but two of his shop managers were and I told them the same story, I placed in the most recent tournament they had sponsored and wanted to thank them for allowing us to play in tournaments.  These two gentlemen were again, TICKLED PINK, that I was the first to ever personally stop by and thank them, after talking, about 20 minutes, about shuffleboard, how many members we have, etc, I was finally able to leave with the promise I would stop back and see the owner in person as they said he would be thrilled to meet me and hear the appreciation in person.    So, a few days later I stopped and he was TICKLED PINK, as his guys told him to expect.   After we talked, he said, if the shuffleboard club ever needs anything in the future, he would always help us with what we would need.

So now to my point:   In this COVID-19 times more than ever we need to go out of our way to thank the sponsors that allow us to keep the lights on.   I’m the new treasurer of the Avon Park Club and to see the money that’s paid out makes us realize, dues don’t come near covering the cost to keep beads on the courts and wax on the disc’s.   So, I want to encourage each club to include the sponsorship information in each prize money envelope or pass it out to everyone as you sign in.    So, if you’re the beginning shuffler all the way to the Earl’s and Glen’s of the shuffleboard world it is more important than ever before to thank our sponsors for allowing us to play the sport we love or are obsessed with.  So, take a few minutes after tournaments and TICKLE PINK the sponsor of our tournaments. (Emails, Texts, or in Person will mean the world to them)

Jim Kelly 12-13-2020

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In the early days, back in the last century, the point system was a product of the St. Petersburg Evening Independent. To find out where one stood on the points list, it was necessary to obtain a copy of Monday’s edition of the Evening Independent and locate the Shuffleboard column edited by Dorothy Farewell. That column, intensely popular to all competitive shufflers, contained the points list and a synopsis of the past weeks tournament and often times photos. I might mention that back in those days, the points list was small compared to today’s lengthy list.

Later, in the 1970s, the point system was taken over by the Florida Shuffleboard Association (FSA) and points became significant for three reasons: 


Points were the basic qualification to be nominated as a candidate for induction into the State HOF (Hall of Fame). A candidate had to have a total of 200 pro points, and have played at least 10 years. With these basic qualifications, an officer of the Association could nominate one candidate for consideration for membership into the HOF. Candidates so nominated were voted on at a regular meeting of the FSA.   A maximum of two candidates could be approved for induction into the HOF. Some names were submitted several times before receiving enough votes to be entered. In recent years the schedules have been changed to permit split tournaments. This has created a situation whereby more players become eligible because there are more winners and more points were being distributed. With a limit of 2 players admitted per year, a back log built up, and changes to the rules were required. The time limit and the voting process were eliminated and the only requirement now is to accumulate 200 pro points. This is a difficult feat given to-day’s highly talented field of Pro players.


The top 8 Men and the top 8 Women received gold medals and the next 7 Men and Women received silver medals. The medals were presented by a member of the St. Petersburg Evening Independent newspaper at the annual banquet. Medal winners were invited to the banquet and were allowed to bring one guest. It was Shuffleboard’s Gala Event of the Season. The Awards Banquet during this period was held at the Kapok Inn, Clearwater, FL >> a wonderful establishment with great food. The medal system prevails today but without the “hoopla”. The top 24 Men and Women are presented with medals before the Lakeland State Tournament held in December. The first 8 receive gold; the next 8 silver and the next 8 receive bronze.


Mr. Dunbar was a key person for many years in the management of Norton Abrasives. His wife Beulah was an opera singer and the Dunbars were a lovely couple that enjoyed watching and being involved with class shuffleboard. Beulah Dunbar always kept score on T8 where she had a ring side seat to watch the quality of play and in so doing became thoroughly acquainted with the players.

There were no special seating arrangements for the Masters. THIS PERIOD WAS THE “GLORY DAYS OF SHUFFLEBOARD!!

While the Masters was in progress, if you left your seat for just a minute, it was taken up immediately by someone else. Crowds gathered to watch the play especially when Mae Hall, Lou Tansky, Bob Litts, Web Smith, Bill Folberth and other great players were on the courts.

