BALL and STRONG WIN SHUFFLEBOARD SEASON by placing 1st in P25, The Mel Elgersma Memorial.

Ball and Strong Finish in 1st Place in the Final FSA Tournament of 2016-2017.


Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Champions, Earl Ball and Henry Strong, won the season finally at Lakeland on March 21st.  They struggled in the 2nd match and the quarters going three games in each but finished off the semis and Championship round in two straight each!

They put together a great season moving Ball to within 18 points of 1000 and Green Jacket status.  Ball also is the 1st male player to put together four 70 point seasons.

Article by Earl Ball.   2017 03 21

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Amateur Invitational, Saturday, March 25th at St Petersburg!! A Great Way to End the Season!!

It’s that time of the year again. We hope you all had a great shuffleboard season.
Tournament and league play is about finished. Now it’s time for this years  special Amateur Invitational Tournament. This year it will be held  at the historic St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club. The largest shuffleboard club in the world which at one time had over one hundred courts and over five thousand members.

Now is the chance for anyone to play at this historic venue.

It will be a Mingle Single type, one day tournament where you will draw a State Amateur  or Professional player as your partner each of five eight frame games.

There will be morning coffee and donuts, a pizza lunch from Flippers Pizza

Five hundred dollars ($500.00 ) prize money, and a raffle for a cue donated by Jim Allen, of Allen R Shuffleboard.

The club is easy to reach as it is right off of Interstate 375 which is reached from Interstate 275, or you can take the local roads.

Attached is a flyer you may print and distribute to your fellow park, league and other shuffler friends.  Click to be taken to the poster:   3-25-17 (1)

Posted by Stan McCormack, 2017 03 20.


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Why Does the CD Call Their “Masters”, the Reiny Schleier District Masters??

The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins

Reiny S.

Pic is of Reiny Schleier, the Founder of the Central District, District Amateur Masters, thus the term

Reiny Masters! 

The colloquial term for the Central District Masters has, over the years, been called the Reiny Masters. Technically the Reiny label applies only to the District Amateur Men and Women.  If you are interested in HOW and WHY the Reiny began, enter the words Reiny Masters into the search rectangle, top right of the page, and hit search.

The Reiny contestants, i.e. the Top 8 Men and Top 8 Women based on the number of wins during the season, compete by playing Non Walking Singles, 12 Frame Games.  They play each of the other 7 players in the Top 8.  (The State Am and the Pros play the same format.)   This makes for two full days, two very heavy days of shuffleboard!! 

Must Read:  To gain some insight into the significance of the Reiny, and…

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The Bergs, Peter and Erika Inducted Into the Southwest Coast Hall of Fame.

Peter and Erika Berg Inducted Into the SWC District Hall of Fame.

Stan Speaks: As no official biography is yet available on the SWC District Site, I thought I would add some interesting information, separate and distinct from the official biography, with regard to Peter and Erika’s Induction.

Peter and Erika Berg are a Great Couple; A Charming Couple. They never seem to age!!

Peter does a fine job as Webmaster of the SWC District.  Did you know that Peter and Ericka went shuffling on their Honey Moon??  I know of no other couple that can claim that!!!  May 21st is their Magic Day!!  And I must say, by looking at the pic to your left, the Magic continues to-day!!  As you will see by reading Peter’s remarks, received to-day, they made their way to St Petersburg, and that was without the benefit of the Inter State System we all take for granted to-day!! (Pic taken in our hotel in Sochi Russia while  Peter and Erika were participating in the 1st European Open.)

Peter speaks: We did travel on our honeymoon all the way to Florida. I-75 was only a dream of President Eisenhower then. We stayed at The Alden in St. Pete. That hotel is still there today. One super hot morning some hotel guests started pushing those funny looking discs back and  forth. That caught our attention. We asked if we could join them to play this game, they agreed and the rest is history.
We do agree with so many shufflers world wide, that the best part is all the friends we gained through out the world. That would have never happened without this wonderful game of shuffleboard. Looking forward to Midland 2014 to see many of our friends again.  Peter and Erika.


Posted by Stan McCormack, 2017 03 18.  CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH OF YOU ON YOUR SWC HOF Induction. 

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Central District of the FSA winds up their “District Masters” ; Thanks to Sebring Members

Each of these people made a significant contribution to the SUCCESS of the CTL District Reiny Masters!!


Pix by Stan McCormack.  Posted by Stan on 2017 03 18

 CTL TD George Adyns Very Much Appreciated the Assistance he received from Larry Brown and his Crew.  From L to R above: George Rosema, Larry Brown and Larry Lane.  A BIG THANK YOU TO GEORGE!!   

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CTL Pro Masters. We Give You the Results for the Men!! 2017 03 18.


CTL Top 8, Pro Masters, from L to R: Max Tate, Bob Hoskins, Keith Morton, John Houghtaling, and Doug Stockman. Back row, L to R: In 1st Place, Dean Myklejord and in 2nd place, Earl Ball. Pic by Stan McCormack on 2017 03 17. 

Accepting the Plaque, representative of 1st Place in the CTL Pro Masters, from incoming Sebring President Harold Comeau, is Dean Myklejord!! Pic by Stan McCormack, 2017 03 17.   

Congratulations to each participant!!  Special note to Dean and Earl.  Stan McCormack, 2017 03 18 09:20.

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CTL District Pro Women Master’s Results. 2017 03 18.

Top 8, CTL District Pro Women; front row L to R: Glenda Brake, Ruth Brown, Sheila Cron, Katy Walker, Nancy Ruess and Marti Noble. Back row from L to R: tied for 1st place are Judy Holloway and Lynn Shick. Pic by Stan McCormack on 2017 03 17.

Sharing 1st Place; Judy Holloway and Lynn Shick.

Congratulations to each participant!! Special note to Judy and Lynn!!  Remember, if you wish a copy of the pic, right click and select the appropriate option.   Stan McCormack, 2017 03 18 08:58.

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