TOO GOOD NOT TO POST!!! By our Wonderful Reporter > Glenna Earle!!! Great Pix Included.

Glenna’s 9th Report from the UK. We bid goodbye to the Vikings and the Brits!!

David and Glenna

The Earles, David and Glenna

Here are the happy winners of the 2nd Norwich Open … lady & gentleman from each country and overall best ladies & men’s teams.

A beautiful celebration was held at the Maids Head hotel this evening to honour the winners of the tournament. An excellent meal was served by the hotel and we were entertained by another pair of great musicians. Peter Turrett, a classical guitarist, treated us to well played and pleasing melodies which we all enjoyed. Another segment of the music was by singer, Kerry Davis, Peter & Lesley’s daughter.
She has an amazingly beautiful voice and her choice of selections was very appropriate. She even included a couple of songs by Cdn artists, Big Yellow Taxi -Joni Mitchell and Arms of an Angel- Sarah McLaughlin, as well as some other show tunes and pop songs.

We all said goodbye to our English and Norwegian friends as we will be boarding the bus at 7:30 AM heading to the London airport.
It has been a wonderful week here in Norwich. I expect we have all made some new friends as well as renewing previous ones. It is hard to leave them behind. There were a few tears shed but promises to see one another again soon.

Tomorrow we hit the sky as we fly to Vienna.
Thanks ever so much to Peter & Lesley for organizing this leg of our journey and to those who were able to join us.

Happy shuffling to all and “We’ll Meet Again”!!!

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Paul Hawkins of the St Cloud FL Club Announces Summer Shuffling in St Cloud!!

First Event takes place on May 13th. To obtain details contact Paul at:

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Shuffleboard Was King > And She Was the Queen!

Posted on 2012-04-30 by Stanistheman


It is almost as though I had planned this article.  The previous articles re Messrs. Ball and Peltier and Madam House lead naturally to this article > in writing we call that a segue!  (You really did not need me to tell you that >> did you?)

The 3 players we have written about, all coming to Coldwater > Earl, Glen, and Peggy have had, and continue to have, an outstanding career in Shuffleboard.  I am going to provide a link in which you will read about another truly great female shuffler > a woman, who in her time, amassed twice as many points as Glen now has, and them some!!  A woman who attracted crowds unlike anything you and I can imagine for a shuffleboard event.  If you got up and left your seat, you lost it!!  It is incredible!

In the link, I have included a personal message from a player who partnered with my Mystery Shuffler for several years!! Her name too will be revealed in the link!  A bit of fun here > why not write down the name of the Mystery Shuffler and the name of the Shuffler who partnered with her??  If you get it correct, please leave a “comment” to that effect on the BLOG.

In closing, do not miss the observations of Peggy House who not only competed against the Mystery Shuffler, she came out on the winning side, at least once!!

Here is the link:     Mystery Shuffler finished with 2224 points

Stan McCormack. 2012 05 01.

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Archival Item From June of 2006: SHUFFLEBALL!! by earl ball and jim barnes!!

Just imagine readers > this was originally posted on The Shuffler 15 Years Ago!!! Stan writing on 2021 04 23.

Earl good pic (2)
Jim Barnes 1st DA Mens

I went to a baseball game with three shuffle buddies last evening, what a bunch of crazy nuts! Jim Barnes, Chuck Moulton and R. L. Lay(R L is the whole name, doesn’t mean Right & Left or Right & Wrong, just R L) maybe you know them, I kind of hope not! First thing the Pitcher does is strike out a batter and the scoreboard flashes a big K, yeah, you’re right; they start hollering Great Kitchen, Great Kitchen! I said that means “Strikeout”, they proceeded to let me know I was mixed up. On the next pitch the batter started to swing and the plate umpire signed no swing, the catcher pointed to the first base umpire and he signaled strike, yeah, the guys started hollering for a third call! A similar thing happened later when a runner slide into second base and was called out; they wanted another call and, by the way, so did the manager as he came charging out of the dugout, it’s been a long time since I’ve been to a ballgame so I was beginning to think things had really changed and I was behind the times! The third base coach was giving hand signals to the batter and the guys were hollering “10 off for coaching”. When we had runners on the bases they were hollering, “Clear the board and score your Hammer”. I said don’t you mean, “hit a homer and drive in the runs”, they looked at me like where “you been” of course that’s what we mean! Now it was 6/6/06 and the Devils (Devil Rays) were playing the Angels and this is my story and I’m sticking to it, besides all of them are too shy, to write in and refute the story anyway!  Earl Ball: 6/7/06 (2006 06 07)

 Jim Barnes responded “without delay” 2006 06 10:



Earl does it again, he knows what buttons to push. He wrote that story about us going to the ball game on 6/6/06, and he put the usual Earl twist to the story, then he dares us to refute his version of what took place that night….So I thought, it would only be right if all your reader’s knew the truth, so here is my story….