Beulah (Mrs. Dunbar) became so enthused and involved with the Masters that when she died, she left $100,000. in a trust fund for the continuation of the Masters at the St. Petersburg Courts. The Dunbars sponsored the Florida Masters tournament for many years held at the St. Petersburg Courts.   The format for the Masters which is 8 men and 8 women was established because the 8 tournament courts in the front of the grandstand could accommodate all the matches with great seating privileges.  

Bob Pearson, Hall of Fame Member and shuffleboard player since 1949 has supplied the historical information.  (Bob is now deceased) BOB PEARSON LEAVES US 2007 10 08. – Copy

Stan McCormack and Earl Ball of THE SHUFFLER have “put the story together”.     

THE SHUFFLER:  Originally posted in 2007 01 05 .  Reposted 2015 01 12  

The 2015 FSA Banquet I/c HOF Inductions, will take place on 2015 01 19 at the Rodeway Inn, 2440 West State Road 84,  Fort Lauderdale, FL. (17:30)

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Did you know? Many of us remember the fine sentimental movie from 1985 “Cocoon”. It starred Don Ameche among others. What you may not know is that scenes from that film were filmed at the St Petersburg shuffleboard courts.

Ken Offenther writing on 2021 09 22.

Related by Stan: I strongly recommend you go here as well.

Stan McCormack writing on 2021 09 22.

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Look Back 4 years to read this fine article by Earl Ball.

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Charlotte Steadman/Ron Ferry Win Mingles Singles Championships

For the 1st time we had Pro and Amateur Championships won the same way. Charlotte Steadman, Lakeland Shuffle Club, won on the last shot of the day by shooting her Opponents disc from the 10 to the kitchen and holding the 10. She tied with 4 others but outscored them all.
The Amateur Division was won the same way with Ron Ferry, Zephyrhills Shuffle Club, making the same shot but not the last shot to win his 7th game putting him into a two way tie with Ron winning on points.

Report sent along by Earl Ball with THANKS!!  Posted by Stan on 2017 09 21This entry was posted in FSA (All Districts). Bookmark the permalinkEdit

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This article will be about “The Tiger Woods of Shuffleboard”.  In relative terms, Stan Williamson like Tiger Woods, attracts a great deal of attention, and like Tiger, the attention is there whether or not he is winning or losing?? To understand more completely, read what I wrote (immediately below) in 2006.  Stan was just “coming off a perfect record” at the 25th ISA held in Lakeside, OH when this article was written. To his credit, he shared his feelings with the newspaper.    On February 23rd of 2003, Earl Ball said this about Stan: “After playing against him for a short time, you realize you can either have a good time or lie down and cry, he’s that good.”  Stan recently was the recipient of the 100th Anniversary MVP Award.

Stan McC. in 2006: THE SHUFFLER thanks the Mountain Eagle Newspaper of Stamford for the ideas expressed in this article on “Shuffleboard’s Tiger”!!  The newspaper reports* that “Stan’s mere presence at a match intimidates the other competitors,” but for Stan, “Shuffleboard is all about the great people you meet on the Courts”!!  By now you will have realized that we are talking about Stan Williamson of the Northern District of Florida.  The article centers on Stan’s feat of a Perfect, No Loss Record, achieved by Stan at the 25th International Meet at Lakeside, Ohio. Stan goes on to explain how competitors often become friends for life; the type of person who will drop over to see how you are making out in a match >> or just call you up at your residence.

Stan began shuffling in 1988 and has been on the circuit ever since.  The article quotes fellow shuffler Earl Ball referring to Stan as one of the games premier shot makers and play maker, adding that although Stan is a formidable opponent, he usually wins over his competition with his personality >> while beating them.  In 16 years, Stan has won 13 or 14 Masters Titles in the Northern District.  Twice he has tied for the Master’s title in the state of FL!! Also in the article Stan points out that he needs 40 points to gain entrance into the FSA Hall of Fame >> and goes on to point out that he will be working hard toward that achievement. NOTE: Since 2006, time of writing above, Stan’s total accumulated points have risen to 486!!  He was inducted into the FSA HOF in 2008 having earned the requisite 200 points + an additional 37 for good measure.  


