More Pictures From Ohio Youth Doubles

I asked tournament director and Ohio State Shuffleboard President, Bill Hoyer, to pass along pictures of the kids playing in the tournament, not just posing with their well deserved trophies. Bill came through as always. The more kids we can get playing this great sport, the better.

The Norma Feris tournaments have been going on in Lakeside for over 40 years. Bob Jones passed along a picture of himself (bottom left in the hat) from 1978 that includes a total of two future national champions and five winners of that tournament.





Scan 3

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2019 Norma Faris Ohio Youth Doubles

Bob Jones passes along reports from both the 12 and under and 15 and under tournaments held in Lakeside, Ohio.

12 and under doubles: “The tournament had 14 teams entered. The two top teams drew each other in the first round. In an exciting match down to the last shot, Michael Swallow and Westin Lacey edged Conner Mulcahy and Aeden Aerni. Swallow and Lacey went on to win the tournament, and Mulcahy and Aerni won the consolation bracket.


15 and under doubles:

1.        Aedan Aerni – Connor Mulcahy
2.       Teddy Himmelright – Sara Himmelright
3.       Anna Smith – Nathan Hartenburg
4.       Katherine Strudt – Logan Liptak
1.      Spencer Chaney – Will Chaney
2.      Caden Polk – Seth Hartenburg
3.      Quincy Bettencourt – Maelin Lacey
4.      Carson Mulcahy – Ellie Gallagher

“14 teams participated in the Norma Faris Ohio Junior Doubles, age 15 and under.  Earlier in the week, Aedan Aerni and Connor Mulcahy won first consolation in the pre-teen 12 and under doubles.  They bounced back from that first round loss and won the Junior title in convincing fashion.”


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Ohio State Men’s and Ladies Singles Results

Wilma Rudolph passes along the latest results from the Ohio state tournament season.

The Akron Shuffleboard Club hosted the Ohio State Men’s and Ladies’ Singles Tournaments on Thursday, June 13th and Friday, June 14th. Red Rudolph from the Upper Arlington Club garnered top honors for the men over Bill Bailey of the Akron Club in the finals. Bill’s second place finish was his second placement in the main event and made him an instant expert. In the ladies’ tournament, Wilma Rudolph from the Upper Arlington Club repeated as ladies’ champion. On Monday, June 17th, the Bluffton Shuffleboard Club will host an Open Any Doubles Tournament. Also, coming up are two youth tournaments at the Lakeside Shuffleboard Club. On Tuesday, June 18th, Lakeside will host the Norma Faris Pre-Teen Any Doubles Tournament. On Thursday, June 20th, they will host the Norma Faris Ohio Junior Any Doubles Tournament.

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Alberta Singles Tournament Draws Large Crowd

Brian Scott of the Alberta Canadian Shuffleboard Association sends along this excellent report from the 2018 Art Scott Singles Tournament held last week. Seeing over 100 players competing for a singles tournament, be it Florida, Arizona, Germany, or Canada is a great thing.

“The 2019 Art Scott Singles Tournament was hosted by the Alberta Canadian Shuffleboard Association at the Innisfail, Alberta curling rink June 10-13.  There were 128 players from Western Canada, Ontario, Alaska and Tuscon, Az.  All workers are upaid volunteers which enables us to host a four event tournament paying out about $1500 in prize money. Earl and Sheryl Doell provide an excellent daily luncheon food service and 138 came out for the Tuesday evening banquet.  It was a good week for all.  The results are as follows.”
A Event
1) Bob Lockwood, 2) Lynn Bell 3) Lorna Chadwick 4) Edi Linthorne
A event.jpg
B Event
1) Dale Robinson 2) Ray Ambercrombie, 3) Brad Sawchuk 4) Fred Vert
b event.jpg
C Event
1) Wendy Potter 2) Sid Johnston 3) Norm Nemrava 4) Bob Street
c event.jpg
D Event
1) Dennis Stockman 2) Walter Chadwick 3) Brian Korotosh  4) Vi McKee
d event.jpg
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Hendersonville Tournament #2 Results

Harold Thorne passes along the results from Hendersonville, NC’s second tournament of the season:

Tournament Results

Tournament #2 June 11 & 12 Draw Doubles

Sponsored by: Hannah Flanagan’s & Barnette & Coates Ins.