The Real Story… Jim Barnes

Chuck Moulton and myself had 4 tickets for the Tampa Devil Rays game on 6/6/06/, and we thought it would be nice to show Earl Ball there is more to life than Shuffleboard, so we invited him and RL LAY to join us….Boy, were we in for a surprise, we thought that Earl and RL were real Baseball fans, not so. Earl, dressed in his usual PINK shorts and yellow shirt, ( I had to talk him out of wearing the white jacket ).  It didn’t take long for them to show their knowledge of the game. After the first batter struck out and the K went up on the scoreboard, Earl and RL started yelling out ”Nice Kitchen” pitcher. Chuck and I looked at each other, and almost crawled under our seats and  that was only the beginning. On a close play at home plate,  the ump called the runner out and they start yelling for a “second call”. After the Angels scored in the third inning, they remarked, “that’s OK, we still got the hammer”. By the 4th inning, everyone around us had moved, the vendor’s stopped coming near us because they were tired of Earl telling them who he was, and how they should be holding their vendor’s box. All in all, it was a good night, RL got new drapes for his mobile home ( Towels were given out at the game) and Earl went to a place, where NO ONE knew him. Chuck & Jim will never forget the night the Angels beat the Devils on 6-6-6 …Now, you know the rest of the story, just ask Chuck.  6/9/06


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Archival Item: “Battle of the Big Dogs” $2,000.US Dollars in Prize Money!! Team Events Prove More Successful!! e.g. Battle For the Ritesco Cup and the WESTERN!!

Organizer Pete Rinehart.


WHERE: WINTER HAVEN SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB WHEN: SUNDAY, MAR 20th, 2005 @ 08:30 WHY: TO WATCH THE VERY BEST!! THE SHUFFLER will provide coverage of this event!! Watch this page for details!! Shufflers; we could be on to something big with this “Invitational Event”, an event which disperses $2,000.00 this year, up from $1,000.00 last year. Might it double again in 2006?

WE BEGIN WITH THE HISTORY OF THE EVENT: In the Spring of 2002 Pete Rinehart was so thankful for all that Shuffleboard had given him. Pete wanted to give something back to the sport. He did not want to hold an office and he had developed a mysterious allergy to physical labour since retiring. Accordingly, he decided to put up the money to guarantee $1,000.00 in prize money for a Shuffleboard Tournament in memory of Audrey D. Anderson. In November of 2002 Pete co-sponsored a State Amateur tournament at the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club and guaranteed $1,000.00 in prize money. In the Spring of 2003 Pete contacted Gus Bondi, the president of the Winter Haven shuffleboard club, indicating to Gus that he would like to sponsor a $1,000.00 tournament for the following season. Pete had not been satisfied with the restrictions involved when sponsoring either a State or District tournament–He wanted to do something CREATIVE! Gus immediately offered to co-sponsor the tournament and not surprisingly, suggested the event be held in Winter Haven. After consulting with Earl Ball from the Betmar Shuffleboard Club, Pete presented a draft of his plans to Gus, and after a few meetings with Gus and Earl, the format for the contest was finalized. The most difficult part of the planning was to find a date that did not conflict with State or District events. Advance registration is required: $15.00 per player must be received not later than Feb 28th, 2005. Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2005 02 11. ((Pete left us in January of 2015))


bailey wins Bob Weber, promoter first class, has just completed a Singles Tournament with significant cash for prize money. (2009 11 29) 1st place paid $500.00; 2nd $250.00; 3rd $100.00 and 4th $75.00  Bob was less than thrilled with his turnout!  The event did not continue.