The remarks to follow are taken from remarks offered at the time of Stan’s Induction into the FSA HOF, player category:
Stan Williamson is the 1st male from the Northern District to be inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Association “Hall of fame”. To become a ‘Hall of Fame” player you must have fine partners and Stan wishes to thank all of those partners, especially, Earl Ball, his friend and partner in many of those tournaments. One of the games great players; Stan is the game’s greatest shot maker and premier entertainer. He has played in three State “Masters” and was co-champion twice and is a two time National Champion. Stan has won no less than 10 Northern District “Masters” Championships and holds the all-time record for points scored in a season at 65. He is also one of only 10 players to ever win all of his matches in an International Championship Tournament. He had accumulated 237 points at the time of his induction.

*I have selected only portions of the article which I believe will be of interest to Shufflers.  THE SHUFFLER would like to compliment Stan for ensuring local coverage in the media >> each of us should do a similar thing at every reasonable opportunity.

Stan McCormack 2013 08 19.

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The U.S Department of Homeland Security has recently announced that the ongoing restriction on non-essential travel at the U.S./Canada land border will be extended until at least October 21st. The CSA has been engaging with U.S. government officials and agencies to safely re-open the land border to Canadian citizens as soon as possible. This is an advocacy priority as over 70% of Canadian snowbirds travel to the United States with their Canadian vehicles and we recognize the importance and urgency of this issue. We will provide members with further details as soon as new information is available. TRAVELLING TO THE UNITED STATES Currently, the only way for Canadian travellers to enter the United States, for non-essential reasons, is by air. All air passengers arriving to the U.S. from a foreign country are required to get tested for COVID-19 with a viral test no more than 3 days before their flight departs and must present the negative result or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 to the airline before boarding the flight. A test result must be in the form of written documentation (paper or electronic copy). The documentation must include: Type of test (indicating it is a NAAT or antigen test)Entity issuing the result (e.g. laboratory, healthcare entity, or telehealth service)Specimen collection date. A negative test result must show the specimen was collected within the 3 days before the flight. A positive test result for documentation of recovery from COVID-19 must show the specimen was collected within the 3 months before the flight.Information that identifies the person (full name plus at least one other identifier such as date of birth or passport number)Test Result Upon arrival, the CDC recommends that fully vaccinated travellers: Get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after travel.Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and get tested if you develop symptoms.Follow all state and local recommendations or requirements after travel. The CDC recommends that unvaccinated and partially vaccinated travellers: Get tested with a viral test 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel.Even if you test negative, stay home and self-quarantine for the full 7 days.If your test is positive, isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected.If you don’t get tested, stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.Avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not.Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and get tested if you develop symptoms.Follow all state and local recommendations or requirements. RETURNING TO CANADA 1. Pre-arrival testing All travellers 5 years of age or older, regardless of citizenship or vaccination status, must provide proof of a COVID-19 molecular test result (e.g. PCR and RT-PCR) to enter Canada. Rapid antigen tests will not be accepted. If you’re flying to Canada, you must take a molecular test within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of your flight to Canada. Airlines will refuse boarding to travellers who are unable to provide a valid molecular test result. If you’re driving or entering by water, you must take a molecular test within 72 hours of your planned entry into Canada. When you arrive at the border, you must present an accepted test result (paper or electronic proof) that must include: Traveller name and date of birthName and civic address of the laboratory/clinic/facility that administered the testThe date on which the test was conductedThe type of test conductedThe test result 2. Develop a suitable quarantine plan You must be prepared to quarantine for 14 days, even if you are fully vaccinated, in case you: are symptomaticdon’t meet the requirements for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption A suitable quarantine plan, which includes a place you will quarantine, must be entered into ArriveCAN in case you don’t qualify for the exemption. You may be asked to explain your quarantine plan at the border. Unvaccinated of partially vaccinated travellers are required to quarantine upon entry into Canada for 14-days. 3. Upload proof of vaccination in ArriveCAN You must use ArriveCAN within 72 hours before your travel to enter your vaccination status and proof of vaccination, quarantine and travel information. If you don’t provide the required information in ArriveCAN before arriving at the border you won’t be considered as a fully vaccinated traveller, even if you meet all the other requirements. Final determination of your vaccination status will be made at the border. You must bring a digital or paper copy of your proof(s) of vaccination with you. 4. Arrival testing If you qualify for the fully vaccinated traveller exemption, you may be exempt from arrival testing. However, you may be selected for mandatory randomized arrival testing. If you are selected for a randomized test, you: Must take the arrival test as directed on the day you enter CanadaMay receive a home test kit to complete within 24 hours of entering CanadaDon’t have to wait for the results, you can travel on to your final destination, including taking connecting flightsAre not required to pay a fee for the arrival test Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated travellers will be instructed to either take an arrival test at the border, or receive a home test kit. They will also get a kit to use on Day-8 of their mandatory quarantine.
Given the fluid situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, these requirements are subject to change. We recommend that members visit prior to their return to Canada.
The Canadian Snowbird AssociationThe Voice of Travelling
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We “Recognize Jim and Marlene” and Welcome Norm Lindsay!!