Main Event:

Lynda King – Wayne Rose

Cathy Lawson – Harold Thorne

Doris Hanke – Stan Quinn

Sandie Morton – Norm Willems


Tom Gillon – Jeff Luneau

Dorie Baker – Jay Fitzpatrick

Jim Yurick – Wally Thyssen

Bruce Barnhart – Asa Lett

Tournament Director: Sandi Quinn

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Sam and Marcia Celebrate 68 Years of Happiness Together on June 17th

How appropriate the pic above; Sam and Marcia Allen standing in the ISA Hall of Fame in Clearwater, FL; standing at the podium with the plaque of the HOF Founder, Vince Crawford. Sam and Marcia, “Mr. and Mrs. Shuffle” continue to provide outstanding support to Shuffleboard. The backdrop is pix of every member of the ISA HOF; each of the Inductees would be among the first to thank Sam and Marcia, and wish them well on this special occasion. The Big Day is Monday, June 17th.
In 2016, Jim Allen said this: Sam and Marcia changed their housing arrangement in March of 2015. After 46 years in the same home they have followed the footsteps of so many and chose to downsize their living quarters – at the same time staying within minutes of the shop where Sam still helps out!
Back to 2019: Their mutual support of each other continues to be a hallmark of their 68 years together.
2019 06 16.

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Royal Palm Shuffleboard Club Spring League Results (w/Video)

Ashley Albert, co-founder of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Clubs in both Brooklyn and Chicago, passes along details and excellent reporting of the results of each club’s spring leagues. Having video is excellent and not something that has been part of shuffleboard reporting to this point. The game will only grow more if we can find a way to get more videos of shots and, eventually, entire matches.


In Chicago,Christy Gregory from Team Spongeworthy, made a gorgeous double-clear* to win the game for her formidable team.

*This was reportedly a planned shot and NOT just a lucky break (a teammate told me later that she turned to them before she shot and said “I think I can get the combo”.)

Spongeworthy is made up of:

From Left to Right
-Kim Marek
-Jessica Badger
-Emily Ellsworth (who is also a member of the Royal Palms Staff!)
-John Shaw (who placed 7th at The Can Am this year*!)
-Christy Gregory

(The entire team was down in St Pete with us to play in the Can Am in March!)

Second Place:
The members of Resting Biscuit Face were some of the first people to ever play on our courts and they continue to dominate. The team is comprised of mostly club investors but we can assure you, it was their shuffleboard skills and not their insider status that earned them the silver (Carrie And Andy were down in Florida with us too!)

Third Place (for the second season in a row!) went to the affable Slippery Biscuits another team whose visit to St Pete with us paid off!

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, The Philly Specials (aka There Will Be Biscuits/ aka The Pam and Phillies) cinched their THIRD Playoff win!

They may have changed their names a few times in the five years they’ve been in the league, but the quality of their play has never waivered.

From left to right
The Philly Specials are:
Peter Whitenack
Eric Goldman
Colin Kelly
Spencer Reich
Steve Graf

As witnessed by the video below, The Philly Specials were also the very first team to drink out of the cherished Flamingo Cup custom made for us by league players Anthony Buccaciala (from The SPF 45’s) and Eric McKeon (From Tangs of New York). Both of whom were also down in Florida with us. ric and his wife Madeline have come almost every year!

Second place was claimed proudly by Stephen Dargo’s newly fortified super-group Grandma’s Kitchen who, in 20 seasons, had never made it farther than 9th place. With the addition of Tangsgiving Singles Champ, Mike Dunlap, they’ve become ones to watch!

The VIPPS, another team that’s been with us since the very beginning took third, led by Nelson who represented Bolivia at the ISA World Championships in St Cloud. Their original captain and Royal Palms favorite Tim McKinney wasn’t on deck that night, but was definitely with them in spirit.

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