Stan Speaking:  It is my view that Team Events offer the greatest opportunity for sustained appeal, sustained interest.   
Witness in the West, the Western, the largest Shuffleboard Event in the World which began prior to 1989!! (Go here to see the 2018 Call For Entries: 

Giraffes, Captained by Max Tate, accepts the Ritesco Cup from Lois McCormack

Another fine example of a Team Event was the Blackstock Spring Fling, cited to demonstrate that a single Club can host this Team Event. Pic of Winning Team above.
The Hall of Fame Classic of the Central District, in the beginning, was modelled after the Blackstock Spring Fling.  The Classic has had nothing but success since 2005, its first year.

In each of the cited events, it is the spirit of the TEAM which prevails. It is the spirit of the Team which causes participants to want to return in succeeding years. In the Western, Teams are formed and come to the event AS AN EXISTING TEAM. 2 Summary of 2005 SPRING FLING (1st)
The Spring Fling Concept varied the method of forming the teams to create, to the extent possible, 8 Equal Well Balanced Teams of 8 Players. The Selection and Balancing is performed by those managing the Event; registration is done in advance.
The Spring Fling became so popular that heated discussion developed with regard to the right to register. The Hall of Fame Classic experienced similar difficulties on its inception.
Advance registration is mandatory in all, and the number of participants is limited only by the number of courts available.
Team Events have greater appeal when they are mixed with social events and run over at least one night. This allows for a BBQ and or a Banquet or some variation thereof. The appeal is limited only by the imagination of those doing the Organizing!!
If any Reader wishes more detail such as Format, Team Selection, or Social Ideas, just send along an E-mail to

Stan McCormack of The Shuffler. 2009 12 01. AND updated on 2018 04 22.

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Wilbur Estes, The Guy Who Wrote The Book!! 

Posted on 2014-04-30 by stanistheman


Wilbur Estes, The Guy Who Wrote The Book!! 

I am a passionate, and active, proponent of “The 75-Point Game”, and am on a crusade. At my age, and in my condition, it is obvious that I need help to reverse the current trend toward “Frame Games.”

I believe that you will learn that “75-Point Games” are more challenging, and more fun than “Frame Games”. Perhaps, as you learn the intricacies of “The Modular System”, and “The 75-Point Game”, you will join the crusade.

A short history of Florida Shuffleboard may help you understand what has happened to shuffleboard in the last decade; and explain the reason for the passionate objection to “Frame Games”.

Until the early 1990s, “Frame Games” were “16-Frames, or 75 Points; whichever comes first”. This terminology showed the intent to limit the time necessary to complete a “Match”. It worked well.

Games between opponents who did not try to accumulate 75 Points, ended when the 16th Frame was completed; thus effectively controlling the length of the tournament, and reducing “waiting”.

In the mid-nineties, because the term “Frame” confused some players, to “simplify” scorekeeping, the FSA Board voted to change the definition of a “Frame”.

At the time, play from the Head of the Court was a “Half-Round”, and play from the Foot completed the “Round”. (Down and back, a “Round”, was termed a “Frame”). I did not anticipate the profound adverse effect this change would have on the shuffleboard. I supported the change.

Under the “Old Definition” each team had 16 Hammers (a potential 128 Points, if all Hammers were 8s. Of course, they were not). In a “well-played” game, there was more than adequate time to accumulate 75 points.

Most players aggressively tried to accumulate the necessary 75 points as quickly as possible. It was possible to do so, quite quickly, in a “16 Round” game. Rarely did a well-played game require 16 Frames.

The change of definition caused “16 Frames” to become only 8 “Rounds”. Each team has 8 Hammers (a potential 64 points); making it difficult, if not impossible, to accumulate 75-points (regardless of how diligently you try).

Accumulating 75 points, in a “16-Frame Game”, requires an extreme mismatch.

The definition change also changed Shuffleboard, — and not for the better.

Because it is nearly impossible to accumulate 75 points under these restraints, the object of the “Frame Game” became simply, “get ahead, and stay ahead”.

This is also how to win in a 75-Point Game, but in a “75-Point Game”, scores are necessary, which makes a tremendous difference in the goals.

In “Frame Games”, the need to “get ahead, and stay ahead” made “10-Off” more valuable than “8-On”, which created a “Kitchen Mentality”. You (nor I) cannot deny that Kitchening is “Fun”; all players enjoy Kitchening.

