Earl and Cindy Finish Their One Thousand Piece Puzzle!!

Earl Speaks: Wa Laaa!!!
I don’t recommend this to anyone that doesn’t have a great deal of patience so as you can guess, Cindy is very good at puzzles. I admit I am a liability. Sitting for an hour and finding maybe 2 pieces really makes you miss shuffleboard. I have too much time on hands or I would never try such a thing.
The picture is of Ba(r) Ha(r)ba(r), no R’s in Mainesse.

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We Share This With You in the Interest of Transparency!! We Share This With You to Encourage You To Participate, To Comment!! To Leave Your Observation in the Comment Section!

The “Screen Shot”  above is from our View Counter for  The Shuffler. “Screen Shot’ was taken at 16:41 (19 minutes to five) today, 2020 05 25.  We begin on the extreme left, April 26th with 301 views. Let us now move to the extreme right, the red bar, May 25th. Number of views as of 16:41 > 295. Move 1 bar to your left, May 24th > 650 Views. Also accessible is the number of views per article.

As you can tell by the screenshot there are many shufflers and probably others that are interested in what all of us have to say. We, “The Shuffler”, encourage more players or others to share your thoughts, through comments, to give all of us the opportunity to consider how you feel about any given subject. You don’t have to agree with what was said and in fact, if you don’t agree, your comment will provoke more thoughts to share.

To leave a comment, scroll down until you see, in BOLD, the words: “Leave a Reply”  

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Ever Wonder How, and Why, Coldwater Became the Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario????

Note the Shuffleboard Sign!! Click on the pic.

Shuffleboard Capital of ON

Gary Pipher Speaks: I am sure everyone reading this little article has at some time in their travels, came across catchy slogans and memorable monuments at the entrance to towns and villages across Canada.
Flin Flon Manitoba has Flinta Flonti Flataby ( or whatever his name may be) Sudbury has the big nickel, Wawa has the Canada Goose and the list goes on.
But thanks to Rendal Bilton of Wellington Center in declaring Coldwater as the Shuffleboard Capital of Ontario, that catchy little phrase can be seen in many places.
Coldwater as you probably know is the last stop for many tourists on the way to their summer cottage and they make a last stop to pick up supplies and refreshments.
One couple who stopped by to shop in the Village was overheard in a local hardware store wanting to know just what the “H” Shuffleboard was all about and how does a village go about being made the capital of whatever the “H—” Shuffleboard may be???.
The store clerk said it has always been one of our best-kept secrets and she might have to try the game of shuffleboard to see for herself.
She was apparently rather young, so we may have to wait a while for her to sign up and he also thought she may have been sampling her refreshments early.
Advertisement for Shuffleboard must be getting out through social media and flashing signs because we have increased our membership this year by 45% over last year.
We have lost our local newspapers as many other towns have and of course, we have lost that old fashion way of advertising and getting the word out.
However it appears many of our new computer-savvy members spend their winters in Florida and more players are signing up every day so all is not lost as a result of the newspaper publishers closing shop.
If you click once on the pic to enlarge the photo of the front of the Municipal Arena,  you will see just what I mean.
Please don’t take my word for it, drop by and see for yourself.

Click:  Some History Re the Coldwater Sign

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Shuffleboard Is Cool Now!! (A long read, BUT WELL WORTH IT!!) In Fact, A Must Read!!

 Shuffleboard Is Cool Now!! (A long read, BUT WELL WORTH IT!!)

This article was first posted in July of 2017.  Every serious shuffler with an interest in growing our sport, should read, should think about what the author is saying!! 

Click on the link below this paragraph. I thought this quote, by Erik Hahmann from the article,  stood out for me: “What I really love about the game is that there is no physical advantage — shuffleboard is a game of touch, feel, and precision,” he says. “An 80-year-old woman has just as much of a chance to win a game as an 18-year-old man. There are not many other sports like that.” Hahmann likes to say that you can learn shuffleboard in five minutes, but you can spend a lifetime getting better at it. And though the physicality of the sport is low, there’s a high degree of mental strain, stemming from the endless strategizing and the ruthless psychological techniques opponents inflict upon each other.” AND NOW TO THE ARTICLE!!

https://theshuffler.net/2017/07/06/shuffleboard-is-cool-now-a-long-read-but-well-worth-it/  Re-Posted by Stan McCormack. 2020 05 26.


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Are YOU REALLY Serious With Regard to Climbing the Ladder?? Part 2. by Earl Ball

Lots of players are good players, could even become Champions, but are missing a little something! We’ll try to help, and we’ll begin by seeing if you are Prepared to win.  


 Click on the link below to remind, and review what Earl said in Part 1. SoYouWantToBeAChampion5-7-2020  We suggest you save these files in a dedicated folder so that you will be able to review periodically!!

Earl Ball. 05-18-2020.


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Earl Speaks: I Have Two Fans in My Fan Club!!!

Earl Speaks: Jonathan (Schnapp) of the Royal Palms Club sent my sister this shirt and she is thrilled! Her note is also attached. The other picture is Cindy sitting at our Paris(Pariee) sidewalk cafe. Cindy and I live together; so I have two fans in my fan club. Click on the blue note to your left to enable reading.


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Are YOU REALLY Serious With Regard to Climbing the Ladder?? Part 3. 2020 05 25.

Lots of players are good players, could even become Champions, but are missing a little something! We’ll try to help, and we’ll begin by seeing if you are Prepared to win.


Earl Ball. 05-25-2020.

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