The Canadian National Shuffleboard Association held a successful tournament last week that was held at Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.
Many thanks to Jim & Ellie Crowell and the Bridgewater Shuffleboard Club for hosting an awesome tournament.

Ellie and Jim Crowell

At the AGBM we said our goodbyes to Jim Corbeil who has held the position of president for 5 years. Thank you Jim…it has been a pleasure working with you at the ISA level. Jim and his wife Marlene have worked extremely hard for the CNSA. Jim will still be involved as he is chairman of the planning committee for the 2022 ISA Championship that will be held in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

“Congratulations “ to Norman Lindsay, our new CNSA president. Many of you know Norm as he was the CNSA acting president at Vienna in 2019. Welcome Norm to our ISA family. We look forward to working with you. We truly have a great team of people to work with in the ISA and if you have any questions we will make sure you get your answer. Norm has been working closely with Jim Corbeil on the 2022 Championship.

We sure are looking forward to having our many friends from around the world to come to Canada in August 2022. It’s a beautiful time of year to visit here.

With warm regards
Myrna Bilton
ISA President

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Breaking News by Harold Thorne!!!

This week we had our National Mixed Doubles Championship tournament in Hendersonville with players from 16 States.  Most of them arrived by car, but there was an unusual arrival.  Two shufflers, Tyne Seybold  and Mark Auchtung arrived at the Hendersonville Airport in a Cessna 182.  After unloading their folded bicycles, they rode to a downtown Airbnb and then to the Shuffleboard Club.  They competed in the tournament and then took to the roads to tour the area like other tourists, except they traveled on their bikes.  Their arrival was a very exciting time for the other shufflers.  In a few days they will be flying back to St. Petersburg, FL..

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Sent by Harold WITH THANKS!!!!

May be an image of text that says 'HENDERSONVILLE NC SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB Tournament Results Tournament #21 Sept. 16 2021 National Mixed Doubles Championship Main: 1수1 Lynda King Warren King Pauline Murphy- Dave Stoops Marcy Polz- Eric Polzin Carol Healey John Klinger Consolation: Gail Chase Stan Quinn 2. Betty Fitzpatrick 3. Cindy Slaughterbeck- -Tim Baker Brenda Noakes Stan Noakes ÛSnQuin Sandi Quinn'
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Sent Along by Harold Thorne WITH THANKS!!

May be an image of text that says 'HENDERSONVILLE NC SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB Tournament Results Tournament #18 September 13 15, 2021 National Championship Singles Men's Division Main: Dave Wenger 2. Bill Hoyer 3 Lyle Walker 4. Rod Baal Consolation: Jay Fitzpatrick Darrell Stuart 3. Tim Baker 4. Harold Thorne Ladies Division Main: Lynda King 2. Chase Carol Healey 4. Deb Baal Consolation: 1. Barbara Wade 2. Brenda Noakes 3. Lauren Seesel 4. Marcy Polzin Tournament Director: Sandi Quinn Entries: Men 24, Ladies 16'
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