In a “Frame Game”, there is no need to “Score” to advance, especially when “10-Off” serves you better.

Having no need to score, players simply try to Kitchen any available disc, and regardless of the result of the “Shot”, the game is one “Frame” closer to the end. The player with the “Best Kitchen” wins.

To make this undesirable condition worse, most “Frame Games” are now “12 Frames” (a potential of only 48 Points). Attempting to “score” when there is an opposing disc available to “Kitchen”, is not only unnecessary, it is STUPID.

Today, the need to score is only a memory for a few ancient “has beens”, such as myself. New players learn very quickly that Kitchens are the object of the game, thus perpetuating a destructive trend.

You may question why I am on this crusade.

Shuffleboard is losing players. I think this is because it is no longer a challenging, and interesting, game. It is devoted almost entirely to Kitchens.

In addition, when “Frame Game” players play in a “75-Point Game Tournament” they have a “Frame Game Mentality”, instead of “Scoring” to advance toward 75 Points, they choose to “Kitchen”. There is no effort to win, all effort is directed toward “Kitchening”. When they are of equal “Kitchen Ability”, matches last “forever”.

The prolonged Matches, and the “waiting”, discourages the less dedicated players, interest wanes, tournament attendance drops, and shuffleboard suffers. Club membership declines.

“The 75-Point Game” is challenging, and is similar to Chess, where players try to out-manoeuvre their opponents. It requires advance planning, psychology, and skilful execution.

All that remains of those requirements in a “Frame Game”, is skilful execution. Shuffleboard is now dull and uninteresting.

I hope that by knowing this bit of history, and its effect, you may see that “The 75-point Game” is “Real Shuffleboard”. I hope that you will want to learn how to win a “75-Point Game”. I hope that you will enjoy the challenge of “The 75-Point Game”, and will join the crusade, and actively lobby for more 75-Point play within the Lakeland club, and within shuffleboard everywhere.

I hope that the destructive “12 Frame Game” will be stricken from the club schedule; or that the FSA changes the description of a “Frame” back to one full “Round”; or that a “Frame Game” be “75-Points, or 32 Frames, whichever comes first” (emphasis on “75-Points”).


The Shuffler Responds: >( in 2006.) Stan McCormack.

For those who did not read The Shuffler during this period, 2002 onward, we regularly engaged in controversial discussions!!  The Shuffler was widely read during this period.  My response to Wilbur follows:

Wilbur is indeed on a crusade, a campaign, even a battle!! His passion is evident. He goes on to invite others to join with him in this crusade to advance, promote and preserve the 75 Point Game!!

I thought it may be appropriate to provide some balance to his crusade; not so much to refute the position Wilbur is supporting, but rather to put it into a greater perspective. Wilbur knows that even in Florida, most shuffling takes place in the form of 75 Point Games. In fact the FSA, the governing body, by Regulation, imposes restrictions, and sanctions to anyone who violates said regulations!! (Could this be a part of the problem?) Outside of Florida we have an entirely different situation; 75 Point Games are unheard of in Arizona; unheard of in Texas; unheard of in California; unheard of in Alberta, unheard of in Saskatchewan, unheard of in Nova Scotia and while on the rule book in Ontario, never played!! In short the rest of the Shuffling World including the International Shuffleboard Association all employ the Frame Game. Further; while we do not have access to accurate/scientific data on participation rates for these jurisdictions, we have shuffled in Arizona for a season, we have shuffled in Alberta, and of course we regularly participate in Ontario. Not only that, THE SHUFFLER maintains a wide network of connections with shufflers in North America and to a lesser extent, South America. No other area appears to be experiencing the drop off to the extent of Florida; no other area insists on the rigid adherence to the 75 Point Game!! Is there a direct relationship?? We do not know!! However; it is possible.    

We acknowledge that a different strategy is indicated when one plays a 75 Point Game. We are not sure if there exists another game where we establish an end score to determine the ending!! We do believe however; that the difference in strategy is over emphasized. Wilbur goes on to point out that many 75 Point Games “last forever”; a fact which he attributes to “kitchening”; he goes on to point out that waiting caused by this has had a negative effect on participation rates. Note my observation about participation rates above.

Our reply is not intended in any way to convert “75 Pointers” to the Frame Game, nor is it an attack on Wilbur’s position. If only we had more shufflers with the enthusiasm, the determination, and yes the judgment demonstrated by Wilbur Estes!! Our reply is an attempt to provide BALANCE to an ongoing debate ~~ a debate in which we most often here from the “Pro 75” people. I am confident that Wilbur has read (on THE SHUFFLER) the absolutely great Shuffling Events in many parts of North America ~~ events which employ only Frame Games. Wilbur’s emphasis appears to be on Skill and Ability; we would support both and add Physical Exercise, Social Interaction and just plain Enjoyment!!

Finally, we thank Wilbur for his input; we invite others to join the discussion should you so elect. Stan of THE SHUFFLER; 2006 04 23.

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News (



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Myrna Adds More to her Story; Norwich Open; in England and BEYOND!!

Posted on 2015-04-20 by stanistheman

birgitt hof  (1)

With “two more sleeps” to go before we leave on our England trip.I cannot help think of all the work that has gone into making a trip like this possible. North American shufflers will be meeting Jim and Beth at Heathrow Airport, London, on Sun Apr 26th, 2015.

Many thanks go to the Allens for making this trip possible!  There has been hours and hours of planning and working with Peter and Lesley Davis of England. We look forward to meeting the Davis’s and new shuffle friends from England.

Shuffleboard has taken Rendall and I to Australia, Russia. Norway, USA and Germany. Every trip has been a wonderful experience. Our shuffleboard friends from all the nations have one thing in common!!  No matter what language we speak, we all know what a smile, laughter and a hug means!! Germany hosted the International Shuffleboard Association Tournament in 2010. After our week at England we are taking the opportunity to visit Germany again. We are looking forward to visiting their shuffleboard club and meeting with Dieter, Birgitt and Torben Hussmann. Dieter is president of the German Shuffleboard Association. 

The ISA Tournaments are a way of getting together to promote shuffleboard as well as making lasting friendships. This year the ISA Tournament will be held at Clearwater Florida on Oct 26-30,2015. 

I treasure the many friendships that I have made through shuffleboard.

Myrna Bilton, ISA 1st Vice President 

To read this article and all articles dealing with the Norwich Open, EITHER enter the word England into the search rectangle, OR click on the Category 2015 England. Stan McCormack 2015 04 20.

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Jim and Beth Allen Speak from the Norwich Open.

Posted originally on 2015-04-30 by stanistheman

30th Beth
30th BETH 2
Clar & Glenda Brake
Clar and Glenda Brake.
30th J&B Couple heard Royal Palms

Jim and Beth Speak:  Our waitress at the Maids Head was off work and at the local pub.  We came in and she says……. Did you see the local evening news?  Your group is in the paper!      She then runs to the newsstand and gets us a copy!  Jim and Beth

Stan Speaks!!  Great Newspaper coverage!!  See the headline, top right: “World’s Top Shuffleboard Players in action”  That young lady shooting placed in the Prestigious FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn.) MASTERS, held this month!!  And, she just may be sporting her White Jacket when not shuffling; the jacket is symbolic of making the FLORIDA SHUFFLEBOARD MASTERS!!  I am inserting a pic, not of her receiving the White Jacket, but rather one of her and her husband  Clar celebrating her placement in this annual classic event. That would be Clar Brake, and the “woman” shooting is of course Glenda Brake.

Back to Jim Allen:  This couple lives in Norwich, but they heard about shuffleboard by visiting the Royal Palms in Brooklyn.  They heard on the radio about the event and came over to play!  Media pays!  Jim (Allen)  If you wish to read about the Royal Palms in Brooklyn (New York), enter the words Royal Palms into the search rectangle and hit search!! 

Tomorrow, Friday, May 1st is the BIG DAY.  Do come back and share the JOY!!

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 30.

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Jim and Beth Celebrate on April 18th!!!

On, April 18th, 2021 Jim and Beth Allen will Celebrate 23
Years of Happiness Together!!
Shufflers the world over, yes the world over, express their Best
Wishes to Jim and Beth on this day, the anniversary of their very
special day, their Wedding Day.

This shot, above left, was taken while Jim and Beth were in Midland, ON on the occasion of the 26th ISA Team Tournament. If there is a major Shuffleboard Event, Jim and Beth will be there to lend their support.
All the Best from Shufflers The World Over. SRM 2121 04 17